Privateer: New Rules & Cards Updates


Privateer shares the latest updates and errata – including some changes for Una the Skyhunter.

Marketing manager Jackson Wood offers some details…

What an exciting time to be a member of the WARMACHINE and HORDES community! We’ve recently announced that we’d be moving toward Community Integrated Development and removing cards from our packaged models so that we can make ongoing improvements to the games without hamstringing ourselves with physical products.

Given that this is our first true dynamic update, we wanted to make it clear that we’ve had our eye on Una the Skyhunter and The High Reclaimer for a while now. Although we didn’t manage to get them into our last set of errata, both models and the meta around them remained in the forefront of our minds. Now you have the opportunity to see what these dynamic updates will look like and how we hope to approach these kinds of issues in the future.

72100_Una the Skyhunter

Don’t fret—these updates will be limited in scope and frequency, and their purpose is solely to correct problems that we find are hindering your gaming experience. Some of these errata will be more on the clerical side, simply clarifying rules language to bring it in line with the original intent, and some will address rules or models (or theme forces) that are significantly out of line with the power curve of the games as a whole. These updates are always aimed at improving the game for everyone, and we will strive to make sure they occur only when truly necessary. Our goal, as always, is to make the best game we possibly can so that we can all enjoy ourselves.

That said, check out the links below for the new errata (including updated theme forces) and the awesome Developer’s Notes written by Will Pagani to give you some insight into what’s behind these changes.

February 2017 Dynamic Update Developer’s Notes
Updated Theme Forces Document
Updated Errata Document
Updated Cards Page

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    They want to remove physical cards now?

    Are stil going to make care packs or are cards fully dead now?

    • Hawt Dawg

      Looks like they are dead.

      • Tabletop Tragedies

        They’re talking about implementing an ‘official’ form of print-on-demand but individuals are free to print as they wish.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          I guess that is the only way to do it what with the massive number of changes they have been pumping out.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I think they realized that many players use war room as well, which will be forever updated and accurate. It’s one of the struggles of moving towards a living rule system. Any competitive game needs that though, still stinks for those who loved cards. Personally I’m happy cause I scanned my cards doubled their size and laminated them anyway. Makes them easier to read.

          • zeno666

            Yeah, old cards vs new cards would be quite confusing.
            If this was during Warroom v1 I wouldn’t have liked the change. Now during Warroom v2 I’m ok with it, because it actually works now 😉
            Its by no means a perfectly made piece of software.
            The only thing I’m missing with cards is the ability to lean over and look how much damage my opponents ‘jacks/beasts have taken.

        • V10_Rob

          Seems like an ideal sop to anyone that prefers physical cards. Just download and print off any card that gets updated, stick it in a sleeve and its like nothing changed.

          • Tabletop Tragedies

            You’d think but of course people complain. Honestly though, these dynamic updates are, for my money, such a big step forward. If you want cards then get yourself cards (I probably will!) but it frees them up to do plenty of things… shorten model release pipelines, update the game much more freely, more easily control the iterations of models without so many old cards floating around etc…