GW: New Retailer Online Carts & Discounts Coming

Games Workshop has some changes coming for their retail partners. Change is coming for the shopping experience!

For many, many years Games Workshop has barred retail partners from having an online cart. Well starting May 3rd 2017, that’s all changing. In section C “Minimum Online Requirements for all Retailers” of their updated “Games Workshop 2017 North American Retailer Policy” (which you can read in full HERE) it lists the following:

I’m no lawyer, but even I can see that this is a basic outline for allowing retailers to setup online carts and sell Games Workshop Products over the internet.

On top of that, Games Workshop is also placing a cap on ADVERTISED Price Discounts of 15% below Manufacturer’s Recommended Price (MRP). This Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is designed to help even the playing field for retailers. It’s something that other manufacturers have done as well. Fantasy Flight Games did a similar move back in 2015.

Read the Full Trade Account Minimum Advertised Price Policy HERE.

Again, I’m not a legal expert but even I can see that this is to prevent stores publicly advertising a discount of greater than 15% for Games Workshop Products. Now, at least in the US, they cannot force a retailer to sell a product at as specific price – this just applies to advertising. So partner stores can still sell Games Workshop Products at a steeper discount in-store, they just can’t openly advertise it.

What does this mean for Retailers? I hope you are ready to fire-up an online cart for Games Workshop Products! Just watch those ADVERTISED discount prices…

For more information for Retailers contact your trade sales rep or go check out their trade policy updates online HERE.

These go into effect May 3rd, 2017 – Are you ready for the new digital sales era!? It’s been a long time coming…

  • Admiral Raptor

    It’s still weird to see GW act like a real company. Maybe we’ll see some good discounts from online retailers in the near future. 15% off isn’t good enough for me, but hopefully some retailers will go lower than that on non advertised sales.

    • Aezeal

      There are plenty who do 20% off already right?

      • right

      • Lewismauler

        Most do 18-25 depending on price of item. The more expensive the steeper the s discount, which works great on those start collecting and battle forces which are already steeply discounted by GW themselves

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Lots will do 20%.

      • Walter Vining

        and they will lose their trade license when they do it

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Advertise at 15, apply 20 at check out. Not rocket science

          • Walter Vining

            My understanding is that if they do that they will still lose license.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            They only lose the license if they advertise the fact that they sell their GW products at 20% off.

            Of course we do not have the whole list of guidelines here on the BOLS article, so it may go into more depth.

          • Claude Galarneau

            Nope it is clear in the retailers info that even ”after” chekout or any other shenanigans you will lose your retailer status if youre discounts go below 15%. I am a brick and mortar shop and have just received the said info but in greater depth. And all the online ”retailers” selling below 20% have just hurt shops a lot in the past ten years, making many of us close. So we are all good with the new direction.

          • Guillermo Cordido

            i’m used to shop via e-mail and never attended to any shop as i’m not from the U.S….
            that’s not good.

        • Iconoc1ast

          Is this something that only happens in the US? There have been online retailers with online carts selling at up to 25% for years in the UK. I bought all the big box games from them for the past couple of years.

    • Walter Vining

      theres nothing wrong with 15% stop being uber greedy. This is an awesome move for all of the retailers. you should be buying at the store you play anyway

      • Hussein Alobaidi

        Why ?

        • Hedwerx

          Because if you regularly use a store to play games, you should be helping support the store you use as a gaming venue.

        • Champildhir

          Can’t believe you’re even asking why…

      • ThorOdinson

        I’ll stop being “uber greedy” when GW stops being Greed Personified and no longer charges us astronomical prices for plastic models.

  • Crevab


  • frankelee

    What’s more amazing is: how are they still in business given all this?

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    GW Acts normal. Prais be

    Kevin Rountree! PRAIS BE!

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      No, now you will most likely have to buy at 15 percent off not 25. Not good for the customer.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        Never bought online since i most of the time buy only 1 Pack and the shipping and time is it not worth for it. And the store here ist very pleasant.

        • OctopusVolcano

          Worth it for start collecting boxes and anything that retails in store over 40.

          • Guillermo Cordido

            i’m used to only buy online as there are no retail stores in my country, so that news is not good for me.
            i’m used to buy at 22% discount

          • TenDM

            That’s a problem with GW’s prices. A box of models shouldn’t be so expensive that you need a 22% discount.
            Maybe you will be lucky and GW will allow online stores in your country to offer bigger discounts to people there.

          • Guillermo Cordido

            in my country there are no GW stores at all, i buy from USA retailers or from UK, even ocasionally i buy from Spain when a friend of mine travel to that country.

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            Maybe, but i personally do not like too buy stuff online. I want it in my hands the moment i buy it. Happended too often that i waited long for a delivery. Also, i do not use Paypal. (and i never will) or online Payment stuff

    • dave long island

      I for one continue to welcome our GW Overlords!… lol 🙂

  • This is great news for independent retailers actually. Some online distributors are selling for just a small margin above cost, which a FLGS has no way at all of competing with. I see so many people buying things online for 25% off MSRP, then go to their FLGS and play without buying a thing… It’s awful that people expect a store to support them, while they themselves do not support the store they play at. At least if the best you can get is 10-15% off by buying online, you may prefer to but it at the store instead for the instant gratification.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Stores need to offer a discount in this day and age, at least 10% to knock Tax out of the picture.

