40K: Inquisitor Greyfax Tactics

Hi everyone, Michael here with a review of the final member of the Fall of Cadia triumvirate, Inquisitor Greyfax.

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Inquisitor Greyfax is a decent character that provides some nice anti-psyker abilities in an army and has a potentially great psychic power that can shut down the mobility of the enemy army. However, I don’t think she is as good as a generic Inquisitor with Servo Skulls, and at 150 points, she is pretty pricey for what she brings to the table.


  • Master-crafted Condemnor Boltgun- A combi-bolter that has one use only, Assault 1, S5, AP-, with Psi-shock (if a unit containing a Psyker is hit by the gun, one random psyker suffers a Perils of the Warp).
  • Master-crafted Power Sword
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • Psyk-out Grenades- Shooting: Assault 1, Blast, S2, psi-shock. Assault: Psykers do not gain bonus attacks when charging if the model carrying the grenade is not locked in combat.
  • Psyocculum- The bearer and their unit count as BS10 when shooting at enemy psykers (no effect on Snap Shots).

Special Rules:

  • Independent Character
  • Preferred Enemy (Psykers)
  • Psyker (Mastery Level 2). Must generate from Telepathy and knows the Aura of Oppression psychic power.
  • Stubborn
  • Indomitable Will- When making a Deny the Witch test, Inquisitor Greyfax always counts as having a higher mastery level.
  • Master of Interrogation (Warlord Trait)- Enemy Infiltrators cannot be set up anywhere within 24″ of Inquisitor Greyfax.
  • Aura of Opression- A warp charge 1 malediction that targets a single non-vehicle enemy unit within 12″. The unit must take a pinning test. Even if the test is passed, the target unit cannot Run, Turbo-boost, perform sweeping advances or Overwatch. If you attempt to manifest the power at warp charge 3, it affects all non-vehicle enemy units within 12″.


Inquisitor Greyfax is a decent addition to any Imperial army, especially if you are likely to be facing a psychic heavy force, but I feel that she is a little too expensive for what she brings to the table.

She has a fairly modest statline, the same as a regular Inquisitor, but with a 3+ armour save. At T3, 3 wounds, a 3+ armour save and no invulernable save, she is not going to be that hard to take down in combat or with shooting. With WS4, S3, 3 attacks and a master-crafted Power Sword, she can hold her own in combat against most basic infantry, but will still probably struggle to take out Space Marines. Any dedicated combat units or combat characters will most likely make short work of her, so avoid challenges where possible.

Her warlord trait is one that I actually like. It’s not as powerful as servo-skulls, but being able to shut down enemy infiltrators can be a big bonus in many missions, such as the Relic. It can also help shut down more powerful tactics with psychic powers. For example, if you are playing full strength Electrodisplacement, it can shut down turn 1 charges, as the Scout units that are normally used for the exchange will be unable to deploy within 24″ of Greyfax. The big downside is that this requires Inquisitor Greyfax to be your warlord, and as mentioned above, she is not that difficult to kill.

Based on her special rules, Inquisitor Greyfax will be useful for taking on enemy pyskers. The Psyocculum is great, allowing Greyfax and a unit she joins to hit psykers on a 2+ re-rollable in the shooting phase. This could be very powerful against non-Invisible Deathstars, as they frequently contain at least one psyker model. If you manage to get first turn against a Deathstar with a psyker, you could strike them a crippling blow before they get to cast their psychic support by placing her in the right unit. This could work out well against Daemonic armies. A giant blob squad of Guardsmen that are hitting on a 2+ re-rollable will be able to put out a lot of firepower against a psyker unit, especially if you can use their Orders to increase their volume of fire. One hundred and fifty Lasgun shots that are hitting on 2+/2+ is going to cause a lot of problems against a Daemon unit, even if they do have a 2+ invulnerable save.

