Privateer Press Says Goodbye to Press Gangers

Press Gangers have been a staple of Privateer culture for years; but at the end of all things comes the broom.

here’s Privateer Press’s official announcement on the shuttering of the program:

Press Gang Program Comes to a Close

March 8, 2017 

Bellevue, WA — Privateer Press announced today the closing of its long-standing Press Gang program.

“The Press Gang has had an amazing and positive impact on the WARMACHINE & HORDES community during its run,” said Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson, “but over the years, it has grown to a point that we do not feel we can continue to offer both the Press Gangers and our retail customers the individualized attention we were once able to.”

Privateer Press will continue to support the Press Gang program until it comes to a final close on April 30, 2017.

The company will continue to support a variety of Organized Play events, including several new events debuting this year, at conventions and through brick-and-mortar retail stores. Future event kits are planned with additional support, including premium exclusives available nowhere else. WARMACHINE & HORDES events can be run by anyone wishing to organize the events for a local community, including employees of retail stores. Retailers are invited to contact Privateer Press customer support at with any questions or to obtain help in organizing in-store events.

Privateer Press salutes the members of the Press Gang and is grateful for their support and contribution to the WARMACHINE & HORDES community.

Said Wilson, “The Press Gang will always be a part of Privateer Press history.”



~Leave your thoughts on the Press Gangers and raise your glass to the efforts of the valiant volunteers over the years!

  • Walter Vining

    RIP the outrider program

  • OldHat

    I am probably reading too much into it and overthinking it… but I feel like PP is taking a step towards GW territory from when GW was kinda bad (no forums, no customer outreach, less approachable).

    Not full tilt, but a bit. Though again, I am likely overthinking it. 😀

    • WildWingZero

      There’s a lawsuit involving MtG and their judges that’s affecting everyone with this kind of program. It’s more other legal situations that will influence everyone.

      • faultie
        • Shawn

          Thanks faultie. That’s an interesting notion.

          • faultie


          • FiscalHermitCrab

            Don’t thank him, he’ll think he’s people.

        • Runitsgoggalor

          Thanks as well. that’s an interesting read!

        • OldHat

          Wow. That is something… Had no idea!

      • crazytuco

        Well, if that lawsuit that WotC is dealing with was the reason they’re dropping the volunteer program that has basically an army of players dedicated to promoting their game then they should have said so. Seems like a rather unceremonious goodbye to a large group who have done their company a considerable service over the years.

        I’m not sure what the hell is going on over at PP, but they seem to be doing all sorts of stuff the doesn’t seem to be very focused on growing customer confidence.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Admitting things opens you up to potential suits.

          Easier to just end the program.

        • faultie

          Having gotten the email, I will say it wasn’t unceremonious. PGs are getting a sweet Rewards Pack (for free), including custom miniature, artwork, patch, thank-you note, commendation thing, and a bunch of other bits. It at least seemed very genuine that this was something that had to happen and it was not an easy decision. I will say it sucks that it ends, but life goes on. I look forward to fielding my custom Black Ogrun Buccaneer (counts-as Ogrun Bokur) in the future.

          That is, until GW finally puts out some Arbites to fight the GS Cults, at which point I’m back on the wagon, hard. 😛

          • Hawt Dawg

            Sounds like they at least went out in style with those gifts.

            I like that.

          • faultie

            And Matt Wilson, PP’s owner/head guy, personally did the artwork and design for the model. The shield of the model is the same as the official PG coin that is given out to all PGs. It should be pretty sweet.

          • Michael Vaillancourt

            Matt did the concept art, the illustration was done by Nestor Ossandon.

          • faultie

            Oh, sorry about that. I don’t know how these things work. Regardless, my point was that this was a very sincere, personal effort from top to bottom.

            I’ll go back to reading legal texts and stop pretending to know about art. 🙁

          • Michael Vaillancourt

            No worries! Just making sure Nestor was properly credited for his illustration. 🙂

      • Red_Five_Standing_By


        Makes sense. They are de facto employees. I wonder what Wizards will do to replace the program.

        Lots of other games maintain similar judge systems. Heck, I was once a YuGiOh judge. I wonder what those companies will do (especially WizKids, as they have an extensive tournament system).

      • OldHat

        Really?! I hadn’t heard about that. Stopped following MtG ages ago.

      • Kinsman

        Not sure that couldn’t be resolved on PPs end with a simple agreement between themselves and the Press Gang. They may be hiding behind this wonderful coincidence but I don’t think it has much to do with it, personally.

    • Kinsman

      They’ve been moving in GWs direction for quite a while. This is just the next evolution in their development.

      • OldHat

        I just hope they don’t go through that awful phase of “let’s ignore out customers and do stupid crap” thing that GW did for many years. Maybe they will jump straight to what GW does now, which is working mostly well.

    • marxlives

      Outrider programs and such are great when your company is trying to get lift. Like when young bands depend on volunteers to bring community awareness about their tours. But at the company becomes larger it becomes a resource that takes…well a lot of resources to run and provide oversight, and it opens you up to meaningless litigation from settlement lawyers. PP has grown ALOT in the last 10 years but between the CID, Dynamic Development system, their continued release of Organized Events with the option for not only players to pick up the kits but the retailers too (who were previously banned from being PGs) is very far away from GW ending the Outrider program and releasing FAQs for non-SM forces every handful of years or so.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Makes sense in light of the Magic Judge case.

    Sad to see it go. Looks like PP will be focusing more on shops and word of mouth, I suppose.

  • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

    Honestly, no one held a gun to people’s heads to go to the tournaments and sign up as a judge. A few greedy rotten apples spoil it for everyone else.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Same thing happened with Volunteers at Cons.

    • OldHat

      Greedy? Eh. I know the work that went into judging events and how stressful it was. That they had to live up to expectations you associate with a job, I can see them wanting to be treated as employees if it is going to be what it is. I don’t see why WotC doesn’t just have them do contract work and call it a day. They needed judges, so they might as well.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • piglette

    What’s a press gang program?

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      It was a program where one person per community was selected as the official promoter of PP’s games. He was tasked with helping bring new people in, running events, etc. Basically being the face of the game.

      • piglette

        Thanks. What’s the Outrider Program then?

  • Drew

    So I get that this was done in light of the Magic suit, and that makes legal sense, and it does seem like they’re trying to do right by the PG crew at the end of the road here, but coming RIGHT on the heels of them gutting their forum and removing the discussion boards for the faction communities that so many players had come to know and love as part of their experience with the WM/H community, this is a very bad look for PP.

    Most unfortunate timing (which, admittedly, could have been solved by not being so draconian about the faction forums, which the community CLEARLY wanted to keep and asked/begged PP to retain in the single week they had between announcement of the new forums and the deletion of the faction communities).

    • OldHat