Geekery: New Action Packed Justice League Trailer

The team gets together to fight big, bad guys and tell some jokes.

They’ve been releasing stills for weeks – now we finally get to see what the costumes look like in motion…

It’s definitely a Zack Snyder movie – it has those grand action scenes that have become one of his signatures. If past performance is any tell, it’ll be the only decent thing about it. DC knows how to make nice looking trailers, but its track record on making good movies is questionable.

I’m not sure if I’d feel differently about this if it were released before the Avengers – but as it is, the tone feels too similar. The jokes are already stale. Cyborg and Flash look corny. The only thing I’ve been sold here is hope that Jason Momoa gets a decent shot with the Aquaman movie because he looks badass.

What are your thoughts? Worth paying a movie ticket for the fight scenes, or are you going to give it a pass?

  • Agent of Change

    When it comes to the DCEU saying “its track record on making good movies is questionable” is a lot like saying the Hindenberg had a minor heating issue.

    It’s just so clear they have doubled down on doubling down on this grim-dark nonsense. Snyder can make some good and intersting flicks, he probably shouldn’t have been given run of DC’s heroes known for being beacons of hope and justice… This… well it looks a lot like The Watchmen in tone and aesthetic, which was great when he made The Watchmen, but for the four color paragons of saving the day, not so much IMO.

    • Drew

      I grew up on a steady diet of Marvel, so I know very little about most of these characters, but the TV Flash seems a lot cooler than the movie Flash…

    • violencejack

      I dunno, I don’t consider the DC movies to be “Grim-Dark”. But then, it may be that my definition is different. To me, “Seven” is grim/dark … or “The Road”. A stylized color palette isn’t grim dark to me. However, I realize that there are lots of people that think super hero stuff should be more like the comics? Which is rough because, which era? The Silver Age colors? The 80’s? The 90’s? Schumacher got roasted for his bright colors in his Batman movies. I actually like the look of the DC movies. They set themselves apart from the look of the Marvel ones (which I also like).

      • Thomas

        I wouldn’t say the DC movies are Grimdark. Grimdark seems to be a little self-knowing, kind of “in on the joke” with the overbearing darkness.

        The DC movies are playing it almost totally straight and po-faced and come off as Hot Topic, emo-band lyric kind of “dark.”

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      They are specifically ramping up comedy in this film and then really doing it after Snyder is kicked to the curb.

      • Emperor’s Champion

        Yeah I’m glad they’re not going all dark and serious but aesthetically I like the dark tone. Only people who complain about it on a huge scale are those desperate for it to be a prance with the unicorn disney kid magnet we now know as marvel studios.
        Stop comparing the two and we have too moods and film structures we can enjoy, doesn’t have to match each other to be amazing. I didn’t like man of steel that much but b v s really got my liking.

  • Ira Clements

    With just 3 movies in and over a BILLION in profit I think its safe to say that there is a pretty big fan base that really like these movies. WB isn’t going to balk at easy money.

  • dinodoc

    “What are your super powers again?

    I’m rich.”

    I’d have died if he’d said, “I’m Batman.”

  • Drpx

    Justice League without Superman, no way this could go wrong.

    • Aurion Shidhe

      Supes “died” in BvS (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a big reveal in this movie when he swoops in and “deus ex machina”(s) for the win when the plebian heroes can’t stop Darkseid.

    • Emperor’s Champion

      somebody needs to go read death of superman it seems. lol
      He’s gonna be the “shocker” luke skywalker style.

      • Drpx

        Oh yeah, he’ll show up in the last ten minutes for a hopey-wopey speech I’m sure before they smash whatever doomsday machine has been cranked out by Brainiac/Darkseid/Lex while massacring an army of zombie robot aliens.

        • Emperor’s Champion

          well… yeah why not?

  • Senexis

    I’ll go with option three, thanks Tommy – none of the above.
    I’m going because it looks awesome and will probably be great.

  • stinkoman

    Aquaman though… does he command the rain too (seemed to be dark and stormy all the time)? or just fish? and apparently he is more than just a fish guy. i dont really know his story, but i though the gist was that his powers were underwater and of no use on land.

  • Evil Otto

    I loved this the first time I saw it back in 2012, when they called it “The Avengers.”