She also provides some potent defence against enemy psychic attacks, as she will always be denying the witch on a 4+. With a decent pool of psychic dice, most enemy armies will have a hard time targeting her unit with psychic witchfires and maledictions.

Her psychic power can also be pretty potent if you can cast it, and could be potentially game winning in the right circumstances. Movement is a key part of 40k, especially when the mission is based on objectives or maelstrom points. Being able to shut down some of the movement of key enemy units in the psychic phase can be incredibly powerful. There are only a few issues with it. It is short ranged (12″), meaning that you are going to have to get close to the enemy army to use it. In addition, you may have trouble catching those fast enemy units in the first place to get to use the power. In addition, the ability to shut down enemy Overwatch can be crucial in the game. There are several times that my Ravenwing Darkshroud has allowed my Black Knights to charge D-scythe wielding Wraithguard without fear, thanks to restricting their overwatch fire. Preventing sweeping advances can also be game winning in the right circumstances. For example, it could allow your key squad from escaping combat with a Wraithknight or Imperial Knight that they cannot hurt using Our Weapons Are Useless, without fear of being wiped out in a sweeping advance or locked in combat for a further turn.

Overall, I think that Inquisitor Greyfax is a decent model. She is certainly the weaker of the first Triumvirate, but could be a useful addition to a number of Imperial armies. However, I’m not sure that she brings much to an army that couldn’t be done better by taking Coteaz or a generic Inquisitor with servo-skulls.

~What do you all think of Greyfax’s rules and cost?

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  • Advachiel

    Aren’t servo skulls a thing of the past? In which case she would be providing the only real counter to infiltrators that imperials get short of infiltrating your own units?

    • Simon Chatterley

      No, you can still take a standard inquisitor from the Inquisition mini-dex and 3 servo skulls.

    • Moonsaves

      You can use the Inquisition Codex or Imperial Agents Codex. Both are valid, and Fall of Cadia says as much by having its entries for formations say “Inquisitor (IA/CD)”.

    • J Mad

      No, the adepticon winner used them, They are actually good if you play Imperial and you are against anyone that play DSing.

      • Keith Wilson

        yes didnt he ally them with demons …. not big deal right ….

        • J Mad

          Yes he did.

  • Simon Chatterley

    I played her last night for the first time against a Lions Blade Dangles army. Was a lot of fun, her Inquisition unit (I was running double Inquisition and Assassins for a giggle) ruined a bike squad with a Librarian attached and then she 1 shot the libby (lucky/unlucky perils rolls depending on your view…)

    But she couldn’t deal with a black knight unit and died to a plasma talon in turn 6.

    Stunning model though and fun to play. 10/10 for me.

    • Cheyennevan

      I agree she’s fun to use especially with Pyschic Shriek

      • Simon Chatterley

        In fairness I should have swapped a power out for that. That’s using my assumption she doesn’t get it for free as she has a special free power already that’s not Telepathy so therefore breaking the “all generated from from 1 set”

        • Cheyennevan

          A bit tricky I suppose but she automatically has Aura of Oppression so doesn’t generate it. Therefore her only generated powers come from the Telepathy discipline meaning Pyschic Focus is applicable.

  • Mr.Gold

    to get a warlord trait without being the warlord, take Greyfax instead of a standard inquisitor in the formation from Imperial Agents. this gives a free warlord trait for an inquisitor with no downsides…

  • Raven Jax

    Gotta be honest, I bought her for the model and not for the rules. Rules are just a bonus for me.

  • Scout Charger

    Well, I bought the Triumvirate of the Imperium mainly for the models. I sold Cawl, used Celestine for a Conversion and gave her two Bodyguards to a friend who plays Sororitas. A few days ago I came up with something to use Grayfax for. She’s going to be the next Blood Bowl referee to join our local league. 😉

  • Witch Beatrice

    Enemy Infiltrators cannot infiltrate within 24 inches… does that affect the Genestealer Cult’s special Cult Ambush infiltration army rule??