40K: Custodian Guard & Sisters of Silence Kits Teased

Two new kits have been spotted for the Golden Boys and Girls of the Emperor. Here comes righteous vengeance, Imperial Style…

Last week we caught a glimpse from Warhammer Community of what’s on the horizon with the new Talon of the Emperor Boxed set. Well now we know that the Sisters of Silence and the Custodian Guard are also getting their own separate boxed kits as well. Just in case you wanted to fill out your forces with a few more Golden-Armor clad bodies.

via miniwars

Miniwars is also reporting the pricing as well:

Sisters of Silence : 30 €
Adeptus Custodes : 45 €
Talons of the Emperor : 125 €

That pricing seems pretty accurate, but it’s hard to tell what the US dollar price will be due to the fact that GW doesn’t use a standard currency exchange rate for the conversion amounts.

Whatever the case, I know that I’m interested in running both of these units in 40k. Custodes are tough and deadly and the Sisters can shut down psychic powers just by getting close enough. Both of these units can patch holes in other armies as allies but now that they are getting “mini-codexes” as well, I’m really curious to see what a full army of them looks like (hint: it’s probably pretty scary).

Update: We reached out to Games Workshop for comment and they did confirm that the new kits are indeed on the way:

“…the contents will be the same as those in the Prospero box…”


Who’s ready for the Talons of the Emperor to hit the table-top!?

  • Walter Vining

    is there anything new here really? they look just like whats in BoP

    • Badruk

      The box comes with mini-codex and formation. Also adding Transports options and Dreadnought.

      • Walter Vining

        was referring to the sprues, its evident what they box is giving.

        • Deathwing

          You literally just got BOP a few months ago. Forgeworld is putting out some variants already. Were you expecting all new plastic sculpts and models so soon?

          • Walter Vining

            Pointing out the hypocrisy of the article. Did you really expect me to expect something new?

  • Derek

    I wish they made a better sister kit though. Current one had weird joint and each body only go with a specific sword and cape, making posing the arm or kitbashing impossible without the extra filing and putty work.

    • Honest Kairos

      So….much….filing. You made me relieve the nightmare of assembling them.

      • JPMcMillen

        At least they weren’t metal mini’s.

  • miniwar monger

    Nothing new. Man rhino and land raider look awful in this painted like this.

    Wish they gave us some 30k Plastic vehicles.

  • Honest Kairos

    Ok, fine, nothing really new here model wise except the Dreadnought. But honestly, I’m happy, I’d love to build whatever formation is included with the mini-dex they packed in and it’s a win-win for me because it gives the mini’s from my Prospero box a second purpose. But, if I’m being honest here, that Dreadnought doesn’t hold a candlestick to FW’s Custodes Dread.

    • Shinnentai

      Dreadnought is from Calth boxed set isnt it?

      • Honest Kairos

        Oh! Wow, you’re right. Now I feel stupid.

        • Shinnentai

          That shiny paint job tricked you 😉

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      If it is a Pariah Dreadnought, i would explode into tiny Pariah fanboybitz.

      For Real, i wish SoB had Pariahs isntead of Psykers, would be perfect since they hate Spykers a little bit x)

  • orionburn

    Do the Sisters have to be taken in a formation with the Custodes only, or can you field them on their own for ally purposes?

    • Dan Wilson

      There’s a formation that is 2 units of Sisters of Silence on their own.

      • orionburn

        Thanks. Hadn’t given much thought of using them until I played against a Thousand Sons army this past weekend with Magnus in it. Their psychic phase is just obscene.

    • Honest Kairos

      I believe there’s a Sisters Only formation, the Null Maiden Squadron if I recall correctly.

  • Parthis

    “Update: We reached out to Games Workshop for comment and they did confirm that the new kits are indeed on the way:

    “…the contents will be the same as those in the Prospero box…””

    … #journalism

    Ah, classic BoLS.

    • I don’t think BOLS has ever claimed to be a journalistic publication has it? They’re more content curators. Nothing wrong with that. Do you really think it’s economically viable to finance and run a professional investigative journalism operation for such a niche interest as little plastic men?

      • Parthis

        No, which is precisely my point.

  • thereturnofsuppuppers

    godsake that boobplate

    • Honest Kairos

      When the Emperor said “Illuminate them.” Some elements of the Imperium interpreted that in strange ways.

  • Peter Bejmuk

    Likely that the BoP and BaC HH boardgames will get discontinued soon, I’m guessing.

    • Roughneck

      Not at all they are available while in demand and still have a high demand.

  • MechBattler

    You can assume they’ll round up. A LOT.
    My guess –
    Sisters of Silence – $35 – $40
    Custodes – $50 – $60
    Talons – $140 – $150

  • Agent OfBolas

    Those golden Rhino and Land Raider looks… so flat in this gold.