Warmachine Errata: Circle-Menoth & More Review

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Privateer finally ended the Una2 crusade, leaving a stream of bodies, broken dreams, and noob wins behind her. Here’s the errata breakdown.


Warmahordes FAQ February 2017

Tuna Errata:

Una2 was arguably a terrible play experience that I never want to repeat. When I was making tournament lists for Las Vegas open for my menoth last month I realized I had big problem. A majority of my casters had no game into Tuna. Rhoven and Honor Guard with a Reckoner would be lucky to kill 1 griffon reliably. Griffons threaten just as far as my Flamebring cavalry… What is a crusading sermon giving Menite to do. In reality Kreoss1 was an ok drop into Circle. The only problem is I hate playing him. He is a backline caster that is the definition of a 1 trick. To my dismay LVO was won by Una2. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth when 90% of your casters are useless vs 1.

What happened?

Una2 feat is now only during her turn instead of the round. Meaning that the griffons can still charge into all the crazy places but, they are no longer immune to the counterstrike that is inevitable to come.
As in PP fashion they overreacted and also nerfed the Scarsfell griffon and took away long leash… Making Una1 pretty much unplayable. I still think Circle is the best faction by far, but I am so happy this change came so soon. I was worried it might take 6months to a year until we got this errata.


High Reclaimer:

High Reclaimer was doing Lich2 things of MK2 past. Lich2 was the most nerfed model in PP history in MK2. So as no surprise they reigned in High Reclaimers feat a little bit. Before the errata you could kill your own models to just use them again the same turn. Meaning your opponent was dammed if he killed them or dammed if he didn’t. Now you have to wait a round before they become eligible for the feat.

Another thing that was really increasing the threat was the command range. Bringing back a officer could make the feat far reaching. Now the models all have to be brought back in a specific area in the area. No more daisy chaining exemplars for miles.


Mortenebra Love:

Deryliss lost the crappy spell slave and gained some jack power ups and a nuke:

  • Doom Spiral (★Attack) – Doom Spiral is a RNG 8, POW 12 magic that is ok nuke.
  • Empower (★Action) – If you run a jack marshal and 2 ww Sirens you can now fully load it up with 3 focus.
  • Tune Up [Faction warjack] (★Action) – this is really good on a collosal as it boosts the whole template.

Theme Force Changes:

The theme forces received a little tweaking.

  • Storm Division: Stormcallers are now free if you buy enough storm knight.
  • Winter Guard Kommand: No more sac pawn on the gun carriage. Only heavies can advance move so no more old witch feating 30″ up the board turn 1.
  • Operating Theater: Captain Sam can jack marshal a warjack

Revenant’s Final Thought:

I am happy to see the living rulebook ideal being put into action. Una2 was a cancer and I am glad it was removed. Let us see if PP can keep up the balance while not scaring players with constant changes. Even so it keeps the meta fresh. Grade A+

Read more about the errata on the PP site.

What do you think of the changes BoLS? Show us where Una2 touched you, this is a safe place. Please share in the comments below.

  • ChubToad

    And the amount of Scarsfell orders cancelled is escalating quickly. One more model to add to the dust shelf.

    • Drew

      The Scarsfell definitely still has a place (I will continue to run one in my Tanith lists, for example), but if the goal as they say was to encourage use of the other griffons, it would have been more effective to either make them better or make the Scarsfell more expensive- that way you can take a good but pricy light warbeast or a less good but cheap one, which is a fair tradeoff.

      They had this problem in MkII as well- Trollkin Warders were admittedly too good, and they wanted people to use Champions more often, so they nerfed the Warders in the hopes of killing two birds with one stone. However, they didn’t do anything to improve the champs (who were pretty bad outside of very specific builds), so Trollkin players just found other things to play instead.

      • ChubToad

        Of course the Scarsfell is still playable, in very specific builds. But it will never see gameplay as we’ve seen before the errata. No one will use 4-6 of them again. That means a lot of models collecting dust like the Watcher. And let’s be honest, the errata did really a terribad job in fixing the issues with Una and the griffins. Even with the nerf, the other griffins are still bad choices. So one has to wonder, why did they take long leash away from the Sacarsfell, if they wanted to encourage the use of other griffins?

