40K: New Throne of Skulls: Gathering Storm Event

Warhammer World has a new event on the horizon – The Throne of Skulls: Gathering Storm Edition!

A “new” image has been making the rounds and it has some folks all worked up in a frenzy. So we did some digging and got to the bottom of this new Throne of Skulls event:

via imgur

So what is this “Throne of Skulls” – well, first off the image is from Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia. That shouldn’t shock anyone.

Next up, the Throne of Skulls is an event series put on by Warhammer World. As a matter of fact they are actually hosting a Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls event this month – it’s on their public calendar.

Horus Heresy: Throne of Skulls

Welcome to Throne of Skulls: The Horus Heresy – an ‘entry level’, non-competitive gaming event for anyone who wants to play fun games set during this age of darkness and treachery. This event features a relaxed atmosphere where players can focus less on winning games and more on rolling dice, killing Space Marines and enjoying themselves. All the awards are based on sportsmanship, painting, gentlemanly conduct and having a good old laugh with like minded people.

So, based on that, I’m guessing this is probably an early mock-up or leak of an event in June at Warhammer World. If I had to guess I’d go with this being the quarterly “Throne of Skulls” theme – which fit because it’s Gathering Storm. The Horus Heresy event looks pretty interesting and as a “non-competitive” event it’s sounds like it’s going to be about playing games and hanging out…so it sounds pretty awesome to me!

If this is a hoax, which we have seen before, I personally wouldn’t be too bummed – but I don’t have a trip to the UK planned around that time, either. But if I did…

Anyhow, until we see an official announcement from Warhammer World or GW, I wouldn’t get too worked-up about this one.


I’m reading the Throne of Skulls Event details…I kind of DO want this to be true. Now I need to get a ticket to Warhammer World…and find my passport…

  • Zakading

    This is pretty cool sounding.

    And just as an unrelated heads-up: there’s a supposed image of the new Marines: http://m.imgur.com/61xFBn7

    Still has to be debunked. Until then, I’d treat that rumor as confirmed.

    • Ravingbantha

      That image looks like someone’s ‘true scale’ conversion, not an official one. If you look close, you can see where the bolter was cut from three different weapons. The back part looks just like a plasma gun, the middle ‘Ammo storage’ part and the barrel.

      • BaronSnakPak

        Look at the body though, unless those are 3rd party, the legs/arms/torso/backpack/head are all new. That’s also a new bolt pistol.

        • Loki Nahat

          Legs are grey knights the rest is all from the Deathwatch kits.

          Hack job, nice try but a hack job.

          • BaronSnakPak

            I have Deathwatch and Grey Knights, that armor isn’t from either.

      • luke snell

        i have heard other confirming stories that that picture is legit.