Hordes: New Grymkin Faction Minis Pics

Gyrmkin 1

Straight from the display cases of GAMA, we have new shots of some upcoming Hordes & Warmachine minis:

A few weeks back Privateer pulled the covers off their latest faction, Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest, the new faction for HORDES! Grymkin arrive at Lock & Load GameFest 2017 July 14th – 16th.


Now let’s take a look at what was in the Privateer Press display cabinets in Las Vegas:

Now THAT is a proper Khadoran mustache!

Info from the Faction Reveal Video

Below are some teasers from the video that we spotted in the GAMA pics:

Skin and Moans

skin and moans 1

Cage Rager

cage rager 1


rattler 1


Dread Rots

Dread rots 1

Witch Wood

witch wood 1

The Heretic

The Heretic

The Wanderer & King of Nothing

Wanderer King of Nothing 1


~More from the floor of GAMA as it comes in.



  • Solotaire Confinement

    Elaborate April fools a little early?

  • Ian Earle

    Oh my….this is amazing! Holy Crap! Forget GW!

  • ILikeToColourRed

    seems like a Halloween style release?

    • ZeeLobby

      Most are characters from the original RPG Warmachine was based off of.

    • Definitely a “harvest” theme going on in the faction, so the similarity isn’t surprising.

  • Emprah

    Pumpkin pie is one hell of an inspiration!

  • ZeeLobby

    Actually a big fan of those Ryssovas Defenders.

    • Yep. Those look great. Easily the best Nyss they’ve ever done.

  • Hawt Dawg

    That MoW Ternion better be available in the MoW Theme Force Book.

    Or I might just complain about it.

    • Coltcabunny

      It’s the Grey Lord Forge Seer and he’s out in April.

      • Hawt Dawg

        Yeah I was smoking crack when I wrote Ternion.

  • Jared van Kell

    Zavana is going to be interesting methinks being both a Grymkin warlock and a Khador warcaster. I am curious to see just what she can do.

  • BrassWitch

    Those things look great, wow. Would be cool to collect some of those models.

  • CloakingDonkey

    I dunno to me that still doesn’t look like a proper army… All their other armies have a nice coherency to them… even Mercs and Minions have their own sort of overarching style that binds them together.

    The Grymkin are all over the damn place… Nothing fits with anything else and while they’re all individually interesting and neat and I’m sure all lore fitting, it’s still going to be some comicky 3 little piggies, some pumpkin heads, some zombies, a big cephalyx construct, a Eve & the Apple Tree display model from Reaper, The Mask and a skinless demon from Helldorado…=(

    In fact it looks like the sort of random mess you get when you just take whatever was left in a LGS clearance sale and turn it into an army.

    • Crevab

      Yeah, it would’ve been nice if their was some sort of common item or style they could’ve used to tie the sins together

      • CloakingDonkey

        yeah even make it something camp like a yellow crystal that “corrupts” them or some such… just something.