Gathering Storm III, Upcoming GW Minis, Runewars, D&D

It’s been a busy busy weekend and you need to get in here to catch up on all tabletop awesomeness!

Assault of the Giants – Premium Edition

Take a look inside the Premium Edition of Assault of the Giants…

Games Workshop: New Minis and Rules at Adepticon!

Games Workshop will be giving gamers a hands-on look at their upcoming models at Adepticon…

Privateer Press – March New Releases

Cygnar’s new jack is electrifying. Take a look at the newest releases from Privateer Press!

Rise of the Primarch: Meet 40K’s Newest Faction

BoLS will be bringing you Rise of the Primarch coverage all week. Let’s start our exploration with the faction no one expected.

FFG: Runewars: Six Expansions Annouced

Fantasy Flight Games unveils six new expansions for Runewars – Fill out your army the way YOU want to!

GW: New Release March 4th “Pricing & Links”

The Triumvirate of the Primarch is now up for Pre-order! Come see what else GW has in store!

~Ok, you’re caught up and ready for the week!

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