Geekery: Sue the T-Rex is Playing D&D

The T-Rex that stands in the Field Museum in Chicago is DMing a game on Twitter.

Sue aka FMNH PR2081 is a the world’s largest, best preserved t-rex skeleton ever found. She was found in South Dakota in 1990 by paleontologist Sue Hendrickson. She is not new to social media – she has a heavily used Twitter account and a Facebook page. She strayed from her usual conversation to run a 4 day long D&D campaign on her Twitter last week.

It started with bad a joke:

It evolved into a full fledged game over more than 50 tweets over 4 days, and included audience participation via polls and dice rolls. Some highlights:

Check Out the Full Game Here

  • Jeremy Haugen

    Sue was discovered in South Dakota…

  • Aezeal

    Should go back to being a reanimated zombie stomping killer, tell Dresden I said so.