GW Digital Home & 2 New Codices

GW digital products get a new home and the Emperor’s Talons get stand-alone codices. is coming soon.  Here’s the initial press slick out for it:


As of now, the domian redirects to Black LIbrary, which is not too much of a surprise.  For over a year the every Growing Black Library site has been bulging at the seams GW kept putting more and more non-physical products over there.  This would seem to be GW consolodating everything digital related to the games, in a new home.  Thus the digital codices, battletomes, and any and all apps all get a new home.  This would leave Black Lirary back to doing just the novels and audio-books they do so well.

Alongside this news comes the digital codices for both the Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence. Now those who didn’t pick up the Talons of the Emperor boxed set can still get your models onto the tabletop.

Codex: Sisters of Silence (Tablet Edition) $7.99

– Four datasheets: Prosecutor Squad, Vigilator Squad, Witchseeker Squad & Null-Maiden Rhino
– One detachment, the Null-Maiden Task Force
– Armoury of the Silent Sisterhood and special rules
– Background for the Sisters of Silence and their role in the armies of the Imperium
– A showcase of Sisters of Silence Citadel Miniatures

Also known as Null-Maidens, the Sisters of Silence are witch-hunters supreme. Each is psychically untouchable, immune to mental assault and with no presence at all in the mirror dimension of the Warp. No war cry comes from the throats of the Golden Throne’s witch-seekers, no shouted commands direct the ebb and flow of their attack. Only the crack-boom of the holy bolter and the whooshing roar of flamers accompany their eternal hunt for those who would bring Chaos to the Imperium. In the years since the Horus Heresy, their numbers have grown, gradually but steadily, into the tens of thousands. Now the Sisterhood is a vast army of psychic nulls, standing ready to extinguish the dark flames of Chaos that threaten to consume the Imperium.

This codex includes rules for using Sisters of Silence in your games of Warhammer 40,000, including three types of squads and a Rhino, and a detachment for adding them to your armies.

Codex: Adeptus Custodes (Tablet Edition) $7.99

– Three datasheets: Custodian Guard Squad, Venerable Dreadnought & Land Raider
– One detachment: Golden Legion Task Force
– Armoury of the Adeptus Custodes and Aegis of the Emperor special rule
– Adeptus Custodes Warlord Traits
– Background for the Adeptus Custodes’ return to the galaxy
– A showcase of Adeptus Custodes Citadel Miniatures

The hour of action is nigh. With the surge of Chaos activity across the galaxy and the threat of eternal damnation more real than ever, the Adeptus Custodes have taken their vow of protection to its logical extreme – they will see the destruction of those forces who pose a threat to the sanctity of Terra. Clad in baroque, golden artificer armour and armed with priceless relic weaponry, the Adeptus Custodes make for a magnificent sight. They tower over mortal men; each has the statuesque physique of an ancient hero, close to nine feet in height even without his scarlet-crested helm. On the battlefield they are a force to be reckoned with – with guardian spear and ornate broadsword alike, they cut a swathe through the foe, bringing entire armies of traitors and renegades to their knees with the might of the Emperor himself.

~ I bet the FAQs move over to the new site also.

  • AnomanderRake

    Or you could get Inferno and have an actual Custodes army instead of an Imperium-deathstar-support ally unit.

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      why should i, if i do not play 30k?

      • Alienerd the unbannable

        Do not disagree with Internet-Man, or he will use caps lock.

      • AnomanderRake

        I mean, some people [i]like[/i] shenanigans-deathstars and needing 3+ Codexes to play their army, so if you really want the digital Custodes book…

        • Maitre Lord Ironfist

          But that still begs the question why, and the opponent must agree. Also if you just want some Custode why buy an expensive book?

          • AnomanderRake

            …Because you might want to play a Custodes army instead of a Terminator deathstar+ in another army, on occasion?

        • euansmith

          You need to use around your i and /i to get it to work on Disqus.

      • Lewismauler

        You can still play 30k armies against 40k armies using their 30k dataslates. The 30k armies just tend to be slightly better

      • BrianDavion

        more importantly why should you expect someone to play a 30k army in 40k?

    • piglette

      *inquisitive Tim Allen grunt*

    • BrassWitch

      The fun police called, they want their batch back.

  • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

    I wonder if the new digital content will be usable with android. Buying an overpriced ipad is not something I want to do to enjoy 40k.

    • Daniel R Weber

      I’m betting no. Still waiting for so many things they said would ‘eventually’ be on Android to be, you know, on Android.

    • What? They’ve been putting the digital content out as epub/mobi in the past, before switching to epub3. Epub3 has compatibility issues, especially the fixed-layout version GW uses, but it is perfectly usable on Android using Adobe Digital Editions, in my experience. The only issue is that certain devices with low display resolutions or aspect ratios can glitch.

      The reason this isn’t happening on Apple devices is because there’s only a handful of them needed to be supported, whereas Android is open to everyone. As a result, they can’t possibly check compatibility with everything.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        I think some mean that the interactive codices are apple only.

      • John Bower

        I got the kill team downloaded (I had it originally and the only way to get 2017 version was epub rather than mobi) and it sucks big time, nothing I have works with it, what I can download that does makes it so big I can only fit 1 line on the screen, and trust me my screen on this thing isn’t tiny resolution unless you consider 1920 by 1080 tiny on a 22″ monitor.

        • On PC, to try Adobe Digital Editions (though when I tried that, the zoom wasn’t great), or if you use Chrome for browsing install the Readium app for it. I found that to be the best. A lot of apps squish the text due to not supporting the embedded fonts, but both of these will do fine. Readium let’s you change the zoom level and is pretty quick overall.

          • John Bower

            Thanks, I did try last night but it told me only for mobile, just looked again though and got it for Windows. 🙂 Don’t use Chrome as I had bad experience with that so ADE will do me.

    • Shawn

      It will probably be like anything else digital: Android and Ipad compatible, but Ipad is an interactive version.

  • Mike Salamandrin

    I’m hoping they allow PayPal and/or allow you to purchase outside the UK. My card declines Black Libray DD purchases as they’re from the UK and I refuse to get a different card just to buy a ccouple supplements and codexi.

    • Aezeal

      Pleural of codex?

      • Rune André

        codices, plural.

        • Aezeal

          I know and intentional 😀

  • kevinharoun

    Sisters of Silence in the tens of thousands?

    SoS replace the SoB?

    • Shawn

      Good question. I wouldn’t think so, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use them, even without a lot of modification for SoB.