Mynock Squadron: Erratageddon – What the FAQ?

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X-Wing pilots, they’re coming in! Four nerfs at three seventeen!

Welcome to the Mynock Podcast LIX

A new meta is almost upon us as Fantasy Flight Games recently dropped a new FAQ on us. Squads that were once at the top of the food chain now find themselves scrambling to cope with new Alpha (strike?) builds. The Mynocks discuss the big four nerfs and how the meta might shift and adapt to them. Also there’s a pretty…Scyk preview as well.

[00:00:00] Intros
[00:03:45] FAQ Talk: The Big 4
[01:13:00] FAQ Talk: Other Changes
[01:40:00] What’s the New Meta?
[01:58:00] Scyk Preview
[02:20:00] Mynock Bounty: Howl did you do that?


Ryan Farmer
Dallas Parker
Dee Yun


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  • JD Robertson

    Yeah, how crazy would it be if they gave reinforce to a non-Epic ship…