FW: Custodian Gyrfalcon Jetbike Teaser

The Warhammer Community Team is showcasing the new Custodian Gyrfalcon Jetbike from Forge World – Behold it in majestic resin!

The elite member of the Legio Custodes get all the fun toys. The new Gyrfaclon Jetbike is zooming ahead from Forge World and will be available soon.

via Warhammer Community

“Today’s glimpse into the  future of Forge World’s releases shows us the Gyrfalcon Jetbike. These are the fast-moving and hard hitting cavalry of the elite Legio Custodes. Like their Space Marine equivalents, they are fast and mount some fearsome ranged punch – in this case, with Iliastus pattern bolt cannons. Like all Legio Custodes, though, these guys are also very capable in close combat, and units of these bikes can ride down all but the toughest infantry, routing enemy formations and causing no end of problems for your foe.”

The Custodians are already monsters in Close Combat so putting them on a bike and giving them a “charging lance” type of weapon seems like it’s going to sting a little… I would not want to have a unit on the receiving end of that charge. It looks like a very impressive resin sculpt and I would think that it would be a great addition to a Custodian Force.

For more on the Adeptus Custodes and Imperial Jetbikes check out Lexicanum!

  • It’s a shame FW didn’t go with the illustration you got there…much more dynamic.

    • Graymantle

      I was just gonna say—leading with that illustration made these a huge let-down…

    • J Mad

      Yeah wtf, I was happy to see teh crotch rocket art work and then sadden by the long front copper bike :/

    • Talos2

      They’re really nice in real life, the pics don’t do justice

    • Chet Atkinson

      Yeah, the guy’s just sitting there :/

    • Secret_Keeper

      I have been really kinda disappointed with the fine execution of FW’s vehicles lately, the overall concepts have been cool, but all the little details that come together to build that concept have been a bit boring. In fact I think the GW plastic vehicles like the Corvus Blackstar are actually better than what FW is turning out. I have no idea if there is any difference between the FW and GW design teams or not, but it feels like there is.

    • Arthfael

      If you like that one, I think it was the inspiration for some of the 3rd party jetbikes available out there, Kromlech has one very similar, you will need to convert the eagle wings though.

  • Rainthezangoose

    Normal Imperial jetbikes from forgeworld are the most overpriced thinig in the hobby, so god knows how expensive this will be…

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      They are not that overpriced relative to other things on FW.

      • Rainthezangoose

        Agreed to disagree. It’s a single small model.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          It is a big hunk of resin, which is why it costs so much. It is not hallow inside like 40k Bikes.

        • Joyous_Oblivion

          It’s been mounted on a large flying stand so I wouldn’t say it’s a single small model. Very similar in price to other higher quality resin models in the market. To each their own as always though.

  • ZeeLobby

    Gotta agree with others. The artwork is just so much better than the flying hotdog bun.

    • orionburn

      And they look a lot less….probish o_0

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Man I wish it matched the art, mainly because “Your’s, if you can get it to start” in my best stallone voice would be totes appropes.

  • Ira Clements

    The art is cool the flying bedroom slipper is….a flying bedroom slipper.

  • Talos2

    Why do they have a specific special rule allowing them to fire multiple weapons when they only have 1 with no options for more?

    • Cian McCooey

      They can upgrade with other weapons. But we’re not sure yet if it’s a rules mistake. Or if it upgrades ON TOP of the existing bolt cannon. Allowing for multiple weapons. We gotta wait for an FAQ :/

      • OldHat

        That is an intake, I thought. If I recall, it was just future-proofing the rules.

        • Cian McCooey

          Most likely. Since the bolt cannon sits on top anyway. But just thought it was worth pointing out the rules weirdness 🙂

    • Ben Smith

      I guess you could also throw a grenade, though I’m not sure that’s the intent. I’m guessing originally they were going to have to guardian weapon upgrades with bolters built in.

  • Shinnentai

    As others have said, following that illustration (from the card game IIRC) would have made for a far more impressive model.

    I guess they’re keeping with the whole crusade-era theme of less ornamentation as they did with the Custodes grav-tanks, but then I would have preferred those with filigreed eagles on the tops of their prows too.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The art work is cool but it doesn’t fit with the Custodes’ vehicle aesthetic.

    The one thing I would change is have the guy leaning in on the bike, like he is on a Kawasaki, rather than leaning back, like he is on a Harley.

    • Yeah that pose would not work with having a lance either, you need to lean into the charge not away from it.

  • Aura1

    The artwork is from a long while ago and appears to be the Bullock pattern jetbike – they’ve obviously gone with these long snout gyrfalcon designs to keep in with the grav tanks. But admittedly the big eagle front looks cool (maybe a bit Judge Dredd?)

    • I like the FW design of the bullock with an almost BFG prow. Th eagle in the above illustration is a bit much for my taste.

  • Guillermo Cordido

    I would rather be expecting more custodian models made by GW instead of FW…

  • grim

    Their design is a bit phallic. Pass!