BREAKING: Female Stormcast Eternal Mini!

GW’s Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire,has a trio of new heroes including a heroine you have to see to believe!

Straight from the Adepticon floor where GW is showing off future products we get these images of three of the heroes of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire:


First up: Severin Steelheart



Next: Obryn the Bold

Finally – Angharad Brightshield – Lady Stormcasts are a thing!



Previous Shadespire Info



“A Fast-Paced Game of Tactical Arena Combat (Core Set)”

Games Workshop has a new poster to go along with the previous quick tease for a brand new game set in the mortal realms during the Age of Sigmar.

via Warhammer Community


Much more Shadespire info is coming in.  Check back soon.

  • SilentPony


    • You mean ‘Female Space Marines confirmed!’ ?

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        Femaly Grey Knights Weifus of doom confirmed

        • narceron

          Female squat sisters of battle!

  • Zingbaby

    You know what this means guys?

    …Plastic Thunderhawk!!!!

  • SacTownBrian

    From the pictures this looks like just one of the teams in the box. How many teams at launch? Hopefully more and faster than what we have for Blood Bowl so far.

    • euansmith

      It would be great if they brought out something like the extra hero cards from Silvertower, so that all the character minis can pile in to the fight.

      • Xodis

        Both WQ games and Gorechosen better get at least a card pack. The best selling point they have currently is the amount of games a single model can be a part of.

  • ragelion

    As been said I like that they kept with the same style of armor as been said in the lore along with the abs.

    • JamesD

      Literally abs of steel.

  • Zakading

    How come you guys didn’t make a post about the Death Guard reveal and the all-but-confirmed rules adjustments yet?

    Also, about those Mortarion pics a while back: This picture was part of the Death Guard preview and that part looks suspiciously similar.

    • BaronSnakPak

      They’ll be at Adepticon, I’m betting there will be much more news about them in the next few days.

    • Zirkah

      What rules adjustments!?!

      • Munn

        At adepeticon right now. They’re taking the 3 ways of play+rend+move stat+battleshock+some other things over from Sigmar and putting them into 40k. Also command points that give you benefits for building a thematic army

        • Kinsman

          Please be serious, this would be awesome news.

        • KreskinsESP

          This sounds like my dream version of 40k, since I love doing fluffy armies and the way AoS resolves combat rolls is the best thing GW has done in ages.

      • Zakading

        40k Radio was at the Adepticon panwl and tweeted that there’ll be several rules changes, including 40k getting the AoS morale system, charging units now going first in combat and that fluffy armies will get rewarded more.

        Also that GW is planning an interactive FAQ and to let people vote on rulings.

        • Karru

          I just hope that they will really reward people from playing fluffy armies and not those that are willing to buy 6+ of the same unit.

        • euansmith

          “… and to let people vote on rulings.”

          Letting the people vote always works out well.

          • Shawn

            Yep, cuz there will be people who will vote just to spite other armies. One of the things from ITC, I’m not a big fan of.

  • BaronSnakPak

    Looks like it’ll have it’s own dice, and be on a hex-based board. Maybe this is GW’s version of Arena Rex?

    • The thought of playing Arena Rex on a hex grid made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  • BaronSnakPak
  • TheNickelEye

    Maybe I was just misguided, but when the Stormcast first hit I thought they were spectral almost like automated/ghost armor warriors. I was obviously wrong, but them looking just like beefcake bros under the armor makes them much less interesting to me.

    • Yout Elling

      Totally 100% agree. They went from “pretty cool spirits in armor” to “Space Marines”

      • ragelion

        The thing is they were never spirits in armor that’s what the internet who never read the fluff thought. After reading novels they are nothing like space marines.

        • SilentPony

          …but the fluff did say they were spirits reincarnated into armor. That when a worthy warrior died, his spirit was reforged into the armor

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yes and no. The rule book said he reforged them, brought new life to them. It does not mean it has to be literal. He rebuilds them in his image yadda yadda. But it does state they are people in the armor. The art always shown flesh behind the masks.

        • pc11

          It even says in the fluff for one of these guys that he has been reforged 3 times! How do you reforge a humanoid?

          • Xodis

            Very carefully….oh and with God Powers lol

          • Derek Lee

            Idk, ask Ynnead. Do AoS elves have a death/resurrection god?

        • Muninwing

          the novels came after the first releases though… meaning that they shaped the fluff afterward.

          like all GW products

          though to be fair who knows what was in the original release. that was a horrible hot mess of a release fluffwise…

    • euansmith

      They are zombie beefcake bros of emo angst.

    • Hell-Nico

      Same… and it’s really lame.
      Now they REALLY are space marines, but with WEEMEEN because liberalism FTW.

      • The ability of conservatives to define liberalism as literally anything they disagree with never ceases to amaze me.

        • Kyle

          Acknowledging the opposite sex in my table top game??! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!1!!!1 Thanks Obama!


