AoS: New Starter Box “Thunder & Blood”


There’s a new Age of Sigmar starter box coming – hot off the GAMA trade show floor. Take a look at “Blood & Thunder”

Here’s the new starter box front & back:


Here’s GW’s Andy Smilie talking about the new starter kit with DiceTower. (GW starts at 40:30)

  • The new kit includes “press fit” minis for both Stormcast Eternal and Khorne factions.
  • The sprues are color cast in red and gold to get you into the game as fast as possible. You can paint them up later.
  • These sprues look either identical or very similar to the sprues from the original Age of Sigmar boxed set.
  • The set comes with a double sided vinyl mat that is photographed from the Age of Sigmar Realm of Battle boards.
  • The Box bottom itself can be blipped over and be used as building for some basic terrain.
  • No word on prices from GW yet.

Here’s some shots of the red and gold sprues:

Here’s the matt and the box/terrain:

~More on this product as it come’s in!

  • Sonic tooth

    sigmarines and khorne. again. seriously. cmon

    • my thoughts exactly

      • Simon Chatterley

        It’s a starter set for people to get into the game. So the 2 main protagonists are perfect. Not every release is about giving people bulk discount on every faction.

        • Yep, and likely to be more about making the basic set cheaper and more accessible to new players, along with the whole game.

          Not aimed at us current players, but rather people who may never have played wargames before.

          So press fit models that they already have the art assets for? Maximizes ability to sell at low price and still make a profit

        • Andrea Andy Martini

          People is expecting a Warhammer Fantasy roadmap but AoS need a different releasing schedule being a “almost” new game.

        • Wojciech Łagosz

          That’ true. Didn’t think about it in that perspective. Boxed “plug and play” sets like this will help grow the gaming community and that is good for the hobby we love.

        • Sonic tooth

          There already is a starter set. With khorne and sigmarines

          • Razerfree

            There are now 3 starter sets with khorne and sigmarines if you count the second one they did with 13 models (Storm of Sigmar) for people who are new to wargaming in general. So I have no idea who the target audience is for the third.

          • JdM

            GW is not good at marketing to …. non-established players…. so they are learning with trial and error. The first 2 were… not simple enough… so now they are making Heroclix-esq board games… that’ll hook em!

          • rtheom

            I’ve known a lot more people that bought Heroclix than have bought Warhammer anything.

          • BrianDavion

            given that Heroclix is one of the most sucessful table top games out right now…

          • Corpsepile

            This is for people who don’t want to spend 100-150+ to maybe enjoy a game.
            There is no way Id buy one of the other starter sets but this one is so basic I may actually jump on It to finally get my brother and I into the game

          • This is that set, minus 2 characters, likely for cheaper (hopefully a good bit cheaper in USD since the currency conversion has gotten crazy lately)

        • AnomanderRake

          Chicken/egg. Are the Sigmarines and the Bloodbound the protagonists because they’re in all the starter material, or are they in all the starter material because they’re the protagonists?

          • rtheom

            They’re the protagonists/antagonists because their design very clearly reflects this with distinct visual styles that are easy for people to see are “good” vs “bad”, which is very important to most non-gamers. The vast majority of people don’t actually like to spend more than a few seconds trying to figure out who they’re supposed to root for. It’s the very reason politicians make such big, self-aggrandizing statements that they never follow through on. :p

        • euansmith

          Depending on the price, I might pick up a box of this to bulk out my units from the original starter set.

          I’m glad they haven’t put in another Lord Celestant on Birddragon and another Chaos Warboss.

          • Rainthezangoose

            I think that was the point, they took out the two character you would NEVER run two of because there psudo-named heros. Kept the two super generic ones and so if you wanted to you could totally just buy this as a discount. I mean really depends on the price. Love the idea of it all being “in the box”

          • rtheom

            I’m willing to bet we see those heroes end up as “easy expansions” to Thunder and Blood on the side.