        This “let’s leave the playtest to players” approach that PP is taking is just ridiculous. if they want a really balanced game, they should strive to release balanced rules from the beginning. If they need playtest, then do it right and pay for it and stop doing it with the community for free.

        • marxlives

          1. After errata right now is the best state the game has been in ever. It has really brought Warmachine into the game I loved in the first place with MKII. You can play a variety of casters whose style you enjoy and build around it, while being competitive to other casters and builds. This brings the one list or faction to rule them all back to the game that does it best…40k and AoS. (We all saw the campaign results last summer)

          2. Playtest to players? The “living rulebook” concept has been run by other games like Dark Age, and it is successful. The idea of updating cards, faqs, tournament scenarios, and league rules and updating the digital end of these items consistantly has been successful for other companies. PP isn’t blazing any trails in this respect but they are looking at competitors and seeing where the market is going. Ahem…we do that here…in Amerika.

          3.In the digital era this going to be the norm. Even software recieves patches, even 40k and AoS recieves patches (thier endless codices and the general’s hand book 2) the only difference is that GW is running the old model of making you pay for the patches, while every other company under the sun does it for free. Just like GW, even when it pushes itself ahead, it still runs behind everyone else. That is what happens when you have too much tea and biscuits, messes with your digestion.

          4. I would rather know that my product is recieving constant tweaking and updating rather than the illusion of a game being seen a stable product that doesn’t need a faq in 6-9 years or the entire removal of a faction completely. Ahem. This is called customer support. It is pretty common here…in Amerika. Does MK III work without the erratas and tweaking…yes, so its a complete product. Can you build and support a competitive scene around it that eventually leads to ESPN Ocho? No. But the orginal MK III rules are good for “beer and pretzels” gaming…ahem.

          5. And at least with the constant updates, and meta data from the year round major tournaments that happen around the U.S., players don’t have to invent rules and restrictions to make the game work and then argue over the internet on which house rule is the best.

          6. Any game that wants to treat itself as having a serious ruleset does this. Even in major sports like the MBA and NFL…you know…sports. Ahem.

          • ChubToad

            1. Why is it that everytime PP comes under the scope, people retort to comparing their stuff with GW? We are talking about PP here not comparing. Please leave your personal grudges with other companies for other discussions.
            2. Play a variety of casters competively? Right. For Circle players variety would mean Wurmwood and Una (until the errata of course). If this is variety for you, the I agree.
            3. Again with the comparison. If PP wants to go digital, then go full digital, not a half way attempt on doing that. Why release faction decks if this was the plan all along? Faction books are really useless, and don’t include all the models. Why? Oh because the digital era is upon us. Right, such a consistent strategy.
            4. On the constant updates. Truly a child of the app syndrome. Nothing is finished, “it is always evolving” ; it’s not that they do their job well in the first try, “we are constantly improving”; there is no finished product, “we are improving the experience” . See the trend there? I guess not. But I was raised in a time when the products you buy were finished products. Not half finished prototypes which “were pkaytested for years” .
            On the other hand, Customer support is to provide support for the finished product, not complete the delivery of an unfinished one.
            5. Games don’t go inventing new rules and three months later invalidating them via errata. I don’t see the NFL saying that the keeper is no longer needed in an errata. Bottoming is, you are used to buy an unfinished product, whichever the source is. I am not, I require a car to be a fine tunned machine before I buy it. I won’t accept any errata that says “hey, your brake system is flawed, please bring your car for a fix”. At least, this is still unacceptable in today’s world, and is valid for games too.

          • UpAndAtom

            2. I don’t think Wurmood and Una2 were the only competitive choices for Circle, I think they were the 2 broken options. With no obnoxious Warcasters/Warlocks I feel list diversity automatically becomes available. This also works in a tournament setting for other factions, players will no longer have to build a specific list to have to deal with Una2.

