April White Dwarf Leaked

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Seems like next month’s White Dwarf has made its way onto the internet…

Spotted over at Miniwars, a few images from next month’s issue of White Dwarf. In it, details about the terrain and the upcoming Battletome for Khorne. Take a look below:

via Miniwars

I feel like the Ferratonic Furnace, Galvanic Magnavent are just as likely to be found in 40K as AoS…

Unable to hear skyhook without having visions of Columbia and Bioshock Infinite…

Oh hey it’s that thing Syd made in Toy Story…

Apparently these guys organize themselves into guilds, including the Nav-League and…the End. Ominous.

Anyway, you can check out the rest of the images here.

Looks like Magnus tried to warn the Emperor again…

  • And now, lets convince GW of doing some proper Xenos terrain.

    • Randy Randalman

      If 99% of the galactic battles weren’t on Imperial worlds, there’d be a reason to. Besides, didn’t Eldar just get a bunch of whacky forests?

      • So 99% of the battles are done in industrial districts? Then all the BlackLibrary and ForgeWorld books are wrong. Damn. But since you’re rampaging Randy Randalman, what reply did I expect?

        Also, I said “proper xenos terrain”. Some wonky plants and a destroyed rune isn’t proper xenos terrain in my eyes. I think proper is like the stuff that Tau got.

        • Shinnentai

          Yeah that Deathworld Jungle stuff looked laughable to me.

          Would love some of the Eldar spire structures they’re always showing off in their photos, though I can see they’d be tough to fit into packaging.

          • ZeeLobby

            Was it supposed to be deathworld? I always thought it was just like, overgrown Eldar land. It’s definitely pretty weak. I really hope they share the love come 8th.

        • Guillermo Cordido

          But also to give a tau landing pad or even ruined building could be a great idea for all Xenia, except Tyranids

          • rtheom

            I’ve always been confused as to why Tyranids never got Spore Towers.

          • Joel Davies

            Forgeworld made a load of cool Tyranid terrain when the Anphelion Project first edition came out. Sadly they’ve not been available for years now.

          • Guillermo Cordido

            It is supposed to be in the final phase of the invasion, when there’s no more life in the planet

        • ZeeLobby

          He’s a tricksy one that RandyGWRandalman. Xenos terrain would be great, and would sell like hotcakes. But GW just can’t stop chasing the Imperial bandwagon.

        • Viktor Julian

          Touché Hendarion Dondarion.

    • vlad78

      And Squats for 40k !! They’ve put them in the wrong game !!

      • ZeeLobby

        I’m doing them! Duardin + Mantic ForgeFathers baby!

        • vlad78

          Liiink !!


          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Haven’t got the new guys yet. But they’re gonna be badass! And about 1/3 the cost. Win win

      • Dan Di Cicco

        Well they know anyone that wants to do a squat army is just gonna buy em buy the ton anyway… two birds, one stone 😛

    • Viktor Julian

      Aye! Spot on.

  • Ravingbantha

    “Looks like Magnus tried to warn the Emperor again
” did I miss something in the small print again?

    • Jasko

      I was wondering, too.

  • At ÂŁ90 that Shadow Wars set is looking very tasty…I just hope they don’t dilute the Necromunda rules too much.

    How long before we see someone convert up a Fantasy Dwarf fleet, from the new not-dwarfs, for the high seas.

    • Guillermo Cordido

      I was thinking to buy 2 Armageddon boxes, just for the scenery

      • shadowwaker_4

        You’re not the only one. Seems like it will take at least 2 and a few accompanying ground terrain pieces to make a proper hive battle.

        • But then the original Necromunda terrain, you needed 2 sets for a good game as well as some scatter terrain.

    • Ben_S

      It looked pretty expensive to me – was there more in it than it seemed?

      • Apart from the rules and whatnot, you get 10 scouts and 11 Orks. You also get the terrain which looks pretty impressive. By the looks of it its probably going to be cheaper to buy the game than to buy the terrain separately. Of course it all depends upon the value you place on the contents.

        • Ben_S

          I suppose the Orks and Scouts have a RRP of about ÂŁ50 these days, but they’re not models that are in much demand. Certainly they’ll be even cheaper on eBay once people are splitting up this box.

          The terrain does look nice, but – given that I don’t value the other stuff much – there didn’t look to be much of it for the price.

    • Jasko

      The Arkanauts look to “boaty” for proper Dwarf ships, if you compare it to the fluff and the “Grimnir’s Thunder” from Dreadfleet. But I will convert the Ironclad into an Airship!

  • ZeeLobby

    I might buy one shadow wars box for the rules. Def buying terrain separately after that. No one i know wants ork boys or scouts, and selling them on eBay won’t be worth the time or effort

  • TenDM

    I just happened to want two boxes of Scouts, so I’m look forward to picking up one unit with Shadow Wars and another cheap one off eBay. As for the Orks they should be good for demo games. At least it’s not like the 40k box sets where the enemy faction is totally useless in proper games.

  • MechBattler

    WHY do these Dwarves have to look like they’d fit right into 40k? It just makes me want Squats more….