FW: New Releases “Tanks For All Occasions”

The Blood Bowl Dwarf Team and the Mechanicum have one thing in common: TANKS! Check out Forge World’s latest.

The Dwarf Deathroller might be closer to a Zamboni than a tank, but it’s giant armored “wheels” look more like tank tracks than tires…Either way it’s more armored mayhem heading to the pitch from Forge World. On top of that, we also see the new Sagittarum Guard Upgrade Set for the Custodes – perfect for some longer range engadgements. And finally we have the latest Mechanicum monstrosity plowing forward – the Karacnos Assault Tank!

via Forge World

Mechanicum Karacnos Assault Tank £105

A variant of the Triaros Armoured Conveyor common within the Mechanicum Taghmata, the Karacnos is a dedicated assault tank, its armoured chassis and copious transport compartment devoted to the mounting and munitions store of a single heavy weapon system – a mortar battery of ‘Karacnos’ radiological warheads, designed to sweep an area clear of organic life for later acquisition by the forces of the Machine God.

These warheads are rather volatile, meaning this tank is heavily protected by armoured shutters which provide two modelling options: the tank can have these open or closed. As well as this, its rear-mounted self-targeting lightning-blasters are movable from a resting position to battle-ready, meaning this machine can go from mobile artillery platform to true assault tank with a single command – especially given the front-mounted shock ram it shares with its ancestor.

Rules for using a Karacnos Assault Tank as part of a Mechanicum army in Horus Heresy games can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Seven – Inferno.

The Karacnos Assault Tank is a complete, multi-part resin kit in 50 components.


Dwarf Deathroller £38

One of the most spectacular, if not the most efficient, secret weapons fielded by any Blood Bowl team is the Dwarf Deathroller. It was first used by the Dwarf Warhammerers back in ’64 and has been a regular part of many a Dwarf team’s arsenal ever since. The Deathroller’s continuing popularity is no doubt due to the fact that it’s so easily improvised from the rollers found at the more sophisticated and well-kept grass-laid stadiums. Referees have done their best to keep Deathrollers off the playing field, and quite a few have ended up as flat as a pancake as a result!

Should you be looking for an especially eye-catching and killsome Secret Weapon for your Dwarf Blood Bowl teams, this resin kit is the machine for you. Covered in appropriately boisterous details, from the goblin being mashed underfoot to the dwarf pilot cheerfully brandishing a foaming tankard of ale (we do not condone drinking and piloting anything, especially powerful death machinery). There are spikes, cogs, and an evil-looking set of lawnmower blades and even some dwarf iconography! Rules for fielding the Deathroller can be found in Blood Bowl Death Zone Season One.

This kit comprises 22 components, and includes 2 32mm round bases, one featuring a hole to slot a ball into, indicating possession of the ball in your games of Blood Bowl.

Legio Custodes Sagittarum Guard Upgrade Set £16

Though less common within the ranks of the Legio Custodes than their peers, those warriors who comprise the Sagittarum Guard Sodalities nevertheless fulfil a number of vital roles within the Legio’s order of battle. Their art of war, in contrast to the rest of the Custodian Guard, is focussed on the slaying of the foe primarily at distance and upon the devastating application of firepower on the battlefield.

Upgrade a set of 5 Legio Custodes to represent the Sagittarum Guard quickly and easily with this resin set of 5 Adrastus bolt calivers and heads, with five left and 5 right arms with which to attach the weapons to the models.

Rules for using this unit in Horus Heresy games can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Seven – Inferno.


Deathroller & The Dwarf Giants £58

Legio Custodes Sagittarum Guard £51

  • orionburn

    I so badly want to start a 30k Mechanicum army but can’t get past the pricing. Absolutely love everything they’ve come out with for them.

    • Deathwing

      im the same with custodes. infantry are not too terribly bad but those grav transports are over $120 bucks a piece.

      • SilentPony

        Well…there are…alternatives to ForgeWorld

  • Talos2

    Damn fw and their wallet stripping

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    If only the Deathroller had AOS stats. Guess you could proxy a Steam Tank with it.

    • Anggul

      Or see if your opponent is cool with you using the Skaven Doomwheel rules.

  • Dan Wilson

    Those saggitarum guard are possibly even more awesome than the standard guys…

    • Deathwing

      Yeah. the rules for their guns are impressive. Basically upgraded heavy bolters with underslung multimelta-ish laser cannon and they can fire either or every turn

  • Derek Lee

    Anybody have the stats on the tank’s guns/missiles?

    • Walter Vining

      range: infinite S D large blast twin linked ignores cover volkite plasma melta heavy 36

    • missiles
      range: 60″ str5 AP4 heavy3, barrage, blast (3′), fleshbane,rad-phage,ignores cover, pinning

      side guns (each can choose a seperate target)
      range 18″ str7 ap5 heavy3, shred, rending

  • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera



  • nurglitch

    I’ve been wanting those Saggitarum Custodes ever since I saw their pickelhaubes in the foreground of the Emperor vs Horus confrontation.