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Edge of Eventide is a “dramatic campaign” for Pathfinder. What does that mean exactly…

Howdy folks, today we’re going to take a look at the Edge of Eventide–a dramatic campaign that uses the Pathfinder setting. What exactly makes this a Dramatic Campaign? Well I’m glad you asked, convenient rhetorical reader–it’s all about you and your friends taking on the roles of a specific set of heroes. Part RPG campaign, part character study, this campaign looks pretty unique.

I first heard about it from some folks up at this year’s GaryCon…

Designed by Jason Bulmahn (creator of Pathfinder, lead designer at Paizo–guy’s got a pedigree), Edge of Eventide casts you as one of six heroes who have a great deal of baggage between them. Take a look, courtesy of Minotaur Games:

Six flawed heroes set out to complete a quest started long ago. A quest that they failed. A quest that cost them the life of a dear friend. That dreadful day ended their fellowship, scattering their number. While some left to find their fortune, others ran to forget their past. Only the pact remained. A pact to reunite to make amends for their failure. A pact to meet again at the Edge of Eventide.

The Edge of Eventide is a Dramatic Campaign, a series of linked adventures with player characters provided. Each character in this adventure comes with a rich backstory, engaging personality, goals, and motivations. In addition to complex interactions between characters, each PC is also woven into the plot of the adventure, creating a complete storytelling experience.

Broken up into three acts, this campaign is designed to be played in about 60-80 hours. Each act is split into three adventures, each playable in one long session or a few short ones. Each adventure will include new information for the characters as well, including additional background details, custom rules, and personalized options.

Photo credit: Jason Bulmahn

Now I have to say, I really like the idea of taking on a character who comes with a little bit of heft to their backstory. And from the sound of it, the game is as much about figuring out the fellowship of these former friends, as it is about actually completing the quest. It reminds me a lot of a good Nordic LARP–something like the Tribunal (by the way have you played the Tribunal? Why not? What are you waiting for, go do it!) where it’s about playing a specific character and putting them through the paces.

I am intrigued at the prospect of combining that style of character drama with a more traditional adventure.


The Edge of Eventide campaign includes six premade characters. Players in the campaign will take on the role of one of these heroes. Their actions will decide if they succeed or fail, unify as a company again or carry on a decade old grudge. Will the heroes prove victorious in spite of their failings or overcome their personal demons only to succumb to the encroaching darkness? Their fate yours to decide.

I really want to see how well this works out. A traditional RPG adventure with super juicy narrative/roleplaying hooks? Count me interested. You can find out more from Minotaur Games, so click the link below and get in on the party.

Check out Edge of Eventide from Minotaur Games

Happy Adventuring!

  • Shawn

    This is a pretty cool idea. It would be better if they could somehow weave in the use of a player’s own pcs.