      • Claude Galarneau

        That is such a stupid comment it is laughable! If people would stop buying online maybe all the brick and mortar strores could afford giving you rebates. At our store we give rebates when you have spent a certain amount in store in a certain amount of time. THAT is us proving to our custumers we care about their business. Customers wanting something without giving back are the ones that will most likely buy online anyways. So no matter to them, we give our time and service to loyal customers. Dont ask yourself why all youre stores are closing, we need youre business. If you are bringing it to joe nobody 1000 miles away you dont deserve a store. BUT!!!! many stores look like caves and smell like them too…. and catter to only troglodyte customers… those can close…. they are giving us all a bad name anyway.

        • TenDM

          Yep. My FLGS suffers from this a lot. You can get a 25% discount on GW stuff if you’re purchasing a frequently, and people still complain and buy online because the base discount is ONLY 15%.

          The sad part is that people don’t own stores that sell this stuff to make a profit. Generally if you’ve got the skills to make a games store work you’ve got the skills to make a much more profitable business work.
          I mean you buy a pack of Terminators and they make a few dollars, but the store has to stock Scouts, Terminators, Tactical Marines, Dreadnoughts, Rhinos, Start Collecting, and the same for each army. Otherwise I’ll complain about the limited range and take my business elsewhere.
          That’s a huge investment that would reap better returns pretty much anywhere else. The industry is basically a community service.

          I play X-Wing for free every Tuesday night and the only rule is that you buy your dinner there instead of bringing your own. Full use of air conditioner/heater, gaming facilities and toilets for free. You can’t get much better than that.

          Heh. Sorry to rant, I don’t think people who buy online are the devil, but as a small business owner it drives me nuts when people imply that when a buying price is $4.50 and the selling price is $10 the store makes an easy $5.50. The overhead alone on a place that has enough room to fit four gaming tables and some racks for models is insane. Factor in that they have their own families, mortgages, etc to cover and it would be so much easier to get another job.

          • lmn118

            Could be worse you could be in the UK where 20% of your sale price goes into thr governments pockets.

  • enold

    Say good bye to Slaanesh. “Selling or stock products deemed inappropriate for customers under 18 years of age”

    • Crevab


      • Nogle

        Would that not also apply to kingdom death?

  • pompeyladBFP

    way I’ve heard it is that if stores stay within the 0-15% discount gw will allow the stores to buy it a cheaper trade price. Therefore a store selling gw at 20-25% of won’t make much profit per unit sold, but will still sell more. Whilst someone offering units at 15% off makes an extra profit as they buy them cheaper from GW

    • Claude Galarneau

      If the store goes below 15% it will be able to order but at the same price as any normal customer. So losing all retailer benefits.

      • shabbadoo

        Wrong. A retailer who agrees to sell at a 15% discount or less nets a *FURTHER* discount in additional to the standard wholesale discount level. For example, a store that sells GW products at a 20% discount might pay the standard rate of 55% of MRP for any ordered GW items (a 25% net). However, if a store sells GW products for a 15% discount or less, they might get a -5% bonus to their order cost and so only pay 50% of MRP for ordered GW items (a 35% net). Perhaps a deeper discounting store can make an acceptable profit through sheer volume of sales, but then they will be doing more work to earn it.

        The key point of this new agreement is that the decision on how to run one’s business is left in the hands of independent retailers, as it should be.

  • OctopusVolcano

    My local retailer sells everything full price. I only buy paint from them. I don’t think I’ll ever pay full whack for standard GW stuff. I’m paying 37 for a 50 box atm, discount cap hits me pretty hard.

    • rtheom

      You only purchasing paints from your local retailer hits them pretty hard. I sure hope you don’t actually do anything else in that store.

  • Douglas Burton

    Reading the agreement, it definately sounds like they’re limiting to 15% off, and this includes any other promotions. So it looks like GW is trying to eliminate any bigger discounts online than 15%. The funny line is where it says this includes other promotions etc, so online retailers can’t do a buy one get one free promotion, or give x amount of dollars off after discount as this is all considered part of the 15% discount. I love how they put in that this includes auction sites. Going to be kinda hard to limit ebay auctions in this manner. So smarter retailers will set up an ebay account under a name that is not associated with a shop and go from there.

    • shabbadoo

      Stores can discount deeper if they want to – they just won’t get the an *additional* level of discount off of their orders. GW hopes retailers will limit discounts to 15% by offering an incentive to do so (i.e. an additional discount off of MRP when they place orders). So far as I know, It would be illegal for GW to *demand* any retailer not ever go below a certain discount level, ever (such as even on special sale days, like Black Friday, Boxing Day, etc.). Beats the round-about “Limit what you do to this, or we just won’t sell to you.” method of strong-arm vertical price fixing GW has been imposing on retailers for a few years now. That was an a-hole move on the part of GW.

      Overall, this new policy is very well thought out, and will have the benefit of promoting further awareness/availability of GW’s products by having it visible on most every independent retailer website and not just their own, and that should end up generating more interest and so move more product. It should also cut down on some of the “I love GW’s products, but the company’s policies are #$@%!!!” talk. :p One would think this is a “Duh!” thing, all that free internet advertising/presence some GW corporate genius put the kabosh on for years. Seems there just might be somebody with some common sense/business sense in GW’s upper management now.

  • lmn118

    Hopefully they will roll this out to the UK as well.