Shieldwolf Miniatures – Wolf Wardens Sneak Preview

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Get a look at what’s in store for the upcoming Warmaidens/Dragonbred Kickstarter from Shieldwolf Miniatures…

If you don’t know them, Shieldwolf Miniatures makes some gorgeous 28mm fantasy minis. They’ve had two fairly successful Kickstarter campaigns, which have produced miniatures like the Icemaiden Druid:

Or the Krumvaal Lord and his two-headed dragon:

And right now, it seems, they’re amping up for the launch of their Warmaiden/Dragonbred project with a look at some of the new factions we can expect to see in the lineup. Here’s a peek at the upcoming Wolf Wardens…

“The 28mm Wolf Wardens is one of the Dragonbred factions that are designed for the Warmaidens/Dragonbred project (our Shieldmaiden follow up Kickstarter) launching in a few months. This is one of the 2nd hand weapon versions, although they also feature 2-handed weaponry. Check them out!”

~Be sure to check back for more updates as the campaign launches!

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