Games Workshop: New Minis and Rules at Adepticon!

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Games Workshop will be giving gamers a hands-on look at their upcoming models at Adepticon…

That’s right folks. There’ll be an in-depth look at the upcoming minis, rules, and a chance for you to try them for yourself come Adepticon.

via Warhammer Community

“Now, we’ll grant you, ‘Studio Preview’ doesn’t give much away, and we can’t tell you too much here either (lest we ruin the surprise) but we can tell you it’s not just a bunch of pictures on a powerpoint slide. Because, sure, anything we show you will end up on the internet, and even right here on the Warhammer Community site, quicker than a Speed Freek can rev his engine (it’s unofficial Ork day here in the office).

If you go to the preview event, you’ll not only get to handle a host of new miniatures, (some of which won’t be out for almost a year) you’ll get to play some games with them. And not just any game, a brand new game. On top of that, we’ve even commissioned some special dice for attendees to keep as a momento. And, that’s not even all. You’ll also get to see some new game mechanics we’ve got in mind for existing games and give us your thoughts.”

This is pretty big. You’ll get a chance to literally hold the future of Games Workshop in the palm of your hands. But not only will you be getting to see (and feel) the new miniatures before anyone else, you’ll also have a chance to take a look at the concepts that GW has cooking and get to help offer your feedback. It’s a look behind the curtains that you won’t want to miss.

AdeptiCon runs from Wednesday the 22nd of March to Sunday the 26th at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel in Schaumburg IL, USA. The Studio Preview Seminar is Wednesday, March 22nd at 8pm and 10pm. Online registration is closed, but you’ll still be able to secure a spot at the event–so don’t miss out!

What feedback would YOU give GW at a seminar like this? What do you think the “new game” they’re talking up could be?

  • Karru

    If I was given a chance to give them feedback about the current games, I would instantly say them quite a bit about 40k.

    First and foremost I would ask them to bring back proper scaling and reduce the destructive power of many weapons. Grav, D-weapons, high strength weapons that can be massed easily, large blast high strength low AP weapons. All of these should disappear from the standard game. This would level the playing field by a ton. Then I would propose the changes for Super Heavies. Give them their Structure points back AND give them damage tables which would allow you to disable them without needing to destroy them.

    Just a couple of things that could use fixing in 40k.

    • Thomas

      Given the stuff that’s come out with Gathering Storm, I think we can safely wave goodbye to any hope of decent power scaling. They’re probably going to go the AoS route of “more is more” and give every army its own “god” unit.

      • ZeeLobby

        I wish it wasn’t the case, but your probably right. Just isn’t a type of game that interests me very much.

      • Defenestratus

        Being an Eldar player, the most stressful part of my day is waking up, putting my feet on the ground and asking myself “Which god unit do I want to use to crush the souls of my opponents today?”

        • ChubToad

          Being an Eldar player is living on the edge..

        • Thomas

          I mean, yeah that is pretty much what playing Eldar is like. Even when Eldar players viciously handicap their own armies, they blow 90% of their opponents off the board. It’s actually ludicrous that GW let that Codex through.

      • grim

        I doubt GW is going the route with centerpiece models you call “god” in 40K because super heavies and fliers and way more monstrous creatures already exist. The more I think about it fantasy was a much easier overhaul with what players had to play with model wise.

    • Munn

      Are people still moaning about SHs? There isn’t a single super heavy vehicle/walker in the game tgat’s even op right now.

      • deris87

        Eh, prior to them errata’ing MCs/GCs to not get toe-in cover saves, the Wraithknight was pretty bonkers. The biggest problem is D-weapons but that’s also a SH/GC problem because that’s where the most d-weapons are packed (with the exception of Eldar).

        • Munn

          A wrauthknight isn’t a superheavy, it’s a gargantuan. Those 2 things aren’t even vaguely similar

          • deris87

            Yeah sure, whatever you say chief. There’s no similarity in the power levels or tabletop performance of things like Knights, Wraithknights, or the Stormsurge.

          • Magnus David Magnusson

            Gargantuans routinely outperform any and all Superheavy Vehicles and Walkers so adding Structure points and Damage Tables back to nerf superhevies makes no sense in this context. Personally I’d like to see all superheavies and gargantuans relegated back to apocalypse.

