Goatboy’s 40K: Custodes and Sisters Codexes

Goatboy here again to talk about the new Custodes & Sisters of Silence Armylists!

The Talons of the Emperor boxed set is almost here and already the army lists within are out and about.  The big news is these lists for both Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence are new and different from the rules published in White Dwarf accompanying Burning of Prospero.  Goatboy has taken a look and has some thoughs:


The updated Adeptus Custodias and Sisters of Silence bring some new things to 40k – even though the rumored changes are coming.  Will see if their power still stays viable but for right now lets look at them through the lens that is 7th edition – full of rolling balls of death, multiple units of annoyance, and psychic dominance that brings too many friends to the table top.  Overall the Sisters are going to shake things up and the Adeptus will still continue to be too expensive to be useful.  But enough of that quick bit – lets break it all down.

Adeptus Custodias brings a few extra units, wargear, detachment, and even a few warlord traits.  I would think the warlord traits would be a heck of a lot more interesting if they were in addition to the warlord traits you would give for the true leader of your army – but that would be a very big rules departure in general.  Still it is interesting that they basically almost have a fully fleshed out army in only 3 unit choices.

Adeptus Custodes List

Unit Review

Adeptus Custodes – they look to be the same as before with the addition of a new rule called Aegis of the Emperor.  This gives the unit a 5+ invulnerable save and if you can figure it out – all the Custodes units get this rule.  I wish they would have just left it a 4+ as it would be a heck of a lot more interesting then a 5+.  I play Daemons and let me tell you that 5+ invulnerable save really doesn’t get you to far.  Still it is something and doesn’t look to have added more points to the regular unit choice.  Just like before these guys seem a bit too expensive but with an invulnerable save now it becomes less of an issue.  Eternal Warrior helps out a lot and these guys could be a pain if the rumored 8th edition changes are true.

Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought  – This guy might actually be ok as he gets an added rule of Deep Strike on top of his expensive body.  He also gets a 5+ invulnerable save and looks just like the one they released later on after the Betrayal at Calyth got less available.  I like how he can just deep strike in and his cost isn’t completely nutty to add Venerable on top of it.  If the new edition gets rid of immobilization for Dreadnoughts then we might have something good here.  Until then leave it in the box as Grav is still king.

Venerable Land Raider – Man I wish Land Raiders were good – but adding more points to it doesn’t help it at all. There are too many things that will either just D beam it, stomp it, or D shot and stomp it all at once.  I know they have a ton of these kits laying around so I suspect this “add on” to the Talon box is there to help thin out the warehouse.  I wish Land Raiders were good like they are in 30k.  I think a big update to Grav would help out a ton but until then leave these boxes in their box.

Warlord Traits

The only one that I think is pretty dang good is the one that gives your Warlord Shrouded.  I wish these were set up to give your actual Warlord an ability if they joined this unit.  This way they could be a Retinue for them and give an added bump that is pretty dang neat and fluffy.  Other then that the others are kinda gimmicky either with a 6+ save to all your friends around you or adding additional WS or BS.  Just not worth it to roll on.


3 Troops and 1 Elite is a weird detachment set up.  If you have 4 choices you get to reroll invulnerable saving throws of 1 when you are within 6 inches of another unit from this detachment.  Units from the detachment only roll a d6 when they deep strike in.  Oh and you get to reroll your warlord trait.  There isn’t a ton to look at for this detachment as you only get 1 elite choice.  If you could do more then one then we could have a grouping of Venerable Contemptor Dreadnoughts shooting their assault cannon at fools who get in the way.  Right now it just doesn’t feel nearly as good as it could be.  Thankfully the models look good but still – we all know the boxed set is all about the Sisters of Silence coming in to break apart the meta game a bit.

Sisters of Silence List

The Sisters are here and if you thought they were a pain before welcome to the new world of no Psychic powers for you!  This new set up is the big money maker for 40k right now and leaves me thinking of some terrible lists to help bring about the new age of the big fat NO to your mind powers.  Let’s break it down with the new add ons.

Unit Review

Prosecutor Squad – The boltgun wielding version of the same Sisters of Silence.  They cost the same, have bolters, and turn of psychic spells like their other versions.  If you want bolters in your Imperial army you are doing pretty well with Scouts.  I think it is weird they broke the units apart but hey – if they didn’t I wouldn’t have a cheaper Sisters unit.

Vigilator Squad – Hey we are the ones that kept their swords.  And guess what – we ended up being cheaper.  This is most excellent as my ideas for an army all worked around these gals as I thought the random Initiative 5/AP 2 goodness might be fun.

