Privateer Primecast: Introducing Grymkin

The gang talks about the game’s new faction, Defiers’ lore, and tacos. 

It’s time for another Privateer Primecast! Join hosts Will Hungerford and Will Shick as they talk about what’s new with Privateer Press.

The Wicked Harvest is nigh! Join our hosts Will Hungerford and Will Shick as they chat briefly about the upcoming Faction and dive into February’s new releases. Writing Manager Matt Goetz and Senior Writer Douglas Seacat talk with Shick about the lore (and a touch of the history) behind the Defiers. Will (Hungerford), Will (“Oz” Schoonover), and Will (Pagani) come together to discuss the development of the new HORDES Faction and go over details of a few of their warlocks and beasts. The episode wraps up with Shick and Hungerford sending us off with a few more details about Steamroller and Community Integrated Development.



  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Sounds fun. Hope they have some anti-‘jack tricks. The Child looks like an obvious choice to build an army around.

  • carpenocturn

    Looks awesome! good to see the Old Witch has been busy

  • I really want to get into Hordes but I always find Casters that I like from one Faction but not their Warbeasts or vice versa. This seems to be a similar case here for my aesthetic tastes. I also find it a bit to “whimsical” for the general atmosphere that at least in my mind lays over the Iron Kingdoms but there are some interesting things begin done with the designs but not sure about a few of them. At first glance, I thought those piggy guys had human heads for genitals.