          • Agreed, I sold my sigmarines but in retrospect want to use some for conversions, meanwhile i have a good 3 spare of the Khorne dude (although the fleshhounds was cool) so I’m into this.

        • Chardun

          Yes, but if the two factions, that have also been in the last two starter sets, are considered uninspired by a prospective new player, placing them in a third starter box isn’t going to help grow the hobby.

    • Wojciech Łagosz

      I’m not into AOS lore. What are other cool rival faction’s that could be put together in a box like this? Greenskins vs Dispossessed?

      • How about Nurgle vs Sylvaneeth (not sure how to spell that one) that would be a nice narrative based starter introducing two other factions. or good ol’ Greenskin vs Fyreslayers – again good narrative based set. Three starter sets with the same two sides is beyond dull.

        • Nurgle vs Sylvaneth would be excellent, mostly because Nurgle needs marauder and warrior equivalent units still, and we could really use a plastic lord of pestilence, maybe an ogre or some other beast. Plus sylvaneth bits are excellent for making Nurgle units look more “branchy” like they came from the forest

      • Seienchin

        Lets face reality… GW has pretty much abandoned AoS at the moment. No idea why but nearly all releases are repackages or models that work with 40k as well.

        • DeadlyYellow

          It’s almost like they have a habit of flipping between their two flagship systems.

        • Talos2

          Not seen the dwarfs then?

        • Chardun

          Eh? Disciples of Tzeentch just came out.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Dude, we just got new Tzeench models.

          We’re getting an amazing Dwarf army.

          I do not see what you are complaining about.

          • rtheom

            Dude, why would I make the effort to pay attention when I can just complain instead?

          • BrianDavion

            apparently GW is supposed to only put out AOS releases and not support their cash cow (which is still 40k)

        • Wait, what? They just put out arguably the best designed models for stormcast yet (arguably some of the best minis they’ve done of late) the Palladors, and the hunters, and the gryphhound box, and they announced an entire new army with 11 new units yesterday

      • DeadlyYellow

        Could have been a good way to promote Fyreslayers. It feels like they’ve mostly been forgotten since their release (but then again that’s par for GW marketing.)

        Kinda leaves out a suitable rival faction though. Disciples of Tzeentch are still fairly recent, and I can’t think of anything else with an AoS exclusive range.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Ironjawz v Fyreslayers?

          • DeadlyYellow

            Nah. Their baseline troop were WFB Black Orcs.

            Now that I think about it, Death and Destruction haven’t received AoS exclusive factions yet. There’s only been two for Order and Chaos both, and a third soon to join Order.

            Though they could also just dig into the older starters again. Rerelease Skull Pass or something.

    • Hussein Alobaidi

      I collect and play Khorne and even I’m fed up with the repetition lol. Why not some other faction love ?

      • euansmith

        Khorne cares not from where the minis flow!

      • BrianDavion

        it’s like that for 40k too. GW pushes tons of stuff for Khorne but tends to give less attention to the other gods. on the other hand this trend for 40k at least seems to be abetting, it’s worth noting that if the rumors are true, Khrone is the one chaos god that WON’T get their deamon prince this year

    • It’s basically the current starter short 2 minis, with a better setup for intro games. the skaven/elf starter is also available after all

  • Razerfree

    Nice set but whoever already has the first starter set probably isn’t going to buy this, and people who don’t want to miss out on the exclusive extra heroes will have to buy the first. Nice idea from GW but bad move on the factions/models, should have given Death vs Destruction a spotlight.

  • Sleeplessknight

    Cool starter! I like the included battlemat and cardboard building. Reminds me of old 2nd ed 40k terrain. I do worry about the gold plastic on the stormcasts though. Gold plastic has a tendency to become brittle over time.

    • dave long island

      Indeed. We all need to make a solemn pledge to wipe out GPS in our lifetime.

    • It is the old starter, minus the two (IMHO not great) heros thar came with

  • Aezeal

    Smart thinking with the box building.

