40K: 12 Space Marine Hero Mystery

Games Workshop Japan has a new collection of Space Marine Heroes coming – but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

There have been a few pictures making the rounds and speculation on a special promotion linked to Games Workshop Japan. A series of 12 Space Marine Heroes is heading to Japan – but are these new busts, collectables, regular tactical marines, or something else entirely? And are they only going to be available in Japan? Here’s what we know so far:

compiled by guru (dakkadakka 3-18-2017) via Warhammer Harajuku Facebook

From this flyer, it looks like these are just tactical marines. They are on 32mm bases and there isn’t anything out of the ordinary – except for the scenic base which looks cool…

The only real info is that this could be a Japanese GW only promotion – it’s not the first time GW has done some region specific promotions.

Here is another poster that has all “12 Heroes to Collect” and they are all named individually. That’s an odd number as it’s larger than the standard tactical squad – there also appears to be a couple heavy weapon wielding marines – you can see their oversized backpacks. But the strange thing, to me at least, is that the art isn’t matching the tactical marine:

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the flyers, the one on the right has been blown-up so you can see it clearly: Brother Castor is not wearing a helmet and has a different neck guard. Now, that could just be an artist’s rendition of the model… But it gives to credence to the “Bust” theory. I know there are collectors out there that would jump at the chance to get some Space Marine busts – and Games Workshop has done those before.

Unfortunately there is nothing currently on the Games Workshop Japan homepage. But we’ll be keeping tabs on this one as more unfolds.


What do you think it is? Just “regular” Tactical Marines, a new set of Space Marine Busts, a new Space Marine manga series or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Angry Panda

    They look like normal space marines 😛

    • orionburn

      But this model is looking left! It’s way different!

      • Angry Panda

        Lefties are a sin according to the catholic church and the Emperium; he must be a heretic.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Marines were programmed to be ambidextrous to increase killing power. They can then double fist those heretics yo!

        • Crevab

          That explains that/those leftie Legion of the Damned

          • nurglitch

            Sinister bastiches that they are.

    • Iconoc1ast

      Yes. But it blend?

      • Angry Panda

        into a fine powder to snort? Of course.

    • Old zogwort

      Na they are totally new marines.

  • AregonAlmighty

    most likely: something related to the current state of 40k and the Ultramarines
    most hopefully: a manga/comic story in the style of the art we see of the characters

    • Angry Panda

      I’ve always wanted a space marine as a waifu

      • Honest Kairos

        ….This ends in tentacles…it always ends with tentacles.

        • Lord Elpus

          Sounds like a good night out!

        • Anggul

          They did say Fulgrim and Slaanesh were joining the party.

      • Drpx


      • cudgel

        Something tells me, Angry Panda, that in Imperium waifu is you.

        • Angry Panda

          I’ve always wanted to be a waifu.

  • Kritarion

    Calling it now: GW Gachapon Machine

    • SWISSchris

      First thing I thought of reading this article too. Individual sprues like character clampacks I guess? If it were anyone but GW I’d say prepainted, as crazy as that sounds.

    • To be fair, my local shop basically has that, with GW bits inside each ball instead of a full marine. But it’s still kinda amusing. I have no idea if it’s popular, though. But I can certainly see Marine Gachapon machines as a thing in Japan!
      New wave introduced! Now with Plasma Gun Marine!

    • Hell-Nico

      I was about to post the same thing.

      It would strangely fit the Japanese market quite well, but they could have AT LEAST gave them custom heads.

  • BrassWitch

    Would be pretty dope if they do end up being busts, might even grab a couple on ebay or through friends.

    • Yeah, hopefully more detailed than the ok to middling busts that came with Relic

      • BrassWitch

        I don’t have any of those, seen a couple online and they don’t really look too shabby.

        • They’re ok, but they’re a lower detail soft plastic like the FFG Star Wars assault game

          • BrassWitch

            Oh ok, I can see why you’d dislike them if that’s the case.

  • ZeeLobby

    Lol. GW Amiibo incoming.

    • Honest Kairos

      Oh man, Matt Wardian Amiibo’s would break Smash Bros.

  • Razerfree

    12 Space Marine Heroes to collect > Jesus had 12 disciples > The Emperor is coming back!

    • Honest Kairos

      Along with Half Life 3 and a plastic Thunderhawk.

      • Iconoc1ast

        Dammit! You beat me….

      • Jani Jalassalo

        Waiting for Half life 3 is like waiting that day when learning Psychic powers, Most likely never.

      • Ebsolom

        … and Squats ; )

      • Old zogwort

        NECROMUUNDA, confirmed

  • piglette

    Hm cool new ultramarines release. Iron Hands must be next right GW?

    • Shawn

      I kind of thought it might be a unique unit of tact marines that could be used for any 1st Founding chapter, but I am getting a bit tired of all the Ultramarine crap.

  • Honest Kairos

    I’m assuming we’ll get more updates, or maybe I’m missing something, but they don’t seem to be anything unique.

  • Solaq

    The most interesting part for me is it says “Series 1” implying there will be more.

  • Raven Jax

    I’ve generally found that collecting things like busts is much more popular in Japan than it is in the U.S., U.K., or anywhere else, so a series of busts would not surprise me.

  • bobrunnicles

    Busts? This whole story is a bust! 😉

  • Wow – must buy – Not …. D minus must try harder

  • 3dken

    Nah, they’re going to be a super deformed chibi marines! Something like this:

  • euansmith

    Brother Captain Pikachu (Imperial Fists, of course).

  • ChubToad

    Kawaii Marines!

  • AwesomePizza

    Got to be honest, this sounds like prepainted blind boxes.

  • Bran D

    They come in packs of bubble gum… 😉

  • Wayne Pashley

    They could be along the lines of those sealed bag collectibles that you see. Like Lego minifigs.