Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp #102 “Farewell Brent”

Behaviour is back with more Eternal Crusade news…and Brent Ellison takes a bow.

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ESRB 16 – Visit for rating information.

Brent Ellison, Katie Fleming, and Noah Ward recently gave a Production Update (world map update, balance revamp updates), played live with MYST, and answered Q&A!

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Mock-ups of the new World Map:

The recently updated character select screen in action:

However, the biggest news is that Brent Ellison, the Lead Designer is leaving the team. Brent has been on the project for the past 4 1/2 years and he’s ready to move on to something new. He didn’t say exactly what he’s moving on to but I can empathize wanting to try your hand at something else after working on a single project for that long.

Now, before everyone panics, the baton of Lead Game Designer has been passed off to someone who is very familiar with the game – Noah Ward is taking over as Lead Game Designer for the Project!

The Crown of Lead Game Designer

Noah has a ton of experience with this type of “live” game development. And as Brent says in the video, it’s not uncommon for the production team to be different from the live team. While it’s bittersweet to see him go, we’re excited to see what else they have in store for the game moving forward (console release maybe…just saying).

So Brent, we here at BoLS wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and thanks for all the good times! And Noah, you’ve got some big shoes to fill but we’re excited to see where you take us.

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