Eternal Crusade: Free Carnage!

The folks from Behaviour are back with a big announcement for Eternal Crusade!

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WARHAMMER 40,000: ETERNAL CRUSADE says, join me in battle, brother. Will you answer?

Montreal, CANADA – March 16, 2017 – Behaviour Digital today announces that for the first time, you can join, for free, the fiercest Warhammer 40,000 battles in an online shooter with a new version of WARHAMMER 40,000: ETERNAL CRUSADE. The game will be live at around 5 pm EST today!

“In addition to the regular free updates and expansions – we believe we can achieve both the goal of reaching a broader audience, and provide options for how you want to play Eternal Crusade.” – Stephen Mulrooney, SVP Publishing – Behaviour Digital

Free updates, expansions, and the new free version are essential to achieve Behaviour Digital’s vision of Eternal Crusade becoming the ultimate playground for your Warhammer 40,000 fantasies. Since its launch in September 2016, the following new features and improvements have been included via the Tactical Escalation updates:

  • Start of campaigns
  • New game modes and maps
  • New weapons, powers and wargear
  • New character progression and customization
  • General improvements, balancing and overhauls
  • Game server, client and network optimizations

For the new players to enjoy the full experience and be part of the game community, WARHAMMER 40,000: ETERNAL CRUSADE has expanded the free version. It includes all factions so you can spill blood for your chosen divinity. The team’s original plan for the free version of the game, known as “Free to WAAAGH!”, was limited to Orks only.

These versions are now available on STEAM® for PC:

Free Version – 4 of the 5 available classes, normal character progression. Purchasing a total of 20,000 in game credits will also upgrade your account. Your extra progression will be unleashed when you upgrade.

Squadron Edition – Full game with 20,000 Rogue Trader Credits. Also upgrades the Free version. Progression is 3 times faster.

Imperium Edition – Full game with 20,000 Rogue Trader Credits and 4 packs of weapons and armour (one pack for each faction). Progression is 3 times faster.

As always, we want to thank our current players and founders for their dedication to the project and their continued support. In appreciation of their loyalty, we have given them 20,000 bonus Rogue Trader Credits as well as a giftable Steam version of the full game.

“To be brutally honest, we wanted more people to shoot at and try out the game before investing their time and money, and this is part of that strategy. In our tests on pricing and positioning, people wanted more options, so we adapt and deliver.”
– Nathan Richardsson, Senior Producer

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Free Version, Squadron Edition, and the Imperium Edition are now available on STEAM® for PC.

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade


  • durendin

    So they can’t sell it. Likely they won’t be able to give it away either.

  • BrotherCaptain

    I’ve played it quite a bit since it went f2p and quite enjoyed it. That said, it’s not a ‘good’ game per se, with major balance issues and very unstable servers. I certainly wouldn’t suggest spending money on it, but as it’s free, it’s definitely worth a try.

  • Karru

    Not that surprised that they went the F2P route. Considering that they promised Planetside version of 40k and gave people Call of Duty: Grim Darkness instead, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

    The game itself was fun for a while. I bought it from a Humble Bundle a while back and tried it. I have 43 hours on steam and I have tried all the races and have all of them at level 4 (out of 5). I imagine that it would be more fun if you had a full squad of friends to play it with, but alone it was mediocre. For those that might be interested in it, I’ll give a review here.

    Let’s start with the good things the game has to offer:

    Options. With 4 races to choose from, SM, CSM, Eldar and Orks, you have a ton of classes to use. SM and CSM are almost identical, except SM has Apothecaries and Storm Shield wielding “Ground” Assaults while CSM has Sorcerers and “Ground” Assaults that can cap points. Beyond that it’s the basic, Assault Marine/Raptor, Tactical/Chaos Marine and Devastator/Havoc. Orks have Slugga Boys, Shoota Boys, Lootas, Doks and Storm Boys. Eldar has Swooping Hawks, Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees, Dire Avengers, Dark Reapers, Fire Dragons and Warlocks.

    To break down the classes, each faction has someone who captures points. Only Tacticals, Chaos Marines/Ground Assaults, Slugga Boys and Dire Avengers can capture points. They are usually equipped with standard weaponry at first, like Bolters, Shuriken Catapults and Choppas/Sluggas. Later on they can upgrade their weaponry. SM/CSM can get Plasma Guns and Melta Guns, SM can get Grav Guns and Storm Bolters. Ground Assault can get Power Swords, Axes and Fists. Slugga Boys can get Power Klaws or “Power Choppas”. Dire Avengers can get Dual Shuriken Catapults.

