Infinity: Fat Yuan-Yuan Arrives

There is a new Infinity set of minis that hunger for more than your wallet!

The menu’s a nice touch…

via Corvus Belli



They comes with both “combat action” and “eating action” – NICE!

The Fat Yuan Yuan 29,95€

Brutal and devastating: we could define the Yuan Yuan pirates and mercenaries in those terms, but there is no Yuan Yuan more devastating than the Fat Yuan Yuan. A rumor of the fat Yuan Yuan’s existence caught the attention of the Infinity community on the forums and won a legion of fans who wanted a figure of this charismatic character, and that day has arrived.

~Who’t picking up this guy with some take out while you’re at it?

  • Joel Carrera

    i don’t even play infinity and I need that guy. So many nice touches.

  • Gorsameth

    When an april fools joke becomes reality…
    (tho with the pre-order running to april 3e there is still a chance its fake)

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Ironic coming from the avatar of a Pandarian? Seems to be a thing these days no?

    • JuliaGreen111

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  • euansmith

    Fat-shaming in the shiny chrome future 😉

    • palaeomerus

      Yuan Yuans are shammed generally just for being Yuan Yuan

  • rakshasa

    Pre-Ordered! At last the circle is complete!