40K New Edition: Codexes & Apps

GW had a short Q&A session at Adepticon and talked about the games’ next edition. Fasten your seatbelts.

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There was wide ranging session at Adepticon but the issue of a future 40K App and the fate of the existing codexes came up.  Look what the GW developers said:


Q: With AoS having a free online app/tool for list building, will we see the same thing for 40k in the future?

A: Yes, having a GW official tool for list/ army building is in the works.


Q: Will we see a reduction in the amount of codecies and physical books needed to play 40k? Or, will wee see a similar format to AoS?

A: While we don’t want to invalidate all books immediately, we do recognize the effects on the game by having so many books and supplements. In the new edition we will reduce the physical books needed. Look forward to the future.

There have been rumors for months that GW wants to minimize the role of physical Codexes and this Q&A only confirms that.  The 40K App was an obvious assumption in the wake of Age of Sigmar’s and every other recent GW game getting an app.  Still it’s nice to get confirmation from the horse’s mouth.

The ten thousand dollar question is exactly what “In the new edition we will reduce the physical books needed.” means.

~What do you think they will do with all the existing codices in the new edition?

  • Randy Randalman

    In AoS, the books basically aren’t needed anyway. With free warscrolls via the app and Warscroll Builder (which GW announced they are officially hiring), there’s no need for the books beyond fluff, galleries, and fun hobby stuff. 40k would be wise to embrace the same.

    • Jimi Steele

      Don’t forget spells, artifacts, battalions, and allegiance abilities. The books are somewhat useful (the newer ones anyway). But yeah, being able to play without them is a massive bonus.

      • Parthis

        I wouldn’t mind if the books were mandatory; they’re £15-20 as opposed to £35-40.

        AoS manages to make 90% free (which is great, everything you need for casual play) and the remaining 10% cheap.

  • Parthis

    Tune in tomorrow folks for two more questions from the wide ranging Q&A session.

    • ZeeLobby

      Lol, right?

  • ThorOdinson

    If the rules changes are as big as planned, then expect them all to be invalidated.

    • But since GW people said they won’t be mass-relacing codexes doesn’t that seem to indicate the new edition will keep much of 40k as we know it?

  • MechBattler

    Lowering the cost of entry can only be a good thing. The models cost so much already. If they want to attract new customers, not having to buy $100+ of rule books will work in their favor. I’m sure many a potential new player were scared off when they were told a BRB, Codex, and starter box would cost them $200+.

  • Nyyppä

    Note that they want to reduce physical books needed to play the game. They do not want to reduce material or sources needed to play the game. In all likelihood this just means that they will go more for the digital product line than a physical one.

  • Jared McWilliams

    Considering they are putting in a movement stat either all codexes will be invalid, or every codex will be faqed on release to include movement stat. I would not bet on a faq to coincide with the release.

    • Blinghop

      There is precedent. When hull points were introduced, they did update all the faqs on release.

      edit: that may have been in the book itself rather than an faq, but the point remains they provided all the news stats at launch.

  • DoctorBored

    They could start by consolidating all of the Space Marines into one codex. Y’know, all those separate ones they have. Space Marines, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Blood Angels. They really only need one book. That’d get rid of three books.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Walter Vining

      Dark angels goes in the chaos codex.

      • Shawn

        And the Fallen go into the Space Marine codex.

  • Isn’t the whole point of a new edition to consolidate the rules (and drive more sales) so this ‘news’ isn’t really surprising. It’s not like GW were going to say…”We’ve decided to double the number of books you need, cos everyone likes books yeah.”

    Where are the other questions…

    • Walter Vining

      there was one about balance, and they said for the competitive side of the game that they were going to look more at that.

  • Karru

    The chances are that they will release a “compendium” for all armies very fast, similar to what they did with AoS. They willl most likely still invalidate most of the books, leaving only the supplements/campaign books as those do not have stats attached to them.