    Then they have supports. Apothecaries for SM, Sorcerers for CSM, Warlocks for Eldar and Doks for Orks. These guys are meant to provide heals for the team. The Psykers can also debuff the enemy or straight up increase the damage output of nearby allies.

    Then you have the damage classes. These are relatively straight forward if you know 40k universe. Depending on your preferred playstyle, you have melee jump pack units available, heavy weapon specialist and ,in the case of the Eldar, anti-tank dude.

    Melee system is good and bad as I pointed out earlier. At first it might seem strange, but once you get a hang of it, you realise that either you are a god amongst mortals or you are literally banging your head against a brick wall. Many new players or players that never bothered to learn how to melee just spam Light Attack. The melee is Rock/Paper/Scissors. Light Attacks counter Heavy Attacks, Blocks counter Light Attacks and Heavy Attacks counter Blocks. When starting to play the game, it is smart to just block if you suddenly get attacked. Most players start with a Heavy Attack if they know the opponent didn’t see them coming. Then they switch to Light Attack in the hopes of finishing you off before you realise what happened. Just block and start hitting with Light Attacks or if you are a ranged class, back of and unload the clip on the attacker. There is a lot more to the combat but I won’t go too far.

    So what is the bad thing about melee in this game? The brick wall. When two players that know how melee works start fighting, the fight either ends very quickly because the other dude made one mistake or it lasts until a third player joins the fray and murders the one who is at a disadvantage. Because experienced players know the basic tactics and the animations, they know exactly what to do. You use Light Attack? Block instantly. You use Heavy? Jump out of the way or quickly try a Light Attack. It becomes very annoying as it usually ends up with the other dude getting gunned down by a third player.

    Now the massive bad things, basically everything that is wrong with the game.

    It’s a lobby based “shooter”. Basically Battlefield/Call of Duty style. You queue up and wait to get into a game. There is no “massive battle” going on. It’s a maximum of 30 vs 30 players, which might sound like it is a lot, but these games are rare. It’s mostly 15 vs 15 or 20 vs 20 games that you’ll be playing. This is where the fun begins. Don’t pick only one race to play. Many times I noticed that if I wanted to play with Orks, I would never find games. Then I hop in with my SM and there is literally hundreds of players fighting. Why didn’t I get them with my Orks? Because there weren’t enough Orks online so the lobby finder just stacks the others against each other leaving those with low numbers to switch factions for a while. If you get a game that is just one lobby, you pray to all the gods that neither side is led by a clan or any other pre-made. Having played 10 games in a row that we won by a landslide because I happened to get into a lobby where we had a full squad filled with clan-mates. It was a massacre.

    Other issue I have with the game is the models and animations. They look very “low quality”. Models themselves look way too shiny and like they are made of plastic. The animations are very bad. The best ones are the executions where the dude swings his axe to the space BETWEEN the legs, not actually hitting the dude at all, to kill him. Then you have Howling Banshees cutting figures in the air while the dude wails around like a mad man while little splurts of blood come out of him.

    Overall the game is very mediocre. If it is free, I suggest you try it out yourself. Here is a big advice that I didn’t learn until I started my 3rd race to level. Don’t buy anything until you are level 2 at least. Just use the Pre-made classes. They are pretty good and give you a nice idea how the class works. Seriously test out which classes you like. Once you spent you points on something, you can’t get them out and you have to spent a lot. It is very difficult to level up multiple classes, unless you have the time to grind a ton of games.

    • Dan T

      What happened to all the pve stuff there was meant to be?

      Having to play other races just to find matches sounds awful TBH. Would be better to just mix teams.

      • Karru

        Corridor based, run the gauntlet while small numbers of extremely lethal Tyranids run at you. Within a limited time you have to run to another “checkpoint” and then finish some random objectives like King of the Hill style stuff. Very boring and no one is playing it.

        Also it is very small, a team of 4 or 5 max, can’t remember.

    • AregonAlmighty

      Ground assault classes can´t capture anymore btw

      • Karru

        Awesome… So does the CSM Ground Assault have anything going for it any more? I take it they still don’t have Storm Shields and thus are weaker than their Loyalist counterpart?

        • Ted Wilson

          they can still capture

        • AregonAlmighty

          Chaos allignments, and in general seem to favour a much more aggressive playstyle than the LSM does

      • Ted Wilson

        yes they do, thats practically half i play as

  • Donald Wendt

    It was always supposed to be free to play. You were only supposed to be able to play orks for free, though. I guess they backtracked on that but it’s far from the biggest thing they backtracked on (continent sized map with hundreds of players ala Planetside).

  • Dan T

    So what about the console version? Dropped?