Kharadron Overlords: Look What’s Under the Armor

Come see the one piece of evidence of what is really under all that Duardin armor.

GW showed a little more leg on the Kharadron Overlords with a piece of artwork. They say this is the ONLY image repesenting the Duardim out of their eve present armor. Take a look:

Nice tattoos (and longjohns)!

We also get yet another image of the upcoming range:

Now I want to know what the heck those green skull flamey-things are!

I can hardly wait for the new range arriving in April!  Tide yourself over with our shots of the range from GAMA 2017:

See the Entire Kharadron Overlord Range Here

~ Do we really want to know what every faction looks like underneath their armor?



  • Basti Schreyer

    No real shocker here. The dude in the suit is just a dude.
    At least we get a picture showing the relative sizes of the ships.

    • Jared Swenson

      Exactly. I smh at idiots crying about how it makes no sense that they never leave their armor. Well duh. All they said was nobody has ever seen them outside of their armor. Definitely looking forward to reading all the juicy fluff in the battletome. I think GW is finally realizing how to build up hype for a product rather than springing it on us with little to no build-up.

    • Raven Jax

      Agreed. When they said they were never seen outside of their suits, I didn’t take it to mean anything like it was a hard and fast rule or was some mythical thing. Just that they’re up in the air a lot, so they have pressure suits. I think we’ll probably see some more of them out of armor, especially once the book comes out.

  • Hagwert

    Dwarves in Spaaaaace ……..and long johns !

  • Shinnentai

    I hadnt twigged before, but these will be a lot bigger than the dwarves of past editions, right?

    • SirDavideo

      I really hope not, I want to put old world dwarf heads on these if I get them.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        I am sure they are larger, however, being a large suit, maybe a smaller head is ok, representing the space to fit that beard into the beard armor?

    • Tshiva keln

      They will probably be a little bigger as they are slightly increasing size on new models for AOS.

      • Fungrim

        I’d imagine in the same vein as Fyreslayers (on 32s rather than 25s)

        • Shinnentai

          Hrm – I don’t think the basic troops will be on 32s. Seems from the group picture in the article that some of the ranged guys are though?

          But even if the basic guys are only on 25s, they’re looking pretty big in comparison to WFB Dwarves. It’ll be a shame if they look odd next to eachother as I’d like to use both in an army.

  • Chumba
  • Fungrim

    Hahahaha, I remember about 12 months ago when a few people on here said the AoS artwork was terrible hahahahaha.


    • Aezeal

      GW hasn’t had bad artwork (overall, not individual exceptions) for years upon years.

      • Fungrim

        Exactly – it’s almost as if they employ lots of talented people or something

      • Hrudian

        Well, I agree that the first batch of art for AoS was very poorly made. Very “flat”, weird compositions, not very detailed and more like photoshop-brushed over model pictures.

        Overall it lacked the dense details that made you stare at a pic for 15 mins.

        (the adeptus mecanicus codex has the same issue btw)

    • Timotheus

      The artwork is ok. The content in this setting is what’s terrible. If I want to play dudes in automated armour I play 40k….

      • DJ860

        So don’t buy them, big whoop.

        Not sure why your personal preference makes them terrible.

        But then hey, perhaps you are terrible.

      • Fungrim

        Well I was specifically talking about AoS artwork.

        But hey if you want the ‘AoS isn’t fantasy enough for me’ debate then go ahead.

        It’s about time all swords, axes, shields, anything hinting at magic, beards and especially outlandish colours – all get outlawed from 40k. I mean what place do these things really have in the Grim Dark setting of a futuristic universe?

        Further still we really need to curb all technological advancements in fantasy settings, I mean I know the industrial revolution looks fun and everything but we really should be limiting ourselves to pre-Medieval influences.

        Make fantasy great again.

  • orionburn

    Super excited for these guys to become available. And also terrified at what the pricing will be on the airships.

    • Aezeal

      Yeah that big one seems quite a bit more massive than Alarielle or Archaon right?

      • Aezeal

        I like a few big models.. but I mean.. treelord/alarielle size.. I don’t really want Warlord Titan sized monsters on my table.

        • orionburn

          Alarielle runs $130 so given the apparent size of the big airship I’m guessing it’s going to be close to that price, which is a big ouch. Really would like to get into AoS and start with these guys but may have to hold off a bit. Lot will depend on what the cost of the other stuff runs. I know it isn’t a must to buy the biggest kit right off the bat.

          • Aezeal

            I’m not going to start a new army but if I don’t get releases for my armies then I’ll probably get one to ally. Probably just going to get the one that seems best for it’s points 😀

    • dave long island

      Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • Jasko

    I am constantly coming back to the pictures of the giant airship and
    scour the interweb for suitable things to build a blimp out of, this
    will be the centerpiece for my 8th Ed Dwarf army (based on the
    Thunderbarge rules from the rulebook)
    By the way, anybody with a good idea for a blimp? Right now, I am favouring a tank from a super soaker or something like that…

    • euansmith

      That’s a neat idea. Personally, I’d look at leaving the lift devices off altogether to reduce the size of the model and the chances of knocking it over.

      • Jasko

        Well these globe-things have to go completely, the blimp will then probably be magnetised for easy transport and stuff. But while gaming it has to be attached of course.

    • Ebsolom

      I’m thinking of converting them to biplanes : /

      • Jasko

        Sounds ambitious, but do share if finished

    • Hedwerx

      That or the float from a cistern makes a good frame to putty a round balloon onto.

      • Jasko

        not a bad idea! I guess I have to stroll around a hardware store and look for stuff

    • Aezeal

      Wire frame and papermache (not sure how it’s called in english) seems like it would give a realistic look.

      • Jasko

        Yeah, there is the “Thunderchild” on Youtube for example using that, this looks to soggy for my taste. I have something more bulging in mind, like this artwork from Warhammer Online. So I guess it is rather a long balloon than a blimp…

        • Aezeal

          I’d say try something with some sort of bottle. Cut of the top and seal it in a rounded manner.. the bottom with the (often) 5 bumps makes a good and sturdy frame to place fins on with maybe an engine in the middle. Use a big one or 2 smaller ones next to each other?

          • Jasko

            Jup, thanks for the suggestion, I think something like this will be the it. Good idea with the bumps! I am leaning more towards one big balloon. I anyways have to wait until I really have the sprues in my hand to see what fits and how. Then it’s off to the hardware store and supermarket 😉

  • dave long island

    Yeah, those are nice longjohns.

  • Aaditya Rangan

    green skull flamey things are just the top of the dragonfate dais

  • Ian Hunter

    Number one on the evil overlord list.
    My Legions of Terror will have helmets with clear plexiglass visors, not face-concealing ones.

  • Timotheus

    When will they finally force AoS and 40k all together and thus ruin both systems once and for all?

  • memitchell

    With all due respect to AoS, from a 40K crossover perspective, check out the link to the entire range. There’s a variety of foot troop types, characters, jump troops, jet bikes (um, propbikes?), hover tank and transport.

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    Lousy hipsters.

  • Xodis

    So do the guys manning the ships have parachutes or something? Pretty sure if they all fall to their deaths they wouldn’t be a mystery just uncovered.

    • Jasko

      Dwarven technology does not fail

  • Paul Andrighetti

    Did anyone else notice that the dwarf baloon hero is holding a chainsword? Thought that was intresting.