Warhammer Quest: The Realmgates of Hammerhal

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The Realmgates to Hammerhal have opened. Enter, and see what lurks in the shadows of the Twin-Tailed City…

That’s right, the gates of Hammerhal are officially open for business. Inside you’ll find all manner of inns, reveries, merchants, and mayhem, as a twisted Chaos sorcerer allies himself with the followers of the Ruinous Powers in an attempt to waken a slumbering god.

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That’s right adventurers, you can now explore the great Twin-tailed City of Hammerhal. We’re not gonna lie, though, it’s not the nice parts of it – mostly, you’ll be exploring the gritty underbelly of the Cinderfall district and the labyrinth that lies below it.

There’s a lot to love about this game. We’ve already given you a look inside, and talked about some of the heroes of Hammerhal. And now the game is officially out and there’s a pretty sweet trailer that talks about the shadow that lies over Hammerhal.

We’ve had a chance to demo the game a little, and let me say, it’s a ton of fun. The combat flows pretty nicely, and the new heroes are a ton of fun to mess around with. And since the game is compatible with Silver Tower, you’ve got no shortage of heroes and villains to use. And, as they’ve pointed out before, there are lots of ways to expand your game, either by adding new enemy types, or using the tiles and the rules laid out in the game to create your own maps and adventures.

Now, mind you this isn’t as in-depth as Warhammer Fantasy RP (though news on that will probably be forthcoming a little later), but it does evoke the best feelings of the grand old HeroQuest days, when they gave you a blank map to populate with all the furniture, doors, and Chaos Warriors you could scrape together.

And since you can upgrade your heroes with skills and extra powers, the game invites a continued, campaign-style play. At any rate, I’m hopeful to see how they keep developing this line. Since they added the GM back in, and are kind of expanding the reach of the game to include a little more trouble to get into when you’re not in the map, I think it’ll be neat to see what expansions we can expect a little down the line.

More Duardin, if there’s any justice in the world.

Until then, I’ll be hopping behind the clockwork axe of the Cogsmith and hewing my way through the forces of chaos.

~The city needs you, heroes. How will you answer the call? How long until someone does a HeroQuest -> Warhammer Quest conversion module?

  • benn grimm

    Used to nick names off Tolkien and Moorcock, now it’s George RR Martin… Nice to see gw is moving with the times…

    • rtheom

      Gotta appeal to the kids an’ all. No one under 30 knows what Tolkien is, after all. ;p

    • Aezeal

      Yeah because naming a city with something something hal must be a copy cat move..

      • benn grimm

        Not necessarily, however naming a city Hammerhal, which is the seat of House Cordwayner in GOT, is. That or they have google fu worse than yours…

        • Aezeal

          Which is a house which hasn’t featured in the books AT all. You need deep lore knowledge of the books to even know the name. In fact.. I’ve read the books 6 times at least and I didn’t even know it was in there. If it was called Harrenhall sure.. place mentioned reasonably often in the books, stuff happens there… but hammerhal is just a generic name and it’s not odd hamnmer (used a lot by stormcasts) is added to the post-fix hal.

  • Aezeal

    Well I’ve not played the game.. but even in silver tower ememies get a bit repetative in time. And here you only have 3 types (instead of 5).. and only 1 “hero enemy” instead of 3. The gameplay might be nice but diversity seems lacking at a first glance . (anyone who played it please comment on this).

  • Dan Wilson

    The thing that appeals to me most about it is that the badguy is a slaaneshi sorcerer trying to awaken slaanesh. It nudges the slaanesh plot line forward.

    • GWELLS

      I agree. I also think they are building slaanesh disappearance into a triumphant return. Which will center around a new battletome for slaanesh forces. Like the arcanites book for tzeench.

      • Rainthezangoose

        Which is why its anoyying that there isn’t a slannesh unit. Instead of the Tzeentch dude we already got there should have been slannesh clutists. That would have made sense and gotten people off the “no new models” crux arguement.

        • GWELLS

          Yeah it is annoying atleast the main antagonist is openly a slaanesh faction character. Though a unique model would have been nice. Yeah there is no arguing with those people once they have made up there mind on a topic.

          Though to be fair people said the same thing about sisters of battle for years and now all of sudden new models and attention. I found you have to wait for actual confirmation.

      • Aezeal

        But will they retake some of the darker minded Aelves.

        • GWELLS

          Maybe, they could do something similiar to the tzeench book with three forces rolled into one book like. Like maybe slaanesh deamons, gerneric mortal followers and the third could be Aelves who openly worship slaanesh.