Tabletop Podcast Review: February 26th

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Adam here for another week of tabletop podcast reviews!Las Vegas Open, Aeldari, & More!

Hey all, Adam here, from TFG Radio, for this week’s reviews!  This week we are still seeing talk recapping the Las Vegas Open, along with more talk about the Aeldari. So, let’s get on with the reviews!

Heroic Intervention Episode 37 – This episode the guys have on Matt Root, 2016-17 ITC Overall Champion. After taking over the show, Matt discuss with them the state of the game of 40K at this point, following the conclusion of the ITC season. They go on to discuss how Matt became the overall champion. This includes some of the types of events he had to go to and how his army was affected by the GW final FAQs. The episode is a good listen for those interested in the ITC format and rankings. it is also a good look into what you may need to do in order to reach the top of the ITC rankings, so give it a listen.

Combatphase Episode 184 – This episode brings us an interview with Guy Haley, and draws to the conclusion to the Beast Arises series. Its a nice listen to cap the series, especially if you followed the series from the beginning. They also talk with Steve Herner, organizer of Holy Wars and Holy Havoc, about his event, the custom tables he makes for the event, along with an announcement made first on the show. Nice episode that satisfies both the 40K and Age of Sigmar sides of the GW coin.

Signals from the Frontline – Always a good listen for new and rumors on 40K and other miniature games in the industry.

Also Out This Week.

40K Radio Episode 10 (40K)

9th Realm Episode 32 (AoS)

Adeptus Terra Episode 30 (40K)

Behind Enemy Lines Episode 33 (FoW)

Black Sun 2/20/17 (AoS)

Caledonian Deathwatch Radio Episode 28 (40K)

Chain Attack S2 Episode 36 (Warmachine)

Chapter Tactics Episode 21 (40K)

Combosmite Episode 146 (Warmachine)

Crippled Systems Episode 190 (Warmachine)

Epic D6 Episode 13 (40K)

Eye of Horus Episode 87 (30K)

Facehammer Episode 34 (AoS)

Forge the Narrative Episode 180 (40K)

Fully Boosted Episode 35 (Warmachine)

Kessel Run Episode 42 (X-Wing)

Lecture Notes From the Breach Episode 12 (Maulifaux)

Long War Episode 89 (40K)

Lost Aspect Episode 13 (Warmachine)

Mayacast Episode 121 (Infinity)

Mob Rules Episode 44 (40K)

MoM Podcast Episode 301 (Warmachine)

Mortal Realms Episode 14 (AoS)

Mynock Squadron Episode 56 (X-Wing)

Overlords 2.0 Episode 8 (40K)

Personal Flash Paper Episode 23 (Infinity)

Roll to Seize Episode 32 (40K)

Scruby & Wells Episode 15 (AoS)

T3 Episode 25 (AoS)

T3 Ambush Episode 2 (AoS)

TDH60M Episode 68 (Warmachine)

War Council Episode 44 (Hobby)

As always, check out our blog, at TFG Radio, and give the podcast a listen. We talk 40K mainly but delve into other game systems. This week we talk about LVO!

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