            3. I don’t think there’s too much to complain about here. PP have now made the errata changed cards available as a free PDF. The changes also happen immediately on War Room. I’m not sure if they still intend on releasing a annual/biannual booster back of updated cards since this was announced prior the free updated PDFs.

            As a longtime player, I really don’t see the point in purchasing the new faction books. If you’re a new player, you’re better off getting the MKII era equivalents if you’re interested in the background and/or artwork.

            4-5. The changes have not been that vast for any of the factions other than Skorne. That was a failure that PP admitted to and made a great job at fixing (totally biased as a very happy Skorne player). I can’t really see a problem with regular updating and I expect less changes to happen over time. It’s not uncommon for all wargames to release fire-fighter erratas when glaring problems manage to slip through internal testing.

  • UpAndAtom

    Are you saying that the game can only exist with broken warlocks/casters? Currently there aren’t any real broken casters now that Una 2 has been dealt with.

    Do you play other wargames that you would say do things better than PP in as far as game design and balance goes? That is a sincere question, I’m not using PP as the metric here, I’m interested in what you consider to be the benchmark?

    • ChubToad

      Perhaps, it sure feels like it. Now it took 2 erratas to bring down Una and the Scarsfell. But the real question is, why release such a broken combo in the first place? It might be so that ATM there are not broken casters, but surely there are superior ones. And guess what, people will be using those and not the “balanced” ones. Why? Well, you asked the question and I think you have the answer.

      The thing is, this discussion is not about comparing PP to other companies (perhaps you’d like to compare it to GW as everyone seems to do). What good does that do, other than polirize the conversation toward personal tastes / grudges with an specific company?

      Having said that, the direction PP is taking with the game is uncomfortable for me to say the least. MK III feels really a play test ground for PP and to be honest I don’t like to be used as playtester for free. As I said before, I like finished products, not a FB app that needs updating every week because “we are constantly improving”. That’s not what they are doing, they are running behind a crumbling truck, trying to fix it with erratas. I still play the game, but locally I’m finding it harder to find players because most feel the same. I stopped buying things I won’t use in a couple of weeks too. Maybe because I won’t be throwing money at a model that has high chances to be errata’d out of the game like the Lord of the Feast. These are signs that something is not going well. At least one should be curious about it.

      I like playing WMH, I like a tight rules set that allows good competitive games. I don’t like erratas like there’s no tomorrow, nor do I like buying soon-to-be obsolete products like the new Faction Books. But most of all I don’t like having an unfinished product and that the manufacturer tries to make me believe it is finished and that the erratas are only improvements. They are not.

      • UpAndAtom

        There is going to be a variation in the competitiveness of all the casters, but several factions now have a deep pool of relatively equal Warlock/caster options. This opens up list diversity as there are no “go to” net-lists that every non Una2/Karchev has to tech against. Personally, I think the 3 list tournament format affords the most balance, but I understand that requires a lot more models and money and is less player friendly.

        I’m honestly not casting a GW-hate baited line. That sort of discord doesn’t solve anything. I was asking because I wanted to hear your perspective on alternative systems.

        I prefer the situation now where obvious problems are looked at. Haley 2 went unchanged for most of MKII, whereas Asphyxious 2 got hit with the nerf bat repeatedly. It seems that problem lists only gets looked at when they dominate the tourney scene… which I guess is the only real quantitative measure, but I agree that Una 2 had glaring problems that were obvious before a person won an entire tournament using only that one list.

        I don’t see how PP could do things different presently. To have avoided the imbalances post MKIII launch they could have had longer/better playtesting, but that isn’t going to help them now. I don’t think PP are trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes by claiming that they released a perfectly finished product. Having to outright apologise and admitting to messing Skorne up does not reflect that. They’ve made it clear that they opted for a “living rules” model, perhaps this was done to address the MKII balance I discussed above. Erratas are things that all wargames receive, even video games receive regular patches to address imbalance issues.