Burniator Squad – Didn’t have a pic to see their actual name but these girls have the flamers.  They cost the most and still say no to spells that hit them.  I don’t think they are worth it as much – but I do think there could be a great unit that pops out with 5 flamers of doom hitting some from their extremely special Rhino

Null Maiden Rhino – Thankfully this didn’t have a weird name that is much easier to type out.  This Rhino is a bit more expensive than the normal one and it also has a psychic abomination aura around it.  Yup – even if they are riding in the vehicle they still turn off your powers.  This is the big bit of eff you to mental powers and with the addition of their new formation – is probably going to do a number on some players upcoming Tzeentch Daemon builds.

Warlord Traits

They don’t get none!


This is the big one – instead of the old Null Maiden Strike Force – which wasn’t terrible – they instead get a new one that is very powerful.  First it is 3 Units of Sisters and for every unit on the table past the first one they add 3″ to their aura.  Now since you can buy each squad a Rhino this really means you have an extra 15 inches of no creep zone which if you do the math – really covers the table.  This is huge as a lot of armies are out there now that need to utilize their psychic phases for broken abilities – like reroll saves, FNP, and plenty of mind bullets to actually do damage.  They also randomly give a -1 to the WS of a Psychic unit they are in combat with too.  This is just an extra bit of fun.  The big thing is that for a bit under the cost of Guilliman himself you can shut down a good portion of the “good” 40k lists out there.

Will this shake up the meta for a good cause?  I think so in general.  A lot of the time these massed summon lists were annoying to deal with as they took a good deal of time to work through.  It wasn’t just all the “free” units they were generating – it was the fact they monopolized a game turn pretty heavily and thus made it a bit unfair to play against.  I don’t think it is the end for Daemon lists as they can easily just change to something else and utilize some of their “none” removable powers like Gifts, Warlord Traits, and decent abilities.

Sisters of Silence Sample List

Let’s look at a quick list to review and get people complaining about my copy and pasting abilities.

Null-Maiden Task Force
Vigilator Squad – 10 Sisters, Null Maiden Rhino
Vigilator Squad – 10 Sisters, Null Maiden Rhino

Champions of Fenris – Company of The Great Wolf
Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Thunder Wolf, Runic Armor, Powerfist, Storm Shield
Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Thunder Wolf, Runic Armor, Powerfist, Storm Shield
Wolf Priest, Bike
Wolf Priest, Bike
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolf
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolf

Idea is simple – you get an extra 9 inches of anti psychic mixed with some hard hitting units.  I think you could do some more mixing with Sisters of Battle or other options but feel this is just a heck of a lot simpler and easier.  Nothing more to worry about – just push forward and get ready to roll some combat actions.  You could add in some Inquisitors if you felt like it and get some more “anti assault” actions too with Grenades and other options but again I am more so looking at trying to make it easier.  I went with 10 Sisters in each squad as it seems easy and allows you to have them through the big unit. Plus the way it is set up it is still majority toughness 5 for most things you worry about.  Truthfully I can’t wait for 8th edition to come and hopefully shake things up in a way that isn’t just MSU or Death Star nonsense planning on rolling the powers needed to “go” off and win the game.

~How much do you think the new Custodes and Sisters of Silence will shake up the meta?



  • orionburn

    Having faced Magnus two weekends in a row I could give these gals some serious consideration now. I couldn’t see them of being much use if their powers didn’t work while riding around in a Rhino, but if the Null Maiden gives them that ability that shakes things up.

    No way I’m buying that box just to get hands on their codex, though. For as tiny as that thing is it better become available as a cheap download.

    • Roughneck

      It’s £10 supposedly as a download

    • Beardylocks
      • orionburn

        Thanks for the link. It’s $7.99 USD so that’s not too bad given it’s really only rules for the 4 different units and Rhino.

    • Ronin

      They helped Guilliman beat up Magnus so it would be fluffy to run them. 😉

  • Djbz

    ” This is huge as a lot of armies are out there now that need to utilize their psychic phases for broken abilities – like reroll saves, FNP, and plenty of mind bullets to actually do damage. ”

    The thing that gets me about this is they give the armies of the Imperium the crazy effective anti-psyker stuff, when they are the one’s mostly abusing the heck out of the psychic phase.

  • Painjunky

    Man custodes look even worse with time.
    So ugly!

  • Pascalnz

    taking st celestine in A cad with troop custodes…..thats some tough ob sec 🙂

  • Calgar

    More goodies for us Imperials, its about time. We were falling behind the likes of orks and tyranids with all their new models and rules……

  • Stormandreas

    So now with 6 Sister units on the field, you can cover a MINIMUM of 54″ of no powers at all. Thats INSANELY OP to any Psyker, let alone psychic armies that entirely rely on powers to even work (ala Tzeentch Daemons and Thousand Sons)

    Lets not touch on the fact this ability is much more Tyranid like!!!