40K: The Gathering Storm

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The Storm has Gathered. Now it’s time to put the whole story together…

With the advent of Rise of the Primarch, the pump is primed for major changes to hit the 40K world. And now that the Gathering Storm cycle has borne the fruit of an Emperor’s chosen son, let’s take a look at the other parts of the story that have led to this point.

It starts with the Fall of Cadia, as the great Eye of Terror blinks. This is a powerful expression of the Despoiler’s wrath. Abbadon leaves his mark upon the galaxy.

Then there is fighting among the Aeldari as they argue amongst themselves, and in the fractious fracas, Biel-Tan cracks open like a kinder surprise, and out comes the Aeldari god of death, Ynnead. Well, sort of. And along with this nascent god, a powerful retinue of disciples and warriors. And among them, one capable of repairing a soul damaged by the warp. Capable of repairing the soul of the last, best hope the galaxy has…

With this chapter, Roboute Guilliman is reborn with the help of most unexpected allies… and the Empire trembles. The Storm has Gathered. What will befall us all when it breaks?

The Imperium now rests its hopes on its returned son. Will he be enough?

  • SundaySilence

    Wait for it…

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Robute “wait for it” guilliman?

    • euansmith

      I really enjoyed Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Guilliman.”

      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        Next Millenia, without fail? Without fail.

  • SilentPony

    And then Gathering Storm IV turns out to be 8th edition, and they retcon the entire 13th black crusade…again.

    • Ira Clements

      GW is advertising Rise of the Primarch as the “climax” of the GS trilogy. Therefor GS is complete. I am curious as to what 8e will entail then. Are they going to push ahead with greater changes or will 8e be rooted in the GS events and now the 13th Black Crusade and RGs “leadership” of the Imperium. As in the game will revolve around these events and this is as far as GW takes it and we embark on another endless stream of narratives involving the new seemingly endless war like AoS or how the HH now covers so many episodes I dont even care to read them anymore.

      • BrianDavion

        honestly, if they doi stop with GS and then move onto supplements it’ll display a suprising wisdom on GW’s part.

      • Karru

        8th edition will see the rise of more giant models. GW has shown us that they now are more interested in releasing giant models rather than regular infantry models. Even the normal units are supposed to be large in size. If it was up to me, I would focus more on customisable infantry sized characters like the Space Marine Captain is. This would give people the ability to make their armies and characters unique, just like GW pretends to encourage.

        • Loki Nahat

          larger models with bigger flat areas are easier for kids to paint, it’s to be expected, they’re just following the gundam route, they’re not interested in appealing to older discerning customers like ourselves, that’s why we have forgeworld, and china

  • Ira Clements

    The first narative in 8e is RG somehow losing the Emperors sword and then there will be a “Hunt for the Emperors Sword” you see where I am going with this,…..

    • LeroyJenkinss


      • amaximus167

        Sigmar’s Hammer…

  • Infamous Wendigo

    The Storm has gathered… so next the Storm breaks?

    • Locomotive breath

      It’s be gathering storm 1-3, the storm breaks 1-3, weathering the storm 1-3 and then I dunno maybe he emperors storm 1-3 to cover a year

      • Cameron

        I hope so

      • Chie Ftex

        8th Edition will be “Warhammer 40,000: Storm in a Teacup”

        • Locomotive breath

          And then the stormcast enternals show up

          • palaeomerus

            And they take over the Tao empire. They wear Kroot as hats.

      • euansmith

        The last trilogy will be, “It’s turned out nice again, ain’t it?”

        • Leif Leegard

          It’ll be know as The Breaking Dawn…

          and, every one glitters!

    • benn grimm

      Next there’s light winds on an North east trajectory, followed by light drizzle, into the afternoon, we should see the cloud cover part and you should see a little sunshine, interspersed with mild retconning…

  • Erikjust

    Maybe GW will put 40k on a diaet in 8th edition faction wise.
    Since Commorragh is basically gone maybe that will mean that Dark Eldar and Eldar will be merged into one faction The Eldar.

    if they do it maybe they should consider merging other codexes as well.

    I don´t see why Codex Genestealer and codex Tyranid shouldn´t be merge into a single one, same with Codex Chaos demon and codex Chaos space marine.