        • Muninwing

          what’s funny is that it’s not even multiculturalism or inclusiveness… it’s just good storytelling.

          so it’s not liberalism, it’s that space that exists outside of conservative reality and in non-political reality.

        • Thomas

          *at a woman, merely existing in my presence*


      • Vicent Martín Bonet

        Huh, didn’t knew that space marines knew fear or could come back to life after dying, to name a few new things I’ve apparently learn now.

        • Hell-Nico

          Yeahhhhhhh let’s pretend they aren’t copy past Space marine.
          Let’s pretend GW didn’t trashed the whole FB just because they thought “since SM sell so well on 40k, let’s put them in FB too”.

    • Vicent Martín Bonet

      You were veeery misguided. The very second novel has one guy take of his helmet to show of his golden locks and almost effete face, vandus hammerhand is of afro-american/ lightblack etnicity and the skulls of the relictors are actually masks. This has been known as soon as… what, august, september of 2015?

    • KreskinsESP

      They were originally portrayed as heroes spirited away from the mortal realms in bolts of lightning during the peak of their most heroic act, chosen by Sigmar to be reforged into immortal demigods that exist somewhere between the physical and immaterial, with each Stormhost being less of an army made up of individual soldiers and more of a weapon wielded by Sigmar himself, with all individual names reflecting more of who they were and why they were chosen than who they currently are, since they have ascended beyond things like seeking personal glory (since what challenge is there for someone who cannot die?) and instead act as a selfless part of a greater whole.

  • thereturnofsuppuppers


  • that hip to waist raito, tho

    • David Leimbach

      If only the scale wasn’t off she’d make a great space marine.

    • euansmith

      I guess it is covered by the usual, “the mini has to be easily identifiable from 1m away” reason.

  • Christie Bryden

    and thus, that one model will be used in countless conversions.

  • Sonic tooth

    zero interest in stormcast but the female one is a nice mini

  • Rainthezangoose

    I want five and a box of liberators for some liberal conversion

  • Not bothered about any of the other minis from this set but the female Stormcast looks pretty good. I bet she will sell well on eBay 😀

  • Carey_Mahoney

    “[…] a heroine you have to see to believe!”

    Well,… no?

  • phobosftw

    beeewbs – I like bewbs..

  • euansmith

    I rather like Severin Steelheart’s sort of “Battlechasers” look.

    • Xodis

      Yeah, going with Joe Madureira’s art is never a bad thing.

      • Carey_Mahoney


  • Something about the scale of the mini’s bothers me. )relating the the proportions and the size of their heads. )
    I’m really not sure about this game now, after seeing the cards for the characters. Is it like Gorechosen? I haven’t played that. It’s starting to look like a pass. But I don’t know.

  • Anggul

    I always figured they all just looked the same on the battlefield regardless of gender because of the reforging and the huge armour. Not a fan of the slimline and boob armour. If the women have it, why do the men have such bulky armour? Just have them look the same in the armour and say it’s a man or woman.

    • ragelion

      Just like the same reason male stormcast have giant pecks on their armor.

    • I’m not really upset about the chest plate but I don’t like her elongated thin looking abdominal armour. I’m not a fan of forum fitting armour.

      • Shawn

        After reading your comment, I had to take a second look at the mini, and I can see what you mean. I will say this, it is fantasy, and the armor could be explained away as part of the forging to be form fitting. However, you could go old school fantasy with the mini and just paint the abdomen and hips flesh color and she’d be like a plate wearing Red Sonja

        • None for me thanks, I just don’t care for it. I’m not saying it’s the end of the world or anything, it’s just unappealing either way. Bare skin wouldn’t look right to me either. I think it’s mostly just how slim this armoured lady looks that bothers me. She must be both very tall and very skinny. Which, aside from magic reasons stuff, makes me wounder how she can hold the weight of the armour.
          I’m picky. Frankly I’d have my side try to kill her off first for being fashionable over practical, but I’m a bit of a mean oll’ Ork.
          I’ve said it before about a lot of miniatures, maybe it’ll look better with some paint.
          I hope so.
          I’m really more interested in seeing how the game plays and mini’d for every faction being involved.

          • Shawn

            Gotcha. We all got our own personal tastes. I wouldn’t mind owning it and doing the whole Red Sonja bit, maybe even find a female head conversion bit and paint the hair red.

    • So every Sigmarine model but one is male and your upset that they made a female model.
      This is the most special snowflake comment I have ever seen. You can literally buy the entire Stormcast range aside from one model and not have an issue.

    • Graymantle

      Given the same level of fitness, women are smaller than men—having slimmer frames and lower muscle mass. It would not make sense to house both body types within the same armored shell. Not only would male armor be sloppy and cumbersome for a woman to wear, it would be heavier than it needs to be, slowing her down in battle.

      • Alexander Golmen Berg

        Real historical female armor looks realy close to their male counterparts.

      • Anggul

        Men aren’t that big either, the reforging makes them bigger with magic. I see no reason Sigmar wouldn’t make the women just as big.

