BREAKING: Armageddon Shadow War: 1st Content Images

We’ve got shots of the game’s contents straight from the GAMA seminar and an amazing gameplay detail. Get in here.

Game Contents


Right off the bat, I see:

  • 10 Orks
  • 5 Marine Scouts down below and at least 4 more up top.
  • Red translucent Templates
  • Gameplay tokens
  • Rules
  • Terrain including:
  • Large “storage tank/spire”
  • Medium “stormage tank/spire”
  • Upper deck with guardrails
  • 2 Ladders
  • Two support struts for the upper deck

This stuff looks like it’s all plastic, and is almost certainly modular.  I would expect multiple sets will go together to form complex multi-level terrain.  Compare it to the original Necromunda modular terrain:

New Gameplay Detail

The presenter said that the game’s rules were similar enough to the original Necromunda that you could, hypothetically, play new factions against old gangs!

Previous Game Basics

Here’s the basics from our BoLS reporter on site at the GAMA trade show:

  • Necromunda will re-released in a new reimagined edition.
  • Titled Armageddon Shadow Wars
  • Rules will be almost identical to the original.
  • Organized Play support will accompany the new game.
  • Unlike Killteam, there is a point-based system for buying your gang.
  • The game does NOT use the 40K rules, stats, etc at all.
  • The game will ship with 12 factions.
  • The core box will contain Blood Angels Marine Scouts and Orks



Check out the Original Necromunda Here


~More as it comes in! Tell us what you think in the comments.

  • Brian Fox

    GW is on a roll!

    • ThorOdinson

      If they were to bring back Warhammer Fantasy they’d be hitting on all cylinders, as far as I’d be concerned. I’d have zero complaints at that point… well, aside from prices on things. 😛

      • uatu13

        They have fantasy, it’s called Age Of Sigmar, and unlike the last few editions of fantasy, people actually play it and have fun! Shocking I know.

        • Sleeplessknight

          It’s great that you have a Warhammer game that YOU want to play. But other people want a Warhammer game that THEY want to play that still gets new updates. Some people might have different tastes compared to you. Shocking, I know.

          • Ditto.

          • Hawt Dawg

            I am not in your gang of other people.

            Yes, it was vey important for me to show you that you were wrong on the internet.

          • Sleeplessknight

            Congratulations. You and I are diffenent people with different tastes and opinions. You probably even like pineapple on your pizza… you degenerate.

          • Hawt Dawg


            Gloves are off mister!

          • uatu13

            I guess we can still cry the Atari or Calecovision hasn’t had any new releases lately too then?

            “You can enjoy your new-fangled graphics, I want my out-dated, unpopular crap!”

          • Sleeplessknight

            Actually, most modern video games give me motion sickness and I can’t get through a few minutes of them without throwing up. I much prefer classic 8 bit gaming.

          • Hawt Dawg

            8 bit as in “you are about to have a nervous breakdown because of the repetitive Donkey Kong like music that always plays on max volume”?

          • Sleeplessknight

            Yeah! I love that stuff!

          • Hawt Dawg

            You are obviously the master.

            I surrender!

          • Man, when did everyone get so agro about this topic.

            As we can see with GW dusting off necromunda, rules never die

          • Commissar Molotov
          • Aezeal

            They shouldn’t have let fantasy starve to death 😉

          • Jimi

            Why don’t you just play the old game. If thats what you like?

          • Sleeplessknight

            I don’t just want to play the old game. I want new content and ongoing support for it.

        • Karru

          I guess I missed a rulebook at some point that brought back rank-&-file, wound chart and more spread out support for factions. When did this happen?

          Or are you saying that everyone should enjoy just diluted 40k over a completely different system like Fantasy was to 40k?

          • “When did this happen?”

            Right around the same time AoS released, actually. It’s called 9th Age. It is absolutely, unapolagetically Fantasy 8th with the rough edges and serial numbers filed off.


          • Karru

            I am aware of the existence of the 9th Age, but I was commenting on uatu13’s comment about how “AoS something that people actually enjoy” compared to Fantasy which he seemed to think no one enjoyed. He seemed to ignore the fact that the reason why people didn’t exactly “enjoy” 8th edition fantasy was the massive greed from GW’s part that killed the game. Also the lack of support had a massive impact on it.

          • Always assume any time anyone makes any sort of absolute “X is” declarative on the Internet that they’re being hyperbolic.

            It will greatly improve your life.