          • Karru

            That would be the ideal world, yes. Problem is that GW won’t most likely do it, so we still have to suffer. That’s why bringing back Structure Points and Damage Tables would tone down the effectiveness of Super Heavies. Of course, they need to heavily balance Gargantuans as well.

      • ZeeLobby

        Lol. Only if you play factions that have answers. My DE find super heavies to be quite BS.

        • Defenestratus

          My friend who ran 36 dark lances in a 1850 list never seemed to have a hard time with my super-heavies.

          • ZeeLobby

            So again, the faction has to write the entire list to accommodate leaving out 90% of its actual range, while other factions can take 1/2 units to respond. I’ve ran darklight spam as well and I’m not sure I’d claim that I “never” had a hard time with SHs. I could reliably deal with a knight over several turns. 3+ knights almost became insurmountable, especially with formations. And that’s again not taking anything fun in my faction besides dark lances… I wouldn’t say there was no problem with SHs.

          • Carey_Mahoney

            On the other hand, isn’t that sort of the point of Super-Heavys / Gargantuans? Being extremely powerful and stuff?

        • Carey_Mahoney

          Quite ballistic skill? 😉

      • Karru

        Well, I will continue to moan until I lose my first game while using my single Imperial Knight. 375pts that potentially kills twice its amount in points while soaking thrice the amount of points in firepower without going down isn’t exactly my idea of balanced.

        • ZeeLobby

          Haha. Been there. And I had 3 at one point. I’ve sold them all though. People just didn’t want to play something that with 2 turns of solid rolls could remove half an army.

          • Karru

            Tell me about it. That single knight has killed more than the Imperial Guard army it rolls with.

          • deris87

            Unless your opponents are all playing pre-Necrons books, I have to think some of that’s on them. I have no problem dealing with a single Knights with my Eldar (no D and no bikes) and only a bit with my Dark Angels.

          • Karru

            The problem with the Super Heavies, especially the Imperial Knights, is their insanely low price and high damage output. This means that the opponent has to bring something equivalent or something very specific to deal with it. This forces extremely similar lists every game for them, instead of allowing them the freedom to take whatever they wish.

            That’s the problem with the current situation. If you play pretty much any of the pre-Necrons books or you would like to play a balanced army, you are in for a very bad time. The game no longer supports that style of play. It’s Apocalypse Lite.

          • Munn

            bull, a knight paladin is like 370 points and does less damage than one unit of scattbikes, let alone 370 points worth. If you can’t deal with a ssingle knight or baneblade chassis it’s because you’re bad, not your codex, not your list, you. A knight is armor 13 and has 6 hull points, if you can’t do 6 hullpoints, you’ll lose to 2 stock leman russes

          • Karru

            Well, the problem is that when you have to fail 6 4+ Invulnerable saves until that thing stops shooting, you’ll see casualties pile up pretty high. You seem to ignore the massive problem that shooting at a Leman Russ for example means that even a single Penetrating hit most likely means that the thing is now out of action. It’s shaken at the very least, meaning it doesn’t get to shoot it’s main gun. Against a Knight you need to get through 13 armour and the Knight then has to fail 4+ Invulnerable save 6 times before it stops.

            Also, concentrating fire on Strength 7+ wielding units is extremely easy especially with the Knight on the field. Kill those and suddenly your Knight is free to roam.

            Space Marines and Necrons are the only armies that can “reliably” take down a Knight thanks to their special weapons/rules. Every other army has to rely on more special weapons or units to bring the Knight down, units that the Knight can easily take down in a turn.

          • stinkoman

            The folks you play with no longer support that style play. The game itself supports all manner of styles of play.

          • Karru

            If I bring my regular SM list and my opponent brings his 5th edition style balanced list of “fun stuff”, I’ll win. If I bring my regular IG list against that, I’ll win. If I bring my Eldar army, I’ll win.

            The folk I play with does support that style of play, it’s called playing 5th edition. We changed back into 5th when all of us agreed that the game itself turned very bland. You had to forcefully downgrade your army and outright leave certain units and equipment out of your list if you wanted to make a game balanced for both armies.

