GW Mystery: Something Big This Week

Nottingham says something big is coming this week.  Here’s the details:

via GW

“We promised 2017 was going to be an awesome year for both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar and we meant it.

Over the next few weeks, the Warhammer Community team will be attending several events around the world, and we’ll be showing off some of the incredible new releases coming in the next few months, as well as a few projects the studios have been working on.

You’ll see the first of these big reveals this week…”

Hmm, we know that Adepticon is coming up in the near future and GW is doing a big reveal there.  But the only thing that is going on this week is the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas.  You will remember that last year GW attended and showed off an early copy of Lost Patrol and Blood Bowl.

Maybe the show is just a coincidence, maybe not…

~What do you think we’re looking at? New book? New Edition? New Army?

  • teapot333

    its big news for both systems… clearly this means that the generals handbook Mk II will come out, and it’ll turn out to be 8th ed too! all of 40k gets ported over to AoS, and the two systems become one! thus, it’s news for both systems. I’m onto you, GW! 😛

    • ZeeLobby

      I’m honestly ready for it at this point. 40K is about to get sigmarines anyway.

      • Nyyppä

        I’m reasonably sure, that it will make the game better. I mean, it’s not like it would be playable at the moment. It’s hard to worsen something like that.

        • ZeeLobby

          True. Not hating. Just feel like you introduce enough parallels between the two systems, then why have 2 systems anymore.

          • Muninwing

            WHF always had its similarities to 40k, but the structures were different enough that people often favored one or the other — either the skirmish or the rank, the strategic maneuvering or the more loose bringing-to-bear of firepower.

            but there was an effort to keep them distinct.

            the “sigmarines” idea for Rowboat’s new troops is… silly. but the underpinning reasons for it are worse. and it’s hard to see what kind of effect for the positive that kind of standardization will have on the game (though it’s early enough that GW might pull it off despite many swings-and-misses).

            i just wish there was a game i liked better than 40k that i could devote my time and money to. i don’t want to just be the guy who complains about games i no longer play.

          • ZeeLobby

            WMH has scratched that itch for me. I like that whichever faction I choose for the day will win/lose depending on the decisions I make and list building. Kind of how I wished 40K would have always operated. I see their CID as the future of community driven rulesets as well. That said, no game has the background 40K does, and Sci Fi war games are somewhat lacking at the moment.

            I’m really hoping Steamforged Games comes out with something really cool this year, as guildball has really solid mechanics and background, just not a huge fan of sports games. I’ve heard good things about beyond the gates of Antares, but it just hasn’t picked up in popularity locally.

          • Muninwing

            yeah… that’s the exact opposite of what i want. i’d love a system balanced enough that i could take two dramatically opposite lists at comparable points and have an even chance of winning if i have my bases covered in list-building. if i wanted the build to be the primary portion of play, i’d play by myself or i’d just go back to CCGs…

          • Karru

            This is partially the problem I have with AoS. Since they removed the wound chart, the opposing army became mostly irrelevant. This leads to CCG style “deck building” where you only focus on getting your own insane combos and synergy off with very little interest on what your opponent is bringing.

            Just randomly picking up stuff won’t work as it will get completely annihilated by the opposing army that rolls around with a well thought out list.

          • Carey_Mahoney

            It should be in some healthy point between the two extremes of the scale.

          • ZeeLobby

            At that point you’d have to lose diversity though. Either within factions or the number of factions available. That’s just the nature of games. When ever there is diversity there will be skews and counters. WMH gets around this by using the 2/3 list pairing system. There’s really no other way.

            Think about StarCraft. Only 3 factions, and some crossover between them. Yet even in one game you can go through multiple counters and counter counters.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Have you thought of Gates of Antares? It has a lot of 40k like features, Rick Priestly is the author, is balanced, nice minis, cheapish starter deals and its 28mm so your terrain collection will function.