          • Aezeal

            ow please.

          • Aezeal

            AoS is not like 40K, it’s not exactly WFB either I’ll admit.. but your argument is nonsense too. 40K is even more bloated thatn fantasy was so AoS is on the other side of the spectrum

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            it certainly seems to have been designed by someone on a spectrum.

          • Karru

            It is very much like 40k in the way units behave, charging is done, unit placement is done, combat resolution is calculated and “magic” is done.

            It is just diluted in some aspects while others are more “fleshed out”. Charging into combat for example. Instead of having to be within 2″ of a model engaged in CC, you need to be within your weapon range to hit someone.

            The difference between Fantasy and 40k was very clear. In Fantasy, your models formed rank & file units that behaved very differently. The way they moved, fought and broke. Now both systems are extremely similar, but AoS is just much more diluted.

        • Lewis Everitt

          It would be nice if they had a Warhammer FB Rulebook and limited support for it. I know they want to sell AoS but I really think you’d find people willing to play both, and I think they only stand to gain customers that way.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Black Library still sells 8th ed book, but its buried deep on their website.

          • Lewis Everitt

            Well that’s kind of good, not so much the buried bit. I really think keeping it supported but much more low key would be a good long term move though.

      • Karru

        I have mentioned this a couple of times in the past, but all GW really has to do is release a War of the Ring style expansion to AoS. Release movement trays for round bases and boom, GW just brought back Rank & File game without taking away anything from anyone. Those same models can still be used in both systems and it is up to the players to find which one they prefer.

        • Aezeal

          Rank n file really does nothing for the game.. it’s not even realistic as it was for most units in the game. 80% of units in fantasy wouldn’t fight in tight ranks where those rules would be suitable.

          • Karru

            Actually it does loads for people that want something different from games like 40k and Warmachine/Hordes or basically most games in the market.

            Rank & File poses completely different strategies and require different set of skills. You have to make sure you are not exposing your flanks to the enemy, while trying to make sure the opponent exposes theirs. You have to think about ways to keep your line intact and how to break the opponent’s before yours does. I don’t know if you ever played Fantasy or any other Rank & File game, but you notice that they are completely different from “the norm” we see now days with most games.

            Once you introduce Rank & File into a game, it alone can be enough of a difference to get people interested. The fact that your units no longer have 360 vision or can’t freely move to intercept a unit that tries to sneak through your lines is a huge selling point.

            One final note, don’t bring realism into this. This game is not realistic, it will never be realistic and it certainly doesn’t need to be realistic.

      • Beefcake the mighty

        Have you tried kings of war?

  • jasonsation

    If they have a “Genestealer Cult” gang, I’ll definitely start an army. I also hope they have a “Chaos Cultist” gang too!

    • Khelthros

      Neophyte Hybrids, Chaos Cultists, and Tyranid Warrior Brood are available units for Shadow Wars. Check out the Warhammer Community site, 17 units will be available at launch.

    • SacTownBrian

      Check out the Inquisimunda living rule set. You have a lot more than just cults. I assume that the living community is part of the reason they are not changing the rules.

  • generic eric

    I would enjoy knowing what the other 10 factions are.

    • dave long island

      Well we know there’ll be The Tories, the Whigs, The Federalists, The Bull-Moose Party, The Prohibition Party, The GOP, The Democrat Party, The Green Party, The Dixiecrats and The Reform Party. Oh, and the Orks and the Blood Angel Junior Varsity. Other than that, no one knows…

    • Apparently they also said they’d be releasing some on the website so more like 17 factions!

    • Khelthros
      • NNextremNN

        I’m curious to how this plays out some squads seem much more powerful than others.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        i miss Inquisition, but maybe they bring it in a withe Drawf later on. But still, no Inquisition :,(

      • Revolver Rossalot

        And those are the ‘out of the box’ recommended units, according to the article. The announcement/trailer shows Tau Firewarriors among the “RULES FOR A DOZEN FACTIONS!!!!” montage.

        I’m guessing that these boxes give a pleasant variety of toys for a starting ‘gang’ but that the rules are slightly broader. Which would be lovely!

      • Amber Sbriglio

        no love for Chaos Daemons :/

  • Dhalgren Schroeder

    I don’t know..I am kinda sad it isn’t exactly a remake. Just being a skimish game set in 40k-ish times doesn’t mean it’s a Necromunda remake, even if the rules are spot on (which I doubt).
    The setting and character of the original got me into GW stuff way back way…and at the same time, Fantasy and 40k didn’t grab me and pull me in, at all.
    If scouts and orks are there, we can assume it will bascailly end up being 40k races in skirmish form, which, while cool, should just be called something new.