            If I play any of the “top tier” armies or even field my Knight, I know I’m going to win. Currently I have yet to lose a single game of 40k where my Knight is present. Why is that? Is it my opponents being bad? Am I just that good? The answer is no to both.

            Back in 5th edition I could bring ANY army I wanted to field against my opponent and they could do the same. The game would last until the last rounds with no clear winner. Now I bring my standard army and I conclude by the end of the second round that I just won. We play 1 or 2 turns more for the sake of it, but it was clear by the end of the second turn how the game will end. If not trough wiping, it’s trough overwhelming scoring.

            The issue is that neither side can bring whatever they want. The first 30 minutes of planning the game is just banning or bartering.

      • King Renegado

        Yeah. I don’t et it either. I have killed imperial knights in a single round of shooting as militarum tempestus, and have lost baneblades in single rounds of shooting as well.
        If you can’t kill a superheavy in one turn, the super heavies don’t eed to disappear, codex just desperately needs an update. (I don’t bring superheavies vs orks or nids because I actually relish a challenge.) on the flip , if face marines or eldar I bring superheavies bdcause they complement my tactics nicely.

    • StingrayP226

      The issue with these weapons is their ability to deal with everything with ease. Single shot D weapons are mean but they are only really useful to take down super units. If your enemy is running a horde so what if you super kill 1 guy?

      Grav is too universal and D templates are the issue imho. Honestly we NEED some of these weapons now thanks to all the super duper characters.

      • Karru

        Which shouldn’t be part of the game to begin with. That’s the problem here. If they just made them part of an Apocalypse once again, most problems in the game would just disappear.

        • ChubToad

          Why not? You can play with every model you have and not wait for an Apocalypse came to field your SH. The problem is, not every faction has access to these type of weapons which is something GW has to fix. Once everyone has these, having SHs will only be something incidental.

          • Karru

            Here’s the problem. The thing you are currently proposing is Arms race. What do you think will happen to 40k when EVERYONE has high strength, low AP weapons that ignore cover saves? It will turn into “who rolls the first turn” game, which the game currently actually is but it just reinforces that.

            The solution isn’t bringing the lower tier armies back with better weapons, the real solution is to tone down the top tier armies to the same level as the low tier armies. This way you can get balance going and this way you can actually field anything you want.

          • ChubToad

            It certainly is a solution. And I can see your point. But I like the other option better. None is the correct one but both are feasible. Let’s see how 8th handles this.

    • Deacon Ix

      Basically in my local meta any weapon that is not AP3 is basically considered useless…

      • Thats not just your meta. Thats pretty much the default global meta. Its either always useful or its useless… binary human thought.

        • Deacon Ix

          It’s amusing to abuse that notion tho – last game (30k) I wiped out a 5 man lascannon squad with a 10 man Heavy Bolter squad in one shooting phase – people tend to forget that weight of dice is actually the true master in this game.

          Same game I also killed his Praetor in combat with the remnants of a 50 man levy squad… 2pts a model…

  • orionburn

    “And not just any game, a brand new game.” Guessing they will be showing off Adeptus Titanicus which would be super cool to see in action. And that’s skipping using “that guy” semantics of Titanicus being new vs. a relaunching of an older game.

    Was all set to go to Adepticon but not sure if I can make it now. Either way I can’t go on a Wednesday so it wouldn’t matter. Sucks they aren’t saving this for Friday or Saturday night.

    • ZeeLobby

      Excited to see it played, even if my group will never play it. Too bad as epic used to be big around me.

      • Dan Wilson

        Or rather, you used to be big around Epic…. SEE WUT I DID THAR?

        • ZeeLobby

          Haha. Nice!

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Well bugger me backwards over a beer barrel.

    • euansmith

      Well, if you insist.