    • TenDM

      Yeah. Not a complete battlefield but it gives brand new players something more than tissue boxes and the kitchen table to play with.

    • dave long island

      Yeah they’re thinking outside the box… (groan)…

  • Rainthezangoose

    Good box set. Literally just bought the original starter set tho so wouldn’t be buying this. Shame really, should have been different models. But the idea of getting it out of the box and almost playing it straight away. That’s a good idea.

    • Rainthezangoose

      Still would think they should have done something else faction wise, Really phoned in the the push fit models and really made it super accessible.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        The models already exist. Way cheaper for GW to re-use them, especially for a product like this.

  • Lewis Everitt

    I would say this is a great starter set, the sort of thing that would have got me into the game when I was young. 2nd ed was my first purchase from GW and it gave me so much joy over time. And a little bitterness at times from a perceived lack of loyalty and respect for customers from GW at various times.
    Of late they are really improving, good on them. 🙂

  • Dan Prosser

    Did I miss details on how big that matt will be? It looks 2×4 foot or something

  • Karru

    This is a nice thing I must say. It seems that GW started to take notes from Corvus Belli. If you put EVERYTHING you need to play into the starter box, it might attract more people. It was one of the biggest selling points for me when I got interested in Infinity since the starter set came with the two armies, tokens, a battle mat and terrain that wasn’t 2D. Even Flames of War Open Fire box is great because at least it comes with 2D terrain. It helps a lot to keep interest.

    Here’s hoping that GW starts releasing more and more these types of sets. Two complete armies and some basic terrain so beginners and even those that demo games in conventions and such will have easier time to promote the game.

    For those that are bittered about the box including Khorne and Sigmarines, these are the original starter set sprues. It makes more sense business-wise to just reuse them instead of making completely new set.

    • NovaeVox

      I was thinking that this appears to be aimed squarely at the PP MKIII starter boxes. I had never checked out the complete contents of Infinity’s sets. I guess the industry has really stepped up it’s collective game in the past year, particularly when it comes to accessibility of entry.

      It almost seems like GW noticed that it has competition…

      • Karru

        The Infinity box comes with full set of terrain. It comes with multiple cardboard buildings that have walls on the roof. You also get some cardboard containers that are cool. Then there is the battle mat as well. It is a great deal and they even sell the buildings separately, which is very nice considering how much terrain the game needs in order to play properly.

        • I got a set of the terrain In a swag bag, very cool but definitely recommend Using unit boxes it makes them a lot more sturdy

    • The fact that they’re releasing the Armageddon skirmish box with minis terrain rules etc is encouraging too.

  • euansmith

    New Dwarfs. new “Necromunda”, new AoS starter set? It is like a tsunami of release news today.

    The Golden Plastic for the Sigmarites is a fun idea.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      und shadowspire, which I assume is mordheim?

      • euansmith

        Shadowspire? I’ve missed that one!

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Fresh this morning on the official channel!

          • euansmith

            Man, I don’t follow the fake news on the mainstream media!

  • EmperorJovan

    What are the models in the box ?

  • dave long island

    I think this may be the first use of the word ‘blipped’.

  • Talos2

    The creases don’t suggest the mat is vinyl. Looks like paper or something

  • Wrong order, but I appreciate the effort.

  • JonnyRocket

    GW should cast all their starter/basic sets in different colors.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      For box sets, I think they will be doing that.

  • FreshBumCheeks

    this is genuis for new players

  • I’ll buy it, assuming it’s cheap. I could use some sigmarines for conversions anyhow, and I really like the idea of a small mat for skirmish battles that fits on a kitchen table

  • Raze

    Just started AoS and Infinity in the same time last week. I found the big AOS starter box too much for a start but also the little box too few. Looking at the Infinity Ops: IceStorm it was a perfect starter set.

    So based on my experience this will be the perfect starter kit for AOS. No too big, not too small, game mat and a building is always awesome for rookies.