    It’s going to be either that or they will pull off something very cumbersome. FAQ’ing everything and having to wait something like 2 years before we even get half of the books for the game, as it is clear that they will update and give SM more updates than anyone else, then they will give Eldar and Tau their books, then maybe Ad Mech and GSC and finally Necrons. Also, let’s not forget Imperial Knights. Armies that most likely won’t be seeing an update any time soon as the new edition drops are Chaos Space Marines, possibly Daemons, Orks, Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Grey Knights and Dark Eldar.

    If GW design team was professional, they would do the books in fast succession or they would have all them already made and would just print them out for the next edition. They would also realise that the best way to lessen the amount of “physical books” needed to play the game would be to stop releasing small 2-4 unit army books that are meant to be allies and not independent armies of their own.

    Imperial Knights should be just placed into all Imperial Armies as a LoW, removing the need for the Imperial Knight book unless you intent to play them as an army. All Space Marines should be placed into one book, Black Templars and their Crusader Squads are already in there, so putting something like Blood Angel Death Company or Deathwing Terminators in there as well wouldn’t be a problem. Also, put the Deathwatch release in there. Adeptus Mechanicus merging into one is a simple thing and has been for a good while. Harlequins returned into the Eldar and Dark Eldar books would once again reduce the amount of books needed. Finally, make Chaos great again. No two codices, one big codex with Daemons, Chaos Space Marines and Traitor Guard.

    The key is to reduce the number of books, but GW has done the opposite in the last 2 years. They release supplements and campaign books, they release small “armies” as their own forces, they release dataslates through their digital products. This has to stop. Campaign Books can remain, those are not an issue. Supplements and mini-armies must go. Only “new army” releases should be actual armies like the GSC and combined Ad Mech or just codex updates that incorporate new units, like Deathwatch would have been updated into the SM codex.

    • Shawn

      I happen to like the supplements. Adding new units and abilities over time can broaden the game, and if done right, still maintain balance if they adopt a policy similar to PP’s releases.

  • Having just started AoS matched play, I have to say it’s a little annoying having “free” rules but then make you buy whole books for the formations. As a result I’m at a pretty big disadvantage vs the other players who have bought the books. I’m not sold on non-path to glory gaming yet and that aspect is holding me back a bit. I play exclusively Nurgle but there isn’t a dedicated battletome yet (also all the subfactions are annoying when trying to form a full army)

    • I’ve not played AoS yet but I have tried to get into it a few times. I find all the subfactions confusing / annoying, it was much clearer before. With all the free rules, depending on alliance and stuff, it just seems a bit of a mess. I wish they would just go back to factions with the option for allies or at least mixed forces in open play.

      • Mixed forces are totally allowed, it’s just that the competitive game seems to reward you for doing pure factions, even though some of them are really kind of dumb. Rotbringers only have a few heroes and blight kings, for example. If I want something more well rounded or interesting I have to bring in other factions, mostly lost and the damned

        • I imagine that the mini factions will get a culling once more of the true-blood AoS factions are out. For example now the steam duardin are incoming do we really need the dispossessed (except for those with the minis already).

    • I believe you can buy individual formations through the app

    • Shawn

      Pay to Win type of scenario in a way, yes?

      • In a narrow sense, but it’s a one time payment, I mostly just don’t want to buy a year old battletome that is mostly rules I won’t use. I also just generally find the division of factions to be annoying.

        • Shawn


  • Crevab

    ‘Member when the 6th ed core had a appendix adding HP to all existing vehicles? I ‘member

    • Exactly, not to mention adding flyer types and mastery levels

    • orionburn

      But does Pepperidge Farm remember?

  • Son_of_Corax_XIX

    How does this Q&A Confirm it? Army building tool doesn’t and physical books doesn’t as they didn’t specifically state codexes only books and supplements.
    Think your reading too much into the word Books

  • mgdavey

    We all know how this will go.

    Q: Will there be free rules or will you have to buy them?
    A: Both
    Q: But why would someone buy them if they can get them for free?
    A: There will be extra stuff that you can buy.
    Q: But won’t I need the extra stuff in order to play with other people who have the extra stuff?
    A. Umm. Both.