40K Lore: Leaders of the Grey Knights

The Command Structure of the Grey Knights is similar to a Space Marine Chapter and the Grand Masters run the show.

Grey Knights Grand Master

Grand Master is one of the highest ranks to which a Grey Knight can rise, below only the Supreme Grand Master. They are armed and armoured in the best the Imperium has to offer and benefit from hundreds of years of experience in fighting the daemonic. They are devastating in close combat, especially when backed up by a retinue of the feared Grey Knights Terminators. While all Grey Knights are psykers, the Grand Master’s skills are honed to such a fine point that he can wield his psychically attuned Force Weapon with exceptionally terrific power. The Grand Master is certainly one of the greatest warriors in the entirety of the Imperium.

The Grey Knights only have a total of eight Grand Masters at any one time. This number is derived from the eight founding Space Marines which Malcador the Sigilite brought to Titan.

Each Grand Master has final command of a Brotherhood, although operational command is often left to the Brother-Captain. The Grand Master will only take full command of his Brotherhood if there is a battle which is considered too perilous for even the hardened skills of a Brother-Captain to handle.

Voldus, Grand Master of the 3rd Brotherhood

Voldus is the newly promoted Grand Master of the Grey Knights Chapter‘s Third Brotherhood, who attained his rank after its previous commander Valdar Aurikon was killed by the Daemon Primarch Magnus. When the Thirteenth Black Crusade began, Voldus came to the defense of the Realm of Ultramar, when it was invaded by Abaddon the Despoiler‘s Chaos hordes, and served as a trusted adviser to the resurrected Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman.

In battle, Voldus wields the mighty Nemesis Daemon Hammer Malleus Argyrum.

Other Notable Grand Masters



Kaldor Draigo, Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights

Kaldor Draigo is the 48th and current Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights. He wields the legendary Titansword.

As a simple Battle-Brother, Draigo banished the Daemon Prince M’kar the Reborn on Acralem.

In 901.M41, during the Battle of Kornovin, Draigo would become Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights after the Daemon Prince Mortarion killed his predecessor, Geronitan. The act made Draigo fly into a rage, who assaulted the Daemon Primarch and was only able to defeat him by uttering the true name the Emperor had originally intended for him. The Primarch’s body was shattered by this and Draigo carved his predecessor’s name into his heart – an insult Mortarion has never forgotten, as his spirit is now recuperating in the Immaterium), where he prepares to kill Draigo once and for all.

Mortarion, Daemon Prince

However, after a second confrontation with M’kar on Acralem, Draigo has been cursed to a life trapped within the Warp, doomed to walk within the Realm of Chaos itself. To remain pure while constantly assailed by Chaos shows fortitude and personal strength that is beyond measure. He has undertaken many great exploits within the Warp: slaying the great Bloodthirster Kar’Voth, setting fire to the jungles of Nurgle‘s domain, defeating the six chosen Daemonettes of Slaanesh, the Six Sisters, and destroying the fortress of the Lord of Change M’Kachan. He also appeared to battle alongside the Dark Angels in the Pandorax Campaign.

But while Draigo lives, he will prevail and one day, he will return. In 999.M41, Draigo returned alone to Acralem to free it from M’kar, hoping to end the Chapter’s ancient feud with the Daemon.

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Warp Dust.

  • bfmusashi

    But have any of them pulled a Maccross and punched a daemon super hard and then fired their storm bolter inside the daemon’s body? ’cause I feel like the GK never live up to their full potential.

    • Sparti67

      Agreed. Lately the special forces are not so special.

      • bfmusashi

        Let’s get rad! A GK with a multi-necked guitar for fighting Slaanesh. Another guy that uses nemesis force nunchaku that used to be his masters staff but it was shattered by the greater daemon he now hunts. Dropping hive spires on daemonic forces! Using a Landraider to ram a daemon out of an airlock in a space hulk! More rad GW!

      • SilentPony

        Grey Knights should drop the strike squads and just do all Terminators, but all Tartaros so they can sweeping advance.
        Make them uber powerful, high points, low body count, deep striking, hammer of wrathing, army shattering, history making, demon destroying, heart stopping, earth-quaking, death-defying, legendary E-Stree Ba-I mean special forces Paladins.
        Bringing a Captain and a squad of 5 Terminators should be devastating, both in points and table ability.

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  • Deathwing

    The timeline for Drago is all kinds of jacked.
    Pandorax happened before he became cursed as he led a brotherhood from Titan to Pandorax to fight alongside the Dark Angels.

  • DDisforDangerous

    I’m not really a big of the way the Grey Knights (and Space Wolves, I guess) have every brotherhood leader and their successor named and so on. Isn’t the whole point of the setting to have it be a place for Your Guys to fight in? Especially with the Grey Knights where you can’t just invent an extra company or chapter, that’s a bit creatively limiting.

  • JL

    Grand Masters apparently wear 15 foot tall robots.