          • ZeeLobby

            I really like what I’ve seen about it. Just wish the aliens were more varied (only one non traditional humanoid faction) and then it’s simply finding people to play.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Its hard sci fi (though not as hard as Infinity) so I guess they are trying to get away from the ‘magic humanoids/angry humanoids/greedy humanoids’ type races of most space opera.

          • ZeeLobby

            Isn’t that what it is tho? I mean besides the garr they’re all humanoid variations. I mean so are 40k aliens, but they’re visually much more distinct.

          • Zethnar

            Gates of Antares’ sci-fi is about as hard as a case of brie left in the sun for six hours. Not that I’m complaining, I have a small but growing Algoryn force for the game, but I find the fact that they continually refer to the game as ‘hard sci-fi’ almost farcical.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            There is no magic.

          • Agent OfBolas

            Gates of Antares are made by … guy who made 1st 40k. Basically – game is great, totally worth trying.

          • grim

            because they’re very different? One is smash smash the other is pew pew.

          • ZeeLobby

            One could argue that 40K needs a little more smash smash.

        • vlad78

          Do not underestimate the power of the dark side. I’m really not holding my breath for true scale marines coming out of the blue especially if they are as bland as the leak picture shows. If truly they are uberastartes, I’d expect them to wear wargear as magnificently decorated as custodes. I think they would have been more inspired to gradually increase the SM size each edition.

          • Nyyppä

            I think that it was just a marine and some particularly small IG sculpt.

      • Christopher Witecki

        “It’s not the end times because the galaxy doesn’t blow up :^)”

        • Karru

          Yeah, I love that GW and many that defend it to death keep saying that. “This is not end times, the world of 40k won’t blow up!”

          If you take the End Times from fantasy and strip it to its very base elements, you’ll see that it is more than just “blowing up the old world” that makes it “The End Times”.

          End Times removed the old lore. It replaced vast majority of the “set rules” that made up the setting. It removed old restrictions of the fluff and allowed for “free reign” for the writers and the design team without having to resort to retconning or complete ignorance of the fluff, which would make many nerds angry.

          We are seeing the exact same thing happen to 40k. They are starting to remove many things that could be considered “restrictions” in the fluff. They are starting to show signs of rewriting the fluff and coming up with completely unrealistic scenarios. It doesn’t require “blowing up the world of 40k” to get to End Times. All they have to do is basically remove all the things that are in place to ensure that the world doesn’t get completely out of hand. They are currently doing that.

          What they call “progression”, I call rewriting.

          • Hagwert

            I think your right, GW are gradually trying to rewrite large parts of the fluff in order to slowly push ” awkward ” issues like Slannesh into the shadows before scrapping them all together and crack down on I.P. 40k will be subjected to the same treatment in order to make it bland enough to keep everyone from the soccer moms to PETA happy .

          • Muninwing

            “without having to resort to retconning or complete ignorance of the fluff.”

            i think the real issue is that the newer writers just don’t have the talent to support what the old writers created, and maybe they want some more free reign to do their own thing.

            AoS’s “setting” is really just the kind of thing that a D&D player comes up with for their own homebrew. nothing professional quality to it, nothing special. it’s mythology hard-crammed into Planescape, with very little definition that could be used to expand on central themes. some people like (even love it)… but some people like their steaks well-done, so there’s no accounting for taste.

            their rewriting is a cover. rather than do a hard-reset after a pause — which is an option, they could explore something else and call it 40k, only to come back to an earlier edition if it doesn’t pan out — they are making small changes to avoid seeming like they are pulling a hasty change like last time.

            it means they want to make a similar move, but not to LOOK like they are making a similar move. debatably worse, less honest, less respectful of longtime fans and customers.

            but it also makes them seem weak, like they cannot make up their minds as to which direction they want to steer. and that’s its own problem, and bodes poorly for any games and any systems they focus on until they get their feet underneath themselves.

          • Karru

            The lack of talent is the biggest issue. We have seen the decline worsen as more of the old guard leaves GW and is replaced by the new. It is like you said, the stories they create are usually more or less the same “homebrew” stuff that lacks real quality. Most of it feels like something they wrote while they were visiting a bathroom.

