Outside the Box – February 17th


This week we are packed with news from Dark Age Games, Knight Models, Eureka Miniatures, Antenocitis Workshop and more!
Dark Age Games announced a two-player starter set:
Unboxing-PTG1Unboxing-PTG13–> More Dark Age Games News

Knight Models presents Severus Snape for the upcoming Harry Potter miniature game:
Snape–> More Knight Models News

Antenocitis Workshop presents the Nomad Turtle landing craft for Infinity:
turtle_transport_ship_by_nova29r-d6139t6–> More Antenocitis Workshop News

Mantic Games offers new The Walking Dead boosters:
unnamed (4) unnamed (3) unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

And we got a new picture of the Star Saga exclusive Blaine:
Blaine_Turntable (1)–> More Mantic Games News

More Rising Sun previews from Cool Mini or Not:
16602669_1638128746483487_146972817352518192_n 16711929_1639288186367543_7743744163641779465_n–> More Cool Mini or Not News

This interesting new terrain project comes from Warmill:
16508995_1362375783783424_5449102132557822007_n16641112_1362375867116749_5683743971378366855_n–> More Warmill News

Warlord Games released the plastic IS-2 for Bolt Action:

And a whole lot of new Boromites for Beyond the Gates of Antares:
502412003-Boromite-Overseers-b_grande 502212002-Boromites-Engineer-squad-01_grande–> More Warlord Games

Miniature Scenery released their E.A.G.L.E. bus:
EAGLEBUSLarge–> More Miniature Scenery News

GCT Studios presents Goro for the Savage Wave:
goro_promo–> More GCT Studios News

Mad Robot Miniatures is working on new heads:
16640774_999281550173288_8659416681528829052_n (1) 16649177_999222220179221_6148427130649495698_n (1)–> More Mad Robot Miniatures News

Khurasan Miniatures is working on a 15mm Maus:
16700619_1141845152590498_5202718643746149005_o–> More Khurasan Miniatures News

New Hawkmoon releases are coming from Eureka Miniatures:
16508613_10154322913125509_2588632655071239077_n (1)16602561_10154322913680509_3468676401967906008_n–> More Eureka Miniatures News

MOM Miniatures presents new cavalry
16708707_1824238597796748_8431706551360240145_n (1) (1)16508742_1824857551068186_8804332745441524674_n–> More MOM Miniatures News

And Rubicon Models presents a new preview of their plastic PaK set:
16730629_1831746267078733_6852000937695629323_n (1)–> More Rubicon Models News

Last but not least, Kluvka Miniatures published a preview of their Mech Monk:
unnamed (9)–> More Kluvka Miniatures News

And some new crowdfunding campaigns:

Luxumbra – Infinity Collectors
Dream Pod 9 – Jovian Wars Resin Spaceship Miniatures
DGS Games – Eclipse Sisterhood: Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures
Wonderland Projects – Mauser Earth: War for Paris Relaunch
Broken Contract – Rulebook Relaunch
Labmasu – Eiffel Extravaganza Paris 1896
Goblinguild Miniatures – Skull Devils Fantasy Football Team
Titan Forge – Dragon Empire

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~Those Hawkmoon miniatures look perfect for Frostgrave!

  • euansmith

    I’m getting quite excited about the “Rising Sun” kickstater. I hope that the minis a chunk bigger than the Zombiecide: Black Plague ones.
    Miniature Scenery’s new bus is great; just like their previous micro-van and the rest of their vehicle. It is a shame that they are half a world away.

    Blimey, those Mad Robot heads look like something out of a the comics of my youth. http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6eec5e3277b1a7fac8b2ac4dada0a35e4be0e0cc4dc0a787383dc2e6f1fb370a.png

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Those PAK look great!

  • Carey_Mahoney

    That Mech Monk is so brutally cool…

    • Carey_Mahoney

      BTW those horsemen look exquisite too.

    • Azatoth

      Totally copied from Overwatch?

  • Xodis

    Still upset that Knights Models lost the Marvel IP License, that was a fun game with some awesome models.

    • Tabletop Fix

      I am more upset that they just pulle dthe whole range off their shop over night and that I now have to try to hunt down Magneto and Deadpool from some brick and mortar shop…

      • Xodis

        Good luck on Deadpool, seems like everyone bought those by the box to make 10+ conversions or something lol

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Well they could have executed it better, but makes sense to pull it. Based on the movies are making the IP probably pretty expensive and they went more the move route then straight comic.. and as its a Disney thing, Disney gets pretty protective and pretty vocal about how they want things.
      But I agree, amazing sculpts! Never tried the game. I dislike DC so.. Batman is kinda a pass for me

      • Xodis

        I thought it was executed quite well honestly. The Sculpts were more Comic than MCU, and the gameplay was awesome. It had some bugs thats for sure, but it seemed like they were headed the right direction.

        The Batman game and the new DC game are different; Batman is more street level with thugs and gangsters, the DC game plays like the Marvel game but with those Super characters. I wasn’t going to jump in it either….until I saw the Green Lantern and Yellow Lantern release….probably going to have join in now.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Sorry I meant the pulling of the game could have been better executed. As a slow withdrawal or a factual honest statement. Like how FFG tied up their GW lines. And yes how two specifically are great models. Green Lantern is like my only tie to DC, so Seeing Sinnistro and stuff is pretty cool.

          • Xodis

            AH! I totally agree. They could have done a much better job with a little communication.

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          Sinestro is beautiful. I don’t plan on playing but will buy him just to paint.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Wow from what looks like Middenheim teutagen guard, and models from overwatch.. As well as that amazing scenery for infinity I think this week was pretty top notch.