    As long as you can still play both chaos demons and chaos space marines as individual armies.

    Maybe this will even be beneficial as “fewer” armies might actually go a long way to actually balance the whole thing.
    So we don´t have literally entire armies being useless.

    • mitchpigeon

      Cammorragh is gone?

      • Erikjust

        From Arch Warhammers review of the gathering storm 2 yes, i pretty much gather that Commorragh is pretty much gone.

        • Loki Nahat

          guys it’s Commorragh, and no, it’s not gone

        • Someone

          Then arch ‘whatever the idiots who don’t read a book properly before reviewing are called’ are wrong. They’re suffering a dysjunction which has caused a daemon in invasion and vect has pulled back to his paranoia induced fallback positions. The situation is worse than he was hoping but their by no means dead and gone (or even going yet)

      • Ravingbantha

        Fracture of Biel-Tan, had the city overrun with daemons and Tyranids. The Vect didn’t seem too confident at the end of the book, that the city could be reclaimed.

    • TheWanderingJewels

      wait what?

    • dinodoc

      Uh, what?

    • BrianDavion

      if they unify them into one faction it’ll proably be called the Aeladari

    • Spacefrisian

      Eldar,Harlequins, Dark Eldar and some Exodites as 1 dex.
      All Astartes in 1dex.
      Imperium and Inquision in 1 dex.
      All Mars tech stuff in a dex.
      Chaos Astartes /Daemons/ Traitor guard in 1dex.
      Tau empire
      Tyranids and Genestealer cult.

      Thats allthe dexes they should have, heck could do the army entries for them in a day for free and everyone would have more options than they have now with more balance amongst the armies in general.

      • DJ860

        It’s pretty staggering that even after that trimming down there’s 9 left.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          Codex Imperium
          Codex Chaos
          Codex Xenos

          Fixed that for you!

        • Karru

          Not in my opinion. A separation like that would make the game much more manageable while still keeping the factions nice and “fluffy”. You play SM? Get the Astarted ‘dex. Want to play Imperium? Get three books if you want all of them.

          The problem with shoving everything into a handful of books is their size. Since every unit has a full page all to themselves, the size of the book would be immensely cumbersome. Then you have the issue of having to make it absolutely clear which units can ally or be taken with certain armies. This would only add confusion.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            there is a huge amount of duplication though. How many pages are there in various books describing the rhino for instance? We only need two (Imperial and Chaos).Likewise most Space Marines could all be covered in a handful of entries.

          • Karru

            Outside the SM books, there isn’t that much duplication. Things also get wild once you start shoving Xenos into one book as there is literally no duplication.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            they don’t have as many unit types either though.

          • Karru

            If GW released Codex Xenos which contained all unique unit entries for all Xenos armies, it would contain 180 Unit entries. This is only unit entries mind you. That’s 90 pages worth of datasheets. Then you start adding alternative detachments, formations, relics and warlord traits. That would easily be another 60 pages. Then you add in the lore and gallery section. If they decide to put a good amount of lore about every faction properly into these books, that would take at least 30-40 pages worth of content for each army.

            At that point we are looking at almost 400 pages worth of stuff. You think that wouldn’t be cumbersome AND pretty expensive? Especially if you only play one of the factions present in the book?

            I still support the “minimalistic” codex style. It should be 25€ max for a codex that contains everything I need to run one army. That way if I only play something like Orks, I wouldn’t have to pay 50-80€ just to get their rules.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Most of their compendium type books only have a page or two of fluff per army. This would make such a book much smaller than some existing AoS books, for example.

  • TheWanderingJewels

    so the Aeldari are now Minbari?

  • palaeomerus

    Two heretic psykers go round the outside
    round the outside
    round the outside
    Two heretic psykers go round the outside
    round the outside
    round the outside
    Guess Who’s back, back again,
    Roboute’s back
    Tell a Successor Chapter

  • Jim Collins

    in the grimdark future, there are only storms.

    • euansmith

      Not true, there are also “claws”, “blood”, “frost” and “skulls” 😉

      • Luis Otero

        But still no wolves in Fenris.