Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp 105 “Mark III Bracers”

Into the Warp once again! It’s another production update from Behaviour!

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ESRB 16 – Visit for rating information.

Nathan Richardsson, Noah Ward and Katie Fleming recently gave a Production Update (Mark III bracers, mortar mode improvements), answered Q&A and purged alongside PG!

The Reaper Launcher:

There was an issue with the Reaper Launcher that was addressed where it would basically snap to the floor or the top of a doorway due to the arc. This made them “rough to use” in tight spaces. Now, they have adjusted the arc to make them more flexible – you can now fire down hallways and doors.

Aside from the changes to “Mortar Mode” and the addition of the MK III bracers, there were a ton of Q&A questions from the community they tackled. Nathan also teased the possiblity of a campaign launching next week with some caveats. Provided everything scales smoothly then it should be good to go!

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

See you all on the digital front!

  • Jim Cook

    You know, I’d play this game until it broke, I’d even buy complete suits of Marks 3 through 6… if Behaviour would do away with friendly fire. Seriously. “Oh, sorry mate, yeah, I’d grease that bug that’s eating your face, but I’d just end up killing you anyway.” One simple fix, and you’d be as good as Mass Effect 3 multiplayer( 2450 N7 score, so I *know* co-op team shooters).

    • cudgel

      I agree for the lair stuff, but I think it fits in the other co-op modes.

    • Hell-Nico

      Imo the friendly fire is a good thing in that game, without it mele class would have no chance against range classes.

      Usually when you got FF it’s half the time your own fault for passing infront of the fire line of others.

    • Corpsepile

      I gotta agree with Hell-Nico, The friendly fire makes the game challenging and rewarding when played correctly.

      Watching an ally battle an eldar in melee as i watch from afar with a heavy bolter peppering shots into the fight when I only have clear shots on the enemy ensuring my allies survival/victory, feels sooo damn good

    • Robomummy

      But it’s hilarious to watch my rokkit corkscrew off and randomly hit the ork running 90* from what I was aiming at. Orks don’t care about friendly fire. Just make sure you don’t fire into a melee or walk in front of someone shooting. Sometimes blowing up your allies and enemies in a melee is necessary to stop a horde of players from winning that fight.