            That’s the problem here as well. The biggest issue I currently have is that GW is doing something very stupid with its lore. They create “fake threat” for their new releases. This is extremely stupid move as the release itself spoils the story. The other issue is the fact that they are moving the story forward too much. This is the things I was worried about for a long time.

            They call it “progressing the story”, but in truth it is just an excuse to get rid of the old fluff so they can replace it with their own. They know they lack the skill of the old guard so they try to get away with it by “removing” it.

          • Hagwert

            Also , GW like many companies here in Britain are terrified of offending the various and increasingly strong lobbies , from the MumsNet ” Think of the children ” brigade, to PETA or even fringe elements of the transgender movement . Where as when you read about the GW of old back in the 80’s they seemed to love giving the finger to just about anyone on all sides of any debate which is why that old fluff was so strong, grim and darkly funny compared to what we have now.

          • Karru

            It does have massive downsides to live in this day and age. It is extremely interesting to see how easily people are offended these days and even more interesting to see how they react when getting offended. The biggest laugh will always come from the fact that they can’t deal with it at all.

          • Hagwert

            True , the problem is they start to make life very bland for many of us . My older brother started uni back in September and as both he and I were raised on our parents tales of mid 90’s uni craziness in the Brit Pop era it’s fair to say he is feeling a little let down by the current student world he has encountered of juice bars , safe spaces and debates on such important matters as whether raising your hand to answer a question should be banned as it may be construed as an offensive gesture ! I fear this kind of thing will inevitably creep into and eventually swamp 40k .

          • Karru

            Sometimes I just feel extremely happy that I live here in the cold north of Europe. The fact that there are people like that for real outside the internet just boggles my mind. I mean, I have yet to meet one of these people IRL and I still hope it will never happen.

          • Hagwert

            It is strange when my parents tell me stories of their youth back in the 90’s because compared to then Britain today feels like a country that has been taken over by non liberal liberals , which doesn’t make much sense when you write it down but that’s how it feels .

        • ZeeLobby

          Ah. Dang. You got me! 😀

      • Christopher Witecki

        After 10,000 years he returns to his sons.

        “Sorry my sons, you’re all great Ultramarines, but honestly you are all kinda short and I only battle with marines 7ft or higher. Sorry, but you gotta be 7’0′ to get with this.”

        Well played once again GW… well played indeed…

    • Commissar Molotov


  • Mohojoe

    Steamhead Duardin please and thank you :D.

    Current rumour going round that the next WD will have a vertical battle report in it. AoS flying units or Necromunda’s return?

    • euansmith

      Vertical battle report? The invasion of a Duardin mine? The defence of a grain silo on Volgograd?

  • SilentPony

    The new Space Marines Guilliman is building? And 8th is the Great Crusade Reborn?

    • Talos2

      Would make most sense to me

    • Shinnentai

      Someone check whether ‘Guillimarines’ is still available as a Trademark.

      • Karru

        Adeptus Astartes: Guillitartes


        Adeptus Astartes: Roboutartes

        • bobrunnicles

          Robotarts lol 🙂 🙂

    • Bauh4us

      Seems most likely that the “new marines” are just going to be the custodes.

      • twincast

        One can only hope. (Still, I kind of expect a name change either way.)

  • Christopher Witecki

    How can RG outdo the Emperor in Marine Creation? Mary Sue Ho!

    • NNextremNN

      Well the mechanicus had a lot more time to trial and error than the emperor had.

      Maybe Cawl brought Robute back because he needed his living DNA maybe they skip the transformation from humans into Space Marines and create Space Marines from scratch.

      Maybe all that was keeping the mechanicus from doing so was the approval from the Inquisition and the Ecclesiarcy. With Guiliman on their side as Lord Commander they mow have the authority. Maybe they can use DNA of other missing/dead primarchs too.