  • Locomotive breath

    I think perhaps some of the angst about SH’s and OP wackiness is a matter of perspective as well as expectation management ( what your “used” to)I’ve never played in anything other tHan 7th edition so it’s normal/expected for me to account for SH’s FMC/FGC and formations and death stars as it’s all I’ve ever known and have always composed my armies with them in mind. Same with allies I can’t recall ever fielding a “pure” force it’s usually my DA and WS or death co. The imperial knight was a large part of me moving from reading the books to playing the game and as such if my list is over 1500 point I always field it. As for the balancing factor of faction vs faction I’m of two minds. Should every faction be perfectly equal to each other or is it more “fluffy” that certain factions are realativly weak to represent their current state of affairs in the universe.

    • Karru

      The biggest issue is lack of “freedom” right now. As funny as that sound, it’s true but I’m going to elaborate on that a bit.

      In 5th edition, before Grey Knights and when not facing the IG Leafblower, I could bring anything I wanted. I could bring my Scout heavy SM army or I could bring my Green tide of Orks. Both would do well, even against highly competitive players.

      Not possible any more. You are forced to take allies to fill in your weaknesses or you are forced to take extremely powerful weapons and units if you wish to have even a sliver of hope to win. Entire builds are now gone because of the massive changes done to the game. The game which focuses on “forging the narrative” sure likes to deny people that. Forging the narrative is quite difficult when the chances are that you building a fluffy army automatically loses the game against someone who build an army the game actually encourages.

      The problem is that the inclusion of super heavies and gargantuans basically sealed the fate of 40k. Assaulting is now useless, Shooting is the dominant factor and getting the first turn may decide the winner of the game right there and then. This makes the game extremely restrictive since not all armies have these tools to use and they can’t even ally with someone who does. Orks and Tyranids for example, you have to for extremely lore breaking alliances in order to “adapt” to the current situation. Problem is that you might as well just play another army as most of your units are basically trash. Only units that can either last the first turn in case you don’t get it and/or have the ability to wipe out most of the opponent’s army in the first turn get to see the light of day pretty much. This is in no way great game design.

    • The inclusion of super heavies was made because before they were optional for Apoc games, and that meant no one was buying or using them because optional in today’s gamer world means never used as everyone seems to want to follow tournament official format.

      The game has always been busted though. I was a big tournament player in 3rd and 4th edition and in 3rd and 4th edition there were the big threes of their era and everyone else was basically getting mowed over by the big three as far as competitive gaming went.

      Then 5th edition came out which was to me the worst edition in terms of stale blandness and over competition. This was further exaggerated by the grey knights codex, which made the entire edition the largest pile of burning trash that I had ever up to that point encountered (it was akin to the fantasy 7th ed daemon codex nullifying the entire game)

      What 40k needs is a more balanced “matched play option” but where points are actually… you know… balanced.

      However banning super heavies and fliers from the matched play would basically just be the same as GW removing them from the game completely, so they need a better way to scale the game. There shouldn’t be super heavy vehicles loling around at 1000 point games.

      I’ve been out of 40k for over a year now, waiting on streamlined rules and some semblance to making the game more balanced. Right now it reminds me a lot of the tail end of 5th and I sat out that as well for the same reasons.

  • LordCastellan Vas

    They need to do with 40k what they did with fantasy: tear it down to it’s core mechanics and start from scratch. the game has turmed into a bit of a sprawling mess filled with unnecesary dice rolling and entire phases of the game seem to have been designed without simple undergraduate statistics and probability theory in mind. The game itself is broken and often downright boring or frustrating to play. After the core mechanics are gutted and rebuilt into something more streamlined and actually entertaining to use, then the army composition problem needs to be addressed, most likely with a re-pointing of every single unit in the game simultaneously like they just did with AOS, followed by yearly adjustments to the point values based on playtesting, player interaction, and tournament results. After a bit of early fumbling, they have found the winning formula with Age of Sigmar and I hope they can apply the lessons learned to the next edition of 40K.

  • MechBattler

    Diablo Fonticon?

  • Jared Swenson

    Aww man, the LVO didn’t get big reveals like this! That’s a shame.

  • luke snell

    Guessing the big reveal of the Duardin in AoS will be here. but very curious to see what they are proposing that’s a year out.
    Very excited to see how Adeptus Titanicus is going to play!

  • euansmith

    “We gave them “hands-on” with the new Chaos Range. Three kids lost an eye, and one passed out from blood-loss. We might have to cut back on the spiky bits.”