Kromlech: New Storm Cannon

Kromlech has a new Heavy Weapon Platform: The Storm Cannon – it brings the thunder and the fire!

Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Storm Cannon – 19,99 €

This set contains one resin Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform armed with Storm Cannon, and is designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale vehicles. This model is approximately 53mm long, 44mm wide and 45mm height.

Check out the full Legionaries line here!

  • Shawn

    Well a little too late. I have four thunderfire cannons already. Although, I might be able to use that kit to make an Achillies Pattern Landraider.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    The many flavours of quad cannons…

  • Sparti67

    I like this pattern better than GW.

  • CMAngelos

    Meh, Rapiers look better imo and come with the crew already.

  • Drpx

    So…I guess this means Thunderfire cannons are getting removed from the next marine codex? Then again, GW seems to have learned they actually need to make models for stuff or someone else will.