BL: Quick Reads: The Ember Wolves

A Warhound Pack pounces on it’s prey – but the battle is far from over…

As part of Black Library’s “March of the Titans” event for the month of March, there is a new digital short available for download today!

via Black Library

The Ember Wolves $4.99


A Horus Heresy story

When a traitor Warhound pack spots a loyalist Titan striding through the ruins of Absalom, they know they have found a target worthy of their battle-pack, and eagerly launch their attack…

Titans battle Titans in the midst of the Horus Heresy, but nothing is quite as it seems when the Ember Wolves strike.

On the hive world of Absalom, god-machines go to war: loyalist Titans under the banner of the Fabricator General of Terra clash against the forces of Horus Lupercal, Warmaster and arch-traitor. By the time the Emperor-class Titans of the Legio Castigatra arrive, the Legio Audax, also known as the Ember Wolves, have long been lying in wait for their prey. When a traitor Warhound pack spots the loyalist Titan Tantorus Magnificat striding through the ruins, they know they have found a target worthy of their battle-pack, and eagerly launch their attack. Though their hunt is successful, when the Warhound princeps gather round their downed prey, they discover that their fight is not yet over.

Written by Rob Sanders

You can read a short extract HERE (.epub).

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Who let the dogs out? The Ad Mech. I’m pretty sure it was the Ad Mech…

  • william timonen

    Were they the ones who followed the World Eaters? Or am I just confused because one of their warhounds was called the Ember Queen?

    • Aura1

      Yeah that’s the ones outlawed for being psychotics… helpfully sent to hang out with Angron to rein them in a bit (oh you crazy Imperial disciplinarians!)

      • william timonen

        The crazy basterds took down an Imperator Titan after all.

  • Shawn

    Okay, why is this even an article? A short short, of another novel? Yay?