Tabletop Spotlight: Slambo

Slambo is back with a brand new model and we’re taking a look at his new resin miniature kit!

The Man, the Myth, the Legend – Slambo, Exaulted Hero of Chaos has returned to grace us all with his majestic presence. Fortunately for us, our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over his new kit for our Tabletop Spotlight:

I’ve already taken a look into the Legend of Slambo – so we won’t rehash all that here. I’m going to stick strictly to the contents of this box and the model itself. Slambo’s new model is resin and not a plastic kit. I know folks are probably wondering why it’s resin and not plastic. I have no idea why Games Workshop went to resin for this model. Maybe it was the production run, maybe it was a cost thing, perhaps it was a timing issue. Whatever the reason for the materials switch doesn’t matter to me because Slambo is back!

As you can see from the sprue picture above it’s a pretty simple build. Because it’s resin, I would recommend a quick scrub with some soapy water to get rid of any mould-release still on the model. Plus, that should help with some of the ‘flash’ still on the model’s bits. A quick clip and clean and you should be all ready for assembly.

The construction is pretty simple and the pose, while not super dynamic, is very iconic. Slambo has the look of a Chaos Warrior that is ready to chop his opponent’s face off with his dual Chaos Axes. He’s an intimidating figure and for only 80 points, he’s a great addition to any Chaos Army.

Slambo’s box also contains his rules with the points for matched play. No need to buy anything else for this model for use in your games. If you want to use him just buy the box and you’re set. His rules are also available from Games Workshop if you want to take a look for yourself. He’s got the potential to dish out some serious hurt!

Overall, I’m glad to see Games Workshop bring Slambo back and I’m hoping they are willing to go back in the vault and dig-up some more old models that are ready for a re-do. I can think of a few that could use an update.

Slambo $25


An updated version of the classic, iconic Chaos warrior, Slambo is a multi-part resin kit who comes armed with a pair of Chaos Axes which he can use to both carve up his enemies, and fling at those too cowardly to face him in hand to hand combat. Slambo includes a Warscroll, which includes points for fielding him in Matched Play games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.


A Warning to all followers of Chaos: Slambo is watching. Do not disappoint Slambo.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Solid rules. Very happy with the quality of the model.

  • Lord_Summerisle

    He’s a Big Guy.

  • He must be huge if he’s on a 40MM base in the picture on the box.

  • EnTyme

    Someone lied to me. I was told this wasn’t finecast.

    • Katharina Zauner

      Saw him today in the shop. It is finecast!

      • rtheom

        It’s the “new” finecast. It’s very superior to the original stuff.

        • Nwttp

          Meh. The fact they sold that crap before for so long means I wouldn’t even give it a chance. They need to send everyone who bought that weak, full of holes, front and back a quarter inch unaligned, garbage resin from before a free model. If only everyone was like me, they would have to or they wouldn’t sell one of these.

          • rtheom

            They actually did. I got quite a few “free” copies of models when I contacted customer service.They didn’t just replace the messed up pieces, they just sent whole new model kits. It was pretty great. I got a bunch of free Obliterators out of it. 🙂 As well as several hero characters that I have used for bits. This was back when it first came out.

          • Nwttp

            Meh, I only have two fine cast things, and I was able to fix them decently enough with green stuff. Just made the decision to not buy them ever again. I have third party oblitorators for this reason.

  • Aaditya Rangan

    Are there silver-tower boss/adversary rules for this guy yet?

  • Camisa

    hummm need to convert one Rambo for my army, like the rules meh to the mini….

  • dave long island

    So this old timey throwback is $25? Didn’t we used to get a whole unit of these old timey single pose Chaos Warriors for about the same amount?? So how is this a good thing? Hell I got a bushel of Slambos in my old timey Chessex case down in the basement somewhere.. I’ll sell one of em to ya for a mere $22… lol