Tabletop Spotlight: Noisy Person Cards

1450718286457Get ready to give your voice acting a stretch – It’s Noisy Person Cards!

The Tabletop Spotlight is on Noisy Person Cards! If you’re an aspiring voice actor, Game Master, or if you’re just looking for a unique party game that will have you stretching your imagination then you should check this game out:

Our buddies from Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought this one over and I wasn’t quite sure what to think at first. NPC has a brightly colored box and it looks kind of un-assuming. But that’s actually part of the charm! This game uses a similar matching mechanic like Apples-to-Apples but with a very fun twist: You’ve got to create the voice for the character!

The decks are divided up into two types of cards: Character Cards and Phrase Cards. If you’re the “judge” for that round you simply draw a character card and all of the other players have to create a voice for that character. Then the players have to choose a phrase from their hand to read. The catch is that players (or the judge for that matter) can “up the ante” and toss in additional modifiers for the character. So you might draw “Werebear” but a person could up the ante and toss in an adjective like “shy” – now you’ve got to voice act what a “Shy Werebear” sounds like using one of your phrases. The Judge then has to select which person did it best – or said it the funniest…or pretty much what ever criteria they choose.

NPC Cards

You can check out the full rules HERE. The game also has a “+15” mode for the older crowd – those are the cards with a “skull” on them. If you’re playing with a younger crowd you can take those out and you’re good to go. It’s a really versatile game with tons of replay value. The phrase cards are also interesting and sound like they could come from someone’s tabletop session. If are an aspiring actor this could also be a really fun way to practice whatever random voices and lines you can come up with. It’s almost like Random NPC Flash cards. If you’re a GM and you want to up your game – or just get ideas for crazy NPCs to use then check this game out.


Noisy Person Cards

NPC Cards 2

Noisy Person Cards is a party game designed to help you develop new character voices.

Using card matching mechanics inspired by games like Apples to Apples and Utter Nonsense, NPC challenges you to lend a voice to potential thousands of character combinations.  Whether  you are a GM looking to sharpen your voicing skills, a voice-over ace looking to show off, or just someone who likes to read funny phrases, NPC has what you are looking for!

Free Downloadable Print & Play Edition HERE.


Noisy Person Cards – You could be the next Matt Mercer with these things!

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