Privateer: New Mercenary Models Unveiled


Add Colbie Sterling, Allister Caine & more to your Mercenary forces.

The captain of the Black River Irregulars comes to Warmachine…

Colbie Sterling$11.99

41145_Colbie Sterling_Web

A skilled ’jack marshal and mechanik and a versatile fighter, Colbie Sterling is the captain of a small mercenary company known as the Black River Irregulars—a group with a reputation for getting things done even when it means putting themselves at risk. Sterling seeks the most lucrative contracts, with the goal of amassing enough wealth to transform the BRI into a truly formidable mercenary force.

Thorn Gun Mages$27.99

41138_Thorn Gun Mages_WEB

Clothed in black to honor and mourn the last king of Llael, Thorn Gun Mages are among the deadliest and most zealous soldiers of the Llaelese Resistance. Each of these veteran gun mages is a lethal arcane combatant skilled in the use of Llaelese double-barreled magelocks. Their virtuosity with their weapons is matched only by their solidarity as they fight in an increasingly desperate cause.

Caine’s Hellslingers$29.99

41140_Caine's Hellslingers_WEB

Caine’s Hellslingers has developed a reputation as one of the toughest and deadliest outfits in western Immoren. Comprised of former Black 13th gun mages Lieutenant Darsey Ryan and Sergeant Samuel Watts as well as the renegade warcaster Allister Caine himself, this trio has gunned down scores of opponents. Their intelligence, expertise, and lethality make them a force to be reckoned with.

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  • ZeeLobby

    Liking the Thorn Gun Mages.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Me too. I am really digging this wave of Mercs aside from the top one with the silly looking spanner and the silly looking over the top blunderbuss pistol. Otherwise the figures themselves are awesome. Cool to see Caine now as a merc!

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, should be pretty wild, lol. I hope PP wrote him while thinking of the abuse he could pull, lol.

      • Ty Hayden

        Not disagreeing that it looks ridiculous, but its a slug gun. It fires a single slug about the size of a guinea pig.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Yes I know it fires a slug, which makes it all the more silly. That has always been my issue with PP models is the overly bulky weapons, and especially how thick blades are. I understand back in the day that was how they were structurally sound and balanced when they were metal but now a days…. But that is a small slight, otherwise I like their human sculpts for most things, just not my taste. I know it is for others and if that works for them great!

    • Shawn

      I like them as well, but will be a bit miffed if they are better than the nerfed B13.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. B13 took a pretty hard hit.

        • Shawn

          Yep, They aren’t nearly as useful as they were.

  • Caine is a Merc now? Thats pretty cool

    • petrow84

      plus partisan Cygnar

      • Shawn

        Meaning he works for both? I haven’t been keeping up with the fluff for a while. Can you tell me why he went mercenary in a sentence or two?

        • petrow84

          Regrettably, I’m not fully up to date with the Cygnar fluff, the whole story is more fleshed out in the Mark of Caine novel.
          long story short, Caine is on the run, presumably because the head of Cygnar’s CIA framed him. He sent the Black13th after Caine to hunt him down, but obviously, he not only managed to evade execution, but also successfully recruited the two surviving B13 members.

          • Shawn

            Thanks Petrow.

  • Sporkel

    Jepp, Caine went rogue (while still remaining cygnaran partisan for faction reasosns).
    And now, dear Privateer Press, PAAALLEEEEEEAAASE give me back a theme force, that allows me to field my beloved Gunmages +UA, so they can marshall their Mule once more!!
    Thats the only reason i ever bought Cygnar-stuff in the first place…

    * sigh *

    • zeno666


  • Crevab

    What happened, did the Black 13th go rogue because of how much worse MkIII made them?

    • Shawn

      That was my thought. I’ll be pissed if the merc version is better.