Fritz’s Tabletop: Battletech Building Your Lance

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In this week’s tabletop post we are going full Battletech by exploring some starting lance ideas..


It is the 31st Century and mankind is once again at war The battlefields of the future are dominated by huge war machines know as Battlemechs. In this week’s tabletop post we are going to explore some starting lance tactics. In Battletech the lance is a group of mechs working together as part of a unit- fulfilling the role of strike lance, support lance, or even an assault lance.


Usually comprised of four mechs, a lance is the smallest tactical group of mechs in the Battletech game. But what is the role of the lance, and what is the plan for your lance?


Within the lance structure the role of light and heavy/assault mechs are well known- but what about medium mechs? More firepower vs. a light mech, but not strong enough to go head-to-dead with a heavy mech, how do we use these mech’s in our own lance?

FIREPOWER is an important part of the game, and bringing all your lasers, missiles, slug-throwers, and particle cannons to fire as a lance is an important tactic- as is bringing the BIG GUNS. There is no arguing with an AC 20.




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