40K: Dawn of War III Pre-Order Bonus

Dawn of War III is now up for Pre-Order and a sweet bonus is on the line…

I’m not the biggest fan of Pre-Ordering Games. I have my reasons…but occasionally there will be a game I know I’m going to get no matter what. When those rare occasions happen I do pre-order a game. I’m not typically swayed by those “Pre-Order Bonuses” they try to sell you on – I view them as a surprise and not a feature – especially when they are just cosmetic changes. My point is, if you’re going to get DoW III, like me, why not pre-order and get the extras?

via Dawn of War

“A new dawn rises! Command powerful armies and lead elite heroes into battle with the release of Dawn of War III on April 27th, 2017. Pre-order now to receive the exclusive Masters of War skin pack FREE with your copy of the game! Limited Editions and Collector’s Editions also available.”

You can check out their site for the full details HERE.

But for now, behold the skins of war:

via Warhammer Community

“Imperial Knight Solaria brings twin Gatling cannons and explosive Ironstorm missiles to battle in support of her allied Blood Ravens. She is the terror of all those who stand against the Space Marines. Fitted with the Dark Queen skin, Solaria becomes adorned with a regal crown and intimidating spikes – the last thing commoners will see before they are violently reminded of their place.”

“Farseer Taldeer wields devastating psychic attacks and slices through foes with a terrifying witchblade. Along with her twin brother, she has sacrificed eternal peace to unleash the Wraithknight’s power. With the Ghost Seer skin, Taldeer’s white armour honours the connection between living and dead. But don’t be fooled by the angelic appearance, those who meet her in battle will not be saved.”


“Beauty da Morkanaut is the life’s work of the Ork Mek Wazmakka and it shows in the behemoth’s arsenal of tools including kustom mega-kannon, rokkit fist, and force fields. Deployed with the Big Kustom skin, this towering war machine is engulfed in painted flames to match the devastation it rains down upon its enemies.”

Dawn of War Homepage


Okay, that Morkanaut’s paint job is SICK. Rock-a-billy Orks, here we come!!

  • bfmusashi

    Taldeer’s in a wraithknight now?

    • ReveredChaplainDrake

      Always having to one-up Thule, that Taldeer. Sick burns in Dark Crusade. Undead robots in DOW3.

      • bfmusashi

        I so want her to say something along the lines of “Hey Thule, what’s the weather like down there?” now. I want her to be 40k Vegeta.

  • As John “TotalBiscuit” Bain likes to say:

    It looks cool but I simply don’t trust big games anymore. We’ll see if it’s as good as its predecessors.

    • Thomas

      This. I trust Sega about as far as I can throw their entire corporate headquarters.

      • Dumbcow1

        Rome Total War 2 anyone? Lets not forget their major blunders with pushing crap out the door to meet deadlines, and then spend the next 7-8months patching, all the while the playerbase has vaporized.

        • Thomas

          And their penchant for cutting off chunks of completed content to sell later as DLC.

          Game publishers are so scummy.

    • CPENinja

      With Steam’s return policy, just don’t play it before reviews are out, and return it within 2 weeks if it is garbagewater

      • Thomas

        I like to play games for more than 2 hours before I make a judgement. Strategy games doubly so.

        I didn’t really like Europa Universalis or Total War: Warhammer when I first played them. But I kept playing for a few more hours and discovered that I actually loved them.

        Really, it’s much easier to just exercise a bit of self-restraint and see what trusted reviewers say about it. I refuse to buy any old junk, just because it has “Warhammer” on the box.

    • Emprah

      The guy who is total super duper hurt in his rear ever since we got a God-President? I’m tempted to pre-order just because of that, but nah, some reskins are just not worth it.

      • Thomas

        This is literally the most stupid comment I’ve read on this site. Well done.

  • Moonsaves

    Nah. I love the Dawn of War series. This looks nothing like Dawn of War. I’m happy to be proved wrong, I’ll wait for other people to spend their money on it first before I make a decision.

    Changing all of the voice actors is basically what did it for me. What’s the point in bringing back so many characters if they aren’t those characters anymore? They might as well have made some new and original characters than this watered-down tripe.

    • Emprah

      We got Multilaser Devastators and Predators incoming thanks to CS Goto making the game!

  • piglette

    Pretty meh preorder bonus.

    • JPMcMillen

      which will probably be available as DLC within 6 months.

  • Crablezworth

    It looks like the larger models overshadow everything, much like 40k 7th edition

  • Alex Dickson

    That’s not a sweet pre-order bonus. A sweet pre-order would be a model or something.

    • Emprah

      Or at least new skins for your entire army. Couldn’t they add some bling to the SM, Eldar and Ork regular units?

    • JPMcMillen

      I think there’s a mini Demon Hammer if you get the largest special edition. Not sure if you get the pre-order skins with it though.

      • NNextremNN

        If you preorder the special edition propably would be pretty stupid otherwise.

    • NNextremNN

      If this thing would have a Gabrial Angelos model in it I would have bought but so I think I wait.

  • Arthfael

    Don’t have time for games any more. Hope this one will succeed, even though I am not too hopeful. However, I also hope GW does one day release a Farseer Wraithknight like this because, if they don’t, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up converting one! This is awesome!

  • NNextremNN

    Am I the only one who thinks this knight skin looks a bit heretical?

    And the wraithknight a bit too much imperium of mankind golden?

    • Impy

      Yes, especially the guns.

  • Daniel Nichols

    Taldeer? TalDEER? Bring back the meticulously manicured and otherwise most fine Idranel. I will preorder for Idranel!