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Coming this week to BoLS–an in-depth look at Tales from the Yawning Portal…

Tales from the Yawning Portal will be out for general release on April 4th, but in the meantime, we’ve got a sneak preview for you. This whole week we’ll be covering what’s inside this book, from an in-depth dive of at least one of the seven dungeons contained within (and be sure to check below for the table of contents), to a look at how the monsters have been updated for the current rules.

This week is Tales from the Yawning Portal week at BoLS.

So as you can see, this is a pretty decently sized book at 213 pages, and each of those crammed full of adventures. There are seven pretty classic adventures here, including the legendary Tomb of Horrors, which is famous for killing players and ruining friendships. Gary Gygax used to carry a copy of the module around anytime someone would tell him their character was unkillable just to try and prove them wrong.

This week we’ll be giving you our review of the book, then taking an in-depth look at the design/philosophy of the modules–especially since we have the originals sitting around BoLS  HQ, it’ll be neat to do a side-by-side and see just how changed these modules are. So be sure and check back every day this week for more coverage of the Tales from the Yawning Portal. We’ve been waiting to get our hands on this one–which is why we’ve already talked about some of the preview monsters and given you a peek at the tavern itself. So we hope you’ll enjoy it right along with us.

Until next time, remember to be suspicious of everything, if something’s treasure it’s almost certainly a trap. If not, then it *is* definitely cursed…

  • Ira Clements

    Its already out to Brick and Mortar pre release. I can sum it up for you so you wont feel strung along by checking back for all week coverage. Sunless Citadel starts at first level. Progresses through Forge of Fury, Tamachoan,Dead in Thay and Against the Giants to level 11+. Tomb of Horrors being the culmination. So it has some campaign structure or you can play them as one offs. Gives a couple of pages summarizing the Inn of The Yawning Portal in Waterdeep but nothing that cant be found on Forgotten Realms at Wizards or a FR wiki or anywhere else that deals with it. Nothing really concerning Undermountain except for a brief reference. Modules look to be pretty much the same as the originals with up to date 5e art and graphics. Appendix of relevant magic items and new mosnters. Some of the maps are a little small. There that about does it. I paid the requisite shop price of 50 bucks but like all the 5e books I dont think they are worth 50 bucks. I recommend Amazon although I also recommend supporting local shops when possible. Given that I paid full price I am still pleased with the product and given that I prefer old school style dungeon crawls(these are all most definitely THAT) I think it is the best adventure campaign release for 5e so far. All of these should require little prep work to play and are pretty straight forward.

    • Shawn

      I participated in the play test and one of the things I liked most is that you could just plug and play the 5e monsters/npcs with little to no adjustment. No need for an updated module.

      Another thing you’ll note too is that several of them were a part of a series like White Plume Mountain and while Against the Giants all include G1-3, there is no D1-2. Decent into the Depths of the Earth.

  • Rob brown

    Forge of fury was one of the best 3rd ed dungeons I ever played. Can’t wait to use the 5th ed version as the dwarven kingdom of Tethyamar.