      Maybe the Space Marine Geneseed thing was just a last straw after the lose of the primarchs and their fully developed DNA. The emperor already ditched the Thunder Warriors maybe he planned something like this for Space Marines too.

      • Christopher Witecki

        Sounds more like Deus Ex Machina writing to me. Designed to allow them to release and do whatever they want without referring to “Their most valuable asset” the IP. Well its value is about to go down because instead of a Grim Dark, historically based look at the potential future we create without emotions we have a super hero setting that can be changed at will whenever they want to pop out a new toy.

        But sure Ill play.
        Why didn’t the emperor just do this himself originally? He had 40,000 years.
        Why is bigger Marines such an ace in the hole? Was there anything up til now to suggest that big marines would have been the missing secret ingredient?
        How does RG, who wasn’t too skilled in science but rather the more social skills suddenly become more skilled than the best scientists in history?
        Its largely accepted that the Emperor used warp magic and made a deal with dark powers to create the Primarchs. Why was all this necessary if you could just make a better solider instantly and cheaply anyways?
        If it was Cawl, why did he wait so long? The high lords, or Martians themselves would certainly have been interested in better Marines. I guess because the plot demanded it be now, at this dramatic reveal!
        Is this honestly what you imagined all these years RG doing on his triumphant return? Snubbing his sons the Ultramarines to make Uber Marines?
        It takes years to make an appreciable amount of Space Marines, that’s some convenient technical advances to have to be able to pump out ready to go Sigmarines

        I could go on, but its already too long.

        • NNextremNN

          GW just want to bring true scale marines into the game without invalidating all the old SM stuff but okey lets just get back to the story to validate this.

          40K years to plan does not equal 10K years to actively experiment and research.

          He needed the help of dark gods to create the pricmarchs. This is why he couldn’t repeat this after they were gone. With the remains of this experiment and probably the remains from the thunder warrior experiment he created the Space Marine gene seeds. I assume he didn’t have access to the full potential of the primarch DNA. He also didn’t have that much time after their lose.

          They needed their primarch DNA to really make the gene seed shine and to refresh it. All Legions only started to flourish after their reunification with their primarch.

          During the great crusade they didn’t have that much time to experiment and improve or make a new better version. The current Space Marines worked surprisingly well. But they started to fail, to degenerate or take up unwanted attributes (Canis Helix, Flesh change, Blood drinking to name just a few).

          From what I got Robute ordered Cawl to do this work at the end of Heresy so he didn’t have to be a scientists himself. With his DNA he might be possible to rejuvenate current gene seed which might already be a big push.

          Then we know that the older the human turned into a Space Marine the worse the result. So let’s skip that take babies no let’s make babies out of gene seed and primarch DNA. Total heresy under inquisition and Ecclesiarcy so they need high order higher than the high lords of terra. The emperor himself or something equal would have to allow the creation of something more holy than space marines.

          It takes roughly a century from ordering a chapter to finish a full chapter. Faster tries always resulted in failure (might not be the case here because primarch DNA and stuff or accelerated growth).

          We don’t know how much time will pass between Gathering of Strom and 8ed. There might be a few years to prepare for the crusade. Or we will only see very few ubermarines at first.

          At least that’s how I would justify these new ubermarines.

    • Shinnentai

      I reckon the Guillimarines will turn out like the clone Stewie makes of himself in Family Guy.

    • euansmith

      Maybe Guilliman will reinstate the THUUUUUUNDAAAARRR WAAAARRRRRIIIIOOOORRR Initiative? After all, he needs a bunch of ultimate-barstools to punch the galaxy in the face.

      They don’t need to be warrior-monks, just big, nasty and loyal. The old Thunder Warriors would fit the bill.

      The Imperium could build gestation barges which would travel to war zones and then spit out an army of super-tough mooks. Like human Tyranids.

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  • Lord Crabby


  • Carey_Mahoney

    Wow, what a groundbreaking article. Filled to the brim with information…

    (hint: irony)