Infinity Hobby: Tables of CanCon 2017


Want to see some of the amazing tables from CanCon 2017? Come on in terrain fans.

CanCon 2017, Australia’s largest Infinity event has been run and won. Congratulations to the winner Rory Cartwright with his Hassassins and thanks to the hard working TOs for volunteering their time so we could all have a great weekend.

One of the aspects of the hobby that separates Infinity form many others is the caliber of the tables, and the effort people put in to make them immersive, varied and fun to play.

Over 5 rounds I got to play on some amazing tables (and even grabbed some pick-up games so I could experience some more!)

Thanks to Josh Platt from Direct Action Games for his event photography.

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Table 5

Table 6

Table 7

Have any of these tables inspired a new project?

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  • WaarrggBobo


  • Nice Tables. They look good and playable.