    • rtheom

      Well… they kind of are calling it something new. They’re not referencing Necromunda at all in the title. They’re just using the same ruleset. I guess you’re arguing they shouldn’t use the same ruleset? But if it’s a solid ruleset, that’s kind of a shame to completely abandon it just because the minis don’t match.

      • Dhalgren Schroeder

        True..I guess it is more BoLS making comparisons to Necromunda, not that I blame them for that. The rules were good, but it was way more the style and feel of the game I loved.
        The major thing about the rules that I recall is how, barring a lucky flesh wound or unlucky KIA, fighters would get hit with a Lascannon then just be ‘Down’, after losing D10 wounds!

    • Peter Bejmuk

      The problem is that Necromunda is that it was designed using the 80s Punk gang aesthetic that was popular at the time, mixed with the Mad Max and the Judge Dredd setting too (don’t forget that GW made Judge Dredd miniatures long ago). GW has been slowly getting away from that look – marine scouts and eldar no longer have Mohawks, for example. It’s been swapped out for the GrimDark gothic world.
      GW wants the board games to go mainstream (to sell them o a bigger demographic via retailers like Toys R Us and Barnes N Noble), and 80s spiked shoulderpads and mowhawks, whips and chains just won’t cut it anymore.

      • Dhalgren Schroeder

        I can see them wanting to keep things Grimdark but..considering how utterly huge the 40kverse is, basically any style that can happen, is happening somewhere.

        Besides, if the big idea is to go Mainstream (that is, appeal NOT just to the ones who love 40k anyway), a bunch of basic humans in different styles would be much easier to identify with than guys in armour, orks, space elves, bad space elves, space mummies, space blue aliens etc etc.

        • Karru

          To me, this is much smarter move as a whole compared to just releasing Necromunda. If they wanted to release Necromunda and have it actually sell properly, they would have to come up and release a ton of gangs in short period of time. Otherwise the old players will just take their gangs and take them to the field while new players might get bored pretty fast due to facing the same gang over and over again since there would be a maximum of 2 in the box.

          Releasing this game instead also opens up way more narrative campaign opportunities. Having the ability to now have scenarios in 3 different scales will open up a lot of opportunities for narrative play.

          Also the fact that you can use the same models in two “different” systems will help new people get into 40k. Buying units for Shadow War also means you are buying them for 40k as well.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            its the entry level game I’ve been saying they should release for years!

            I would have used the Inquisition as a setting, with the characters from the books, but maybe they feel they already did that. Anyhow a game that can be played with a single squad box is a great idea.

            I’ll probable pick up some single boxes of factions I don’t usually play. Then its a slippery slope to ending up with a new army.

          • Karru

            Precisely. Now all GW has to do is try to introduce a game between this and Apocalypse and they’ll be all set.

      • David Leimbach

        Exactly this. All the cool kids down at the FLGS are playing this NEW game. Nobody wants you guys showing up with your grandpa minis with all their tired old styles showing how – back in the day, we had the same ruleset but an earing meant you were a badass…

      • Vomkrieg

        This won’t end up in those stores unless GW knocks half the price of its games. If this retails for a similar price to the recent Warhammer Quest game, and requires models to be assembled and painted, no way they touch it.

        • deris87

          Did you see the price on Gangs of Commoragh? It was $60, over half off regular GW MSRP.

          • Vomkrieg

            My local GW had been closed due to earthquake for about 5 months, so no. Haven’t seen it 🙂

    • It seems like this is GW finally releasing an official inquisimunda ruleset with official rules for most or all factions, it’s about time considering how long they’ve been showing off inquisimunda minis in white dwarf lol

    • Iconoc1ast
    • NNextremNN

      Well first off I do hope you get the rules and minis for all the Necromuda gangs you want and more. Because why not I’m always for more for everyone.

      But at the same time I didn’t grew up with old Necromuda and have little interest in their gangs. But I do have a Tau Pathfinder team so I might would be playing Armageddon with them.

      And I think this is the idea behind this. They get more of their existing players involved in this.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      interestingly the Warhammer Community page calls the gangs “Kill teams”.

  • Angry Panda

    My friends from China are gonna love this; can’t wait to pick this up from the underground recast sweatshop that I always go to.

