RAINN Studios: Pre-Order Incantris


Hot off a successful Kickstarter, you can pre-order your own copy of Incantris – but don’t delay.

Incantris, the game of magical combat is now available to preorder on the RAINN Studios store. The Incantris Kickstarter successfully concluded in September and now manufacturing is well underway. Therefore, we have opened preorders, but quantities are limited. We have less than 200 games available. Therefore, we wanted you to have the first opportunity to reserve your game because you are part of the 12 Weeks of Gaming. If you are new to Incantris, here is the run down:


Incantris is a board game of magical combat for 1-4 players where you control a team of three wizards, each with unique spells and abilities. Incantris is a fast-paced and thought-provoking game that pairs strategy with a beautiful gaming environment.

  • Features 25 different spells and abilities ensuring that each game of Incantris will be a unique experience
  • Uses a modular board and 3D terrain to create a different battlefield for every game
  • Depicts six types of wizards with 12 detailed miniatures
  • Engages players with an exciting and intuitive spell casting system
  • The balanced and asymmetric teams challenge you to utilize your strengths while exploiting your opponents’ weaknesses


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