Privateer: CID Battle Engines Update

Privateer talks about the big buffs coming to Battle Engines in the days ahead.


via Privateer:

The first thing you might have heard about last month after the excitement of SmogCon (now Lock & Load Europe) is that Steamroller 2017 will be going through the full CID process after Grymkin. Our intrepid Organized Play Developer William Hungerford has gone whole-hog on this new version, and I know he is very much looking forward to putting it through its paces with everyone in CID.

Beyond Steamroller 2017, the next cycle of CID is going to offer some big opportunities. And by big, I mean huge…bases, that is. One of the major highlights for the next CID cycle is a reevaluation of our first huge-based models, the battle engines. For the last couple of months, we’ve been testing and reworking how battle engines perform on the battlefield because even with the changes in the new editions, we still don’t feel these impressive centerpiece models have hit the mark as perfectly as we’d like.

Because no preview is as exciting without spoilers, I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at what you’ll be seeing when we introduce this rework into CID. First, we realized one of the biggest issues facing all battle engines is durability on the tabletop. So, many battle engines have seen a jump in damage boxes, with nearly every battle engine now having 30-38 boxes. In addition to increasing battle engine survivability, we’ve also worked to identify key roles for every battle engine in order to give them additional army synergy beyond of just destroying enemy models.

My favorite example of this is probably the change to the Wraith Engins’s Unhallowed ability, which now reads…

Unhallowed – While in this model’s command range, friendly Faction undead models gain +2 ARM against ranged and magical attacks and do not suffer blast damage. 

Another example of infusing army synergy into battle engines is reflected in new additions to the Celestial Fulcrum, which picked up two new abilities:

Power of the Stones – During your Control Phase, this model can leech fury from friendly Faction construct warbeasts.

Veteran Leader [Blackclad] – While in this model’s command range, other friendly Blackclad models gain +1 to attack rolls.

While this is just to whet your appetite with a small glimpse of what’s in store, believe me when I say there are exciting changes coming for every Faction’s battle engine. Beginning at the end of April, we’ll put the current reworked versions into CID in the hopes that with your help, by the end of the cycle, battle engines will finally take their place as the engines of war we always envisioned and you always wanted them to be.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right, there is one more very important element to the next CID cycle. The final piece of that cycle will be an intensive review of the upcoming Bane Thrall theme force dropping in No Quarter #73. Not only will this give everyone a chance to have a hand in testing the Bane Thrall theme force itself, but we will also be putting all the Banes into the cycle for testing as well. One special note for those of you who pick up the Cryx Command book and notice only one theme force in that book. Don’t fret—the Bane theme force is your second one. However, we knew we wanted additional time with not only the theme force but with the models that comprised it as well, so we decided to keep them out of the book and reserve them for CID, where we could work with the entire WARMACHINE and HORDES community to make this iconic theme the best it could be.

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  • Is it still news if it’s a week late?

    • Kinsman

      First I’ve heard of it. Interesting decision on the battle engines. Back in MK2 when I played, they were largely useless outside of a few Menoth lists.

      • Shawn

        Mine was kind of useful, but, as a Cygnar player I used it exclusively with Nemo3 for that range 14 lightning carnage.

      • marxlives

        Gun Carriage was awesome too, problem is that they were usually limited to one caster or build to make them shine. New players would have no clue and for veterans it may include additional buys before the piece became awesome. Don’t get me wrong trampling over Storm Blades to double barrel Nemo in the face with cannons was awesome. But it will be cool to see more of a reason to field these pieces, they do look impressive on the table.

        At the same time I understand why PP is being careful with any of their huge base models. They don’t want them to be the superheavy titans of 40k. I can look at a table and if there are only Tau huge base models on one side and regular army composition on the other side I already know who is winning that game.

  • petrow84

    Old news, but still news. I am curious if they are planning to soup up the TEP, that thing is a beast already.

    • I doubt it. If anything, I’m hoping they’ll bring all the other BEs up to the level of the doomhoover. It’s really the standard of what a BE should be: powerful and influential without being uncounterable, bringing a unique set of capabilities that can’t be accessed elsewhere in the faction, and usable with several different ‘casters.

      • petrow84


        • The Tranfinite Emergence Projector. It looks kind of like an art deco-styled vaccuum and makes any small thing that get in front of it go away.

          • petrow84

            For me it’s like an art-deco last for boots, but I see your point.

  • Crevab

    Since they didn’t state what changed, Unhallowed went from:
    +2 ARM on friendly faction w/ Incorporeal and no blast damage
    +2 ARM versus Ranged and Magical for friendly faction Undead and no blast damage