    Nothing beats playing with 28mm toys made from the hands of suffering child laborers.

    Just gotta remember to wear a gas mask for the dust-like residue found on the surface of the cheap Chinese Asian plastics; it has cancer causing capabilities when breathed in.

    • Nero Hairetikos

      I hear Ninjas cure cancer.

    • DeadlyYellow

      It’s mostly lead.

    • petrow84

      -posted from my iPhone-

      • orionburn


    • Hawt Dawg

      Ha ha ha 🙂

      Someone must take the bait surely?

      • memitchell

        We need to bring those child labor sweatshop jobs back to OUR country. Unemployment rates of children here are HUGE! Believe me!

        • Hawt Dawg

          I know! It gets even more ridiculous with infants and fetuses. I heard it was some 100% percent or something as crazy. This can not go on.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Like the building.

  • dave long island

    Looks great!! But did the terrain piece have to be so… high? Minor quibble. Love it so far!

  • Robert Pelletier

    Plastic steel legion maybe? I would like that.

  • frankelee

    As someone who played a lot of Necromunda, and could still play Necromunda if I wanted to, this new system looks like it might be pretty cool. Porting the general rules, or spirit of the game at least, over so that you can play with the more diverse range of 40K miniatures GW makes seems like a great idea.

  • masariel

    This was the second good chance to remake those horrible am scouts after lost patrol..still..seems they have to get rid of some stock..
    Also that building looks awesome but doesn’t really look like modular nor usable in multiples with some good sense..
    Finally..they confirm the rule set is carry over from old Necromunda..while that’s the one other thing would have needed a revamp…
    To me it’s ☹️👎

    • Khelthros

      You don’t have to play scouts. There are 17 units available out of the gate. I am going to try Skitarii Rangers.

      It is indeed modular and can be built several different ways. There’s a video on their community site that shows 3 different configurations.

      • masariel

        For sure I don’t have to..I’m just talking about their missed opportunity to refresh an ugly kit.
        They def make and sell minis not games.

        You are right on the structure..I saw the video after posting this and it seems to bu actually very interesting.
        Still the only one good reason to but the game..but a valid one! 😉

    • NNextremNN

      Well the Lost Patrol scouts are red plastic I doubt they had these lying around from normal scout boxes.

      • masariel

        They keep printing with those same expensive injection moulds for plastis tho..that’s the cost..unless those red scouts are click on..then is different moulds..and I’d say even more sick of a choice.. XD

  • rtheom

    I’m down. I kinda missed out on Necromunda the first time around. It is kind of a shame it’s an obvious rebox of kits that aren’t selling again, but oh well.

  • RatBot

    >Rules will be the same as the original
    >The game does NOT use the 40K rules, stats, etc at all

    These statements kind of contradict one another as Necromunda (assuming that’s the original they’re talking about) was very, very much based on the 2nd edition Warhammer 40K rules and stats, so, like, unless the NAMES of the stats are changed, which would be purely cosmetic, I’m not seeing how both of those statements can be true.

    • Zethnar

      It might mean that the actual stats each model has won’t be the same as those in 40k. For instance, a Marine may not just have 4s across the board.

      • memitchell

        I think they probably should have said “stat line.” Necro (based on 40K 2E) had a different stat line, including a Movement stat. Plus, armor stats were modified by weapons with AP modifiers, etc. The actual numbers would not have to be different at all.

    • James N. Fishwick

      I assume they mean “you can’t just use your 7th/8th ed codex”. Because Necromunda was based on 2nd ed, and 40k rules have changed a fair bit since then.

  • Xodis
    • ZeeLobby

      Lol. Those look… Interesting. I’ll take another look in the morning, but some look good and others look ridiculous.

  • DeadlyYellow

    Looks like an AoS-similar strategy here: reformat the existing range while expanding upon it. Would be nice to put my 40k models to use, since I have no desire to play the flagship system anymore.

  • Solaq
    • memitchell

      Lists the dozen factions. Kind of blows the actual Armageddon background out of the water (ex. there were no Tyranids or Tau or Eldar involved). So, this will be more of an alternative to 40K, than a specific game setting. That’s cool.

      • David Leimbach

        It’s hive warfare within city structions, something you can’t really do in 40k. Think of it like the part of the battle that happens within the hive while other battles rage outside.

  • benn grimm

    New factions against old gangs sounds promising.

