GW: Next Week’s Prices & Products CONFIRMED


Fasten your seatbelts – GW is dropping a wayward Primarch, plus Blood Bowl and Citadel goodies onto the shelves.

We are wrapping up March and GW is dropping the new White Dwarf, a Blood Bowl release wave, plus some new Citadel supplies to up your hobby game.

White Dwarf

April 2017 $9

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl Orc Troll: $25

Blood Bowl Cards –  Team Titans Pack: $15

Blood Bowl Orc Team – The Gouged Eye: $35



Citadel Hobby

Knife: $32

Saw: $32

Tweesers: $12.50

Black Library

Magnus the Red $19 (Hardback)

Lord of the mystical and uncanny, Magnus the Red has long studied the ancient crafts of sorcery. A psyker without peer, save only for the Emperor himself, he commands his loyal followers of the Thousand Sons Legion in the Great Crusade, though also vigilant for any lost knowledge they might recover from the remains of dead human civilisations. Now, fighting alongside his brother Perturabo of the Iron Warriors, Magnus begins to foresee an approaching nexus of fate – will he remain true to their mutual aims, or divert his own efforts towards furthering his own mastery of the warp?

Written by Graham McNeill

~Who’s picking up what?

  • Honest Kairos

    Saw, knife, tweezers. Sounds like they did listen after all.

    “We at Games Workshop have heard you loud and clear! We’re now offering you the tools needed to assemble your Sisters of Battle army!”

  • Harkeal III Brennon

    I wonder will they focus on Emperors children any time soon… New minis, primarch, anything…

    • Honest Kairos

      To be honest, I don’t think they know what to do with Emperors Children at this point besides scratch their chin and wonder how FW has done such amazing things with the Legion.

      • Harkeal III Brennon

        Yeah, models are perfect. At this point Im wondering to buy them or wait bit longer for GWs

        • Honest Kairos

          That’s a tough call. If your luck is like mine it’ll result in buying a lot of FW stuff, then a month later GW announces a whole new line of mini’s for the army you just bought from FW.

          • Harkeal III Brennon

            Yeah. Same luck here my friend. 🙁

        • Cergorach

          Honestly, how long are you willing to wait? It’s been a while since the Tzeench marines, Nurgle marines are up next, but I don’t know when. I would even flip a coin to see whether the Khorne Berzerkers get a resculpt before the Slanesh marines… So it could take a while.

          • Harkeal III Brennon

            Basically best option to start them is to take Lucius from GW and FW Kakophony pack together with FW Emperors children tactical squad?

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I’ve been waiting since 2nd for new plastic plague marines. I can wait a little longer 🙂

          • Harkeal III Brennon

            I hope they are next but Im not sure because they did not released Noise marines only some upgrades. For plague marines I found Spellcrow models perfect alternative and for obliterators Wargameexclusive Plague obliterators. Of course I will buy whatever they release for Death guard. 🙂

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I like Spellcrow and WGE (going to buy some of their Mechanicus stuff at some point) but I would really like to see what GW could do with Plague Marines. The putrid blightkings were awesome models that absolutely no-one was asking for! Lets have some awesome models that people have been begging for for 20 years please GW!

          • Harkeal III Brennon

            Death Guard and Emperors children till July or else! 😉

      • wibbling

        Eh? This makes no sense whatsoever. It’s more likely that you don’t know what they’re planning.

        • Honest Kairos

          Well no, of course I don’t know what they’re planning. Just saying they haven’t really done much with the Emperor’s Children in a while.

      • Alexis Muscat

        You mean for Heresy ? Because in terms of Noise marines and 40k EC there’s nothing :/ .

        • Honest Kairos

          Both, actually. Was just saying FW does have good mini’s for his Legion, and it’s definitely not impossible to just use them in 40k.

    • They just had the first book in a Fabius Bile trilogy released to great acclaim, a Lucius novel/trilogy in the works, first book out this summer/fall, and the Emperor’s Children got a great showing in the Horus Heresy recently.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lucius getting an updated model around the novel release, and a campaign book for the Legion.

  • Dan Wilson

    Bit of a gap filler week then. I’ll likely pick up the saw though.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Currencies yadayada

  • Dumbcow1

    Are they bringing the old knife back? I hate the retractable one

    • ZeeLobby

      Agreed. The rubber handled one has by far been my favorite. I have 3 of them floating around I will keep til I die

    • Honest Kairos

      Random question. Did the handle on yours warp? Like, it won’t lock the blade in place/close completely? Happened to mine, just wondering if it’s more commonplace.

      • danutzfreeman

        Happened to me as well,you can move the handle pretty easily so just set it back into place.

  • Shinnentai

    There’s usually less expensive options available for modelling tools than the GW ones. From what I’ve seen of them up close I don’t think the GW ones are worth paying a premium for either.

    These weeks are really just a count-down to the Dwarf release 😉

    • Noah Jerge

      Very true. The new tools are really expensive.

  • Wampasaurus

    Anyone know what the Team Titans Pack is for Bloodbowl that’s coming out?

  • Chet Atkinson


  • orionburn

    $35 for a saw? That costs and arm and leg. It’s like which came first – the chicken or the egg. You need the saw to hack a limb off in order to pay for it, but can’t pay for it without the saw to begin with.

  • What are “Team Titan Pack” cards?

    • Keith Wilson

      a colossal waste of money 🙂

      • Ah I got clarification they are more event cards. Definitely need to snag them then for our league.

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      GW take on Teen Titans, all with a catchy theme song!

  • Emperor’s Champion

    tbh, the tweezers are a bit late on the market and a bit unnecessary as none of the GW bits are small or intricate enough to warrant them, unless you oddly have 10 clubbed fingers then yeah tweezers are essential. But after building 1/144 and 72 kits GW kits feel HUGE

  • MechBattler

    KNIFE and SAW for $32 each? Those things better be silver plated.

    • Xodis

      They are better than silver plated, they are “GW official”!!!

  • blackbloodshaman

    32 dollars for a knife?

  • Matt Willis

    Haven’t seen the Blood Bowl Troll, is that new? Also where’s the cover to the new White Dwarf?

  • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

    When you need Blood Bowl cards you know who to call. Team Titans!
    From your angle you can see it all. Team Titans!

  • No pictures of the troll?

  • loveone789

    i need those blood bowl orcs