    • twincast

      As far as boob plates go, it isn’t too bad (i.e. not two separate steel pockets), and it kind of fits the sculpted pecs of the male Sigmarines, so at least it’s equal. Similar goes for the waist. I’d naturally like the sexes to be closer, but if I cared for Stormcast to begin with, this wouldn’t piss me off.

  • Sage

    That’s like one of the women out of “For Honour”. ;D

  • This Dave

    I’m used to seeing sculpted boob armor on female models but sculpted abs armor?

    • SilentPony

      Ever seen a Blood Angel? They have sculpted toes

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        and nipples

        • Xodis

          One even has a sculpted muscular system lol

    • Moonsaves

      Is it though? It kind of unfortunately looks like she’s bearing her midriff…

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        the problem ist allways more on the modeling side. If you want too show it of, how do you do so everyone sees it. a Bewbsplate or half naked? I prefer this style. Also the Abs ont the Armor, It is cheesy.

        • Moonsaves

          Right, but that top-notch Sigmarite won’t do anything for most of her torso.

          If it’d been covered up, you’d be able to tell due to the hips and shoulders. If they felt the need to make it more obvious, they could change the mask or remove the helmet entirely.

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            maybe, but it gehts more the High Fantasy cheese vibes i have with AoS Design in general. But i thing the waist must not had been that slender. Looks a little odd somehow. Thats a point i realy liked on Celestine geminae. it got Boobarmour (wich is stupid but awesome somehow) but the rest looked like armour and not smething covering direct over the Skin. Like the Sigarine here does. But still. It fits the theme well.

    • MechBattler

      I’m 80% sure she has a killer six pack.
      Everything else is clearly covered in armor, but that midsection doesn’t have any raised edges or rivets like the other plates. Actually, it looks like the thighs could be bare too. The rest of the plates clearly have geometry to them. The midsection and thighs appear to be organic and bare flesh.
      It’s kind of tacky and cliche (even a little tasteless) to identify it as female by leaving the midriff and thighs bare. Then again, the stormcast are like reincarnated supernatural beings that are empowered by Sigmar, so canonically it may not matter what any of them are wearing.

      • Graymantle

        If you look closely at the top of her thigh under the hammer handle, you can see the rim of the thigh plate.

        • MechBattler

          Just a bare midriff probably then.

          • Deathwing

            dude. you can clearly see the belt is OVER the plate armor that flares out and has an edge just below the belt line. Those “abs” are sculpted on the plate just like the male version.

          • MechBattler

            Huh. You’re right. It does match the male model above now that I compare the two closely. The female model just looked so much slimmer that it was hard to believe that midsection was form fitting armor. My logical brain kept telling me “How could someone get that on and off if it was armor?” and forgot that Stormcast are immortal supernatural beings that probably don’t need to change clothes.

  • Xodis

    Everyone sees that Stormcast males have sculpted Abs too right?

    • Nonsense! The male abs aren’t sculpted, their masculinity just pushes through the metal! Women aren’t masculine and therefor can’t have metal abs!

  • Chet Atkinson

    Square bases lol!

  • KreskinsESP

    I’d rather they would have never made models with visible heads, keeping the whole “greatest heroes of all the realms, chosen by the god of all justice and order in the cosmos to serve as his immortal champions” thing as the main focus of the Stormcast Eternals. It’s the big thing that made them interesting, fluff-wise, the idea that it wasn’t an army of heroes, but an army made up of more or less avatars of heroism, an army not of great soldiers, but of greatness itself.

    It’s how things were when the whole Age of Sigmar universe first started, where even if one of the Stormcast Eternals was given a name, it was who they were before they were chosen by Sigmar, and they were now something else entirely, chosen because of acts of individual heroism to sacrifice the very nature of self to serve greater ideals.

    Then they gave them human heads, which kinda put an end to the whole “they are not an army of soldiers, they are the divine will of the god of order himself made manifest, the invincible hammer of the relentless storm” thing.

    Having women be part of the army was inevitable, as it should be, since heroism isn’t a gendered trait and it would honestly be silly not to, but once they started treating the Eternals as, well, Space Marines with individual personalities and faces and such, the whole “like the other models, but thinner and with hips and boobs so you totally know it’s a girl” thing was bound to happen.

    GW has been taking steps towards adding diversity to their IP, like how the official ‘Eavy Metal painted models now feature models with skin tones other than white, which is great, but Angharad’s model is a step backwards. It’s not bikini-mail bad, but they could have done something other than “does she have a hammer? Good! Does she got booty? She do!”

  • Malisteen

    I’m glad to see a female stormcast, though I wish they hadn’t slimmed up her armor so much. Ah, well, still pretty happy with it.

  • Lion El’ Jonson

    That female might be the first Stormcast I like 😉

  • Jakob Moeller

    The female Ground Marine really bothers me. They just slapped breasts on it and called it a woman, cause I guess we have to be inclusive. How about designing an original batallion that centers around female strengths instead of feminising the buff dudes in shieldwalls, just because. It feels artificial and uninspired