  • KnightShift

    So it’s a Necromunda game without Necromunda itself?

    • Revolver Rossalot

      From this distance, it sure looks like they are relaunching Necromunda-the-system without Necromunda-the-setting. If creating a 40k gateway product is the price of a new Necromunda, though, I sure ain’t complaining.

  • Jennifer Burdoo

    I dunno about that terrain – the industrial … chimneys? gas tanks? aren’t generic enough. I’d love to see the original terrain sets updated.

    • Y’know, as nostalgic as the original terrain sets are… they really aren’t very good terrain for the kind of game Necromunda is. They’re too open in a game that wants lots and lots of clutter.

      They served their purpose (and I still have all of mine, of course), but they were also produced in an age when scratch-building terrain was not yet a forbidden art and GW expected their players to cobble together their own tables out of found objects instead of premade modular kits.

  • Well, the good news for me is that this means I don’t have to worry about GW torpedoing the NCE with a Cease & Desist.

    …and that’s about the only upside I can see so far.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Doesn’t look modular at all. Did the author have hallucinations?

  • Rainthezangoose

    I really like the Modular terrain, but feel like you’d need more to keep things interesting. Lucky most of us already will. Let just hope its not modular in the Mantic sense, where you build it once and it just all the joins break when you try and change it so you glue everything down.

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    And tomorrow come Khemri. That would be the Point were they won.

  • Samuraidino

    I think this is a really good idea to move away from the dedicated models solely for the game,and into the more general factions and units. While it might remove some of the personality of Necromania,it will likely insure a longer lifespan for this particular version, as falling sales of dedicated models for it won’t be seen as a reason to stop supporting the game.

    That being said,I would like to see some dedicated models in the form of say a gang,or arbites down the line….But the fact that I likely have at least 7 or 8 factions worth of models to play this right off the bat is pretty appealing to me.

    • Shinnentai

      At least dedicated models would *get* sales. They’re not getting anything out of you with your 7 or 8 factions worth of models are they? Same can be said of a lot of existing 40k players.

      I’d be happy with GW stopping support from the game if only they’d start supporting it fully. Early days, but at the moment this looks more like a terrain piece fleshed out into a boxed game using models that haven’t been selling.

      Sure new players can pick this up and use the models to start 40k, but I think we have more than enough introductory boxed games of that ilk already.

  • Chris Winterburn

    I love a good Stormage Tank…… :p

  • Shinnentai

    Terrain looks good, rules sound promisingly familiar, but marines vs orks is a massive disappointment for me. It’s too early to be sure, but I’m guessing those other ‘factions’ will just be elements of existing 40k armies.

    What I wanted was GW to throw some resources into new sculpts of the original gangs, and keep the Necromunda atmosphere. This feels like it’ll be more of an extension of Kill Team.

    Oh well, at the very least I can still hope for GW to release the original sculpts on a ‘made to order’ release to coincide with this thing.

  • 6Cobra

    “Play new factions against the old gangs!!”

    My pistol-toting Orlocks against a Grey Knight Strike Squad? Thanks.. no.

    I really do get what they’re doing, and where they’re going, and it’s actually pretty cool. Frankly I’ll almost certainly pick it up and have a single squad of Terminators fighting a single squad of Carnifexes or some d*** thing.

    But how can I equip my, say.. Chaos cultists with a varied assortment of gear, if all they have is their squad options? It used to be a REALLY BIG DEAL whether a ganger had a shotgun, autogun, or lasgun.. and all three were very effective in particular ways against other humans wearing tee shirts. Sounds like that’s gone. And anyway, against a Harlequin Troupe? Forget it.

  • hyena ghul
    • frankelee

      Thanks for the better picture.

  • YorkshireNinja

    Me and my hobbyist friend weren’t sure about this initially. We’ve both been waiting for Necromunda to return since they announced specialist games was (re)open for business. However, having thought about it more over the last few hours, I think I could make “Cult Cawdor” work…

  • Albert Ross

    Wait… surely this isn’t their Specialist Games remake offering of Necromunda a la Bloodbowl, Adeptus Titanicus, right? This just look like one of these quick board games they’re doing lately like GoC and Lost Patrol to sell off kits that don’t sell (scouts and boyz) with the incentive of a nice new piece of scenery.

    I really hope a proper Necromunda remake is still to come in the future.

  • Bigalmoney666

    So the old Necromunda starter set was way cooler than the new one.

  • Honest Kairos

    This really does look fantastic.