RUMOR CONTROL: Rise of the Primarch

Roboute Guiiliman is coming back to the 40K universe.  Let’s clear up some of the crazy stories doing the rounds.

The third installment of Gathering Storm is almost upon us. The rumors have been running hot and heavy for the past 2 weeks and coming out of the woodwork. The book’s official appearance is imminent, but we want to go over the things we KNOW are in the book and what’s NOT.

What’s in the Book confirmed via GW:

GW has officially unveiled the return of Roubutte Guilliman is happening

The three miniatures coming with the new book are: Guillliman, Cypher, and Grand Master Voldus

The story will pick up where Fracturing of Biel-Tan left off – with the heroes from Fall of Cadia and their new Eldar “Friends” on their way to Ultramar via the Webway.

We know from White Dwarf that Guilliman is successfully awaken and is making his way to Terra with a set of adventures taking him to several locations:

Chaos Marines, Alpha Legion, Red Corsairs, Thousand Sons, and Magnus all are encountered.


Now we can confirm that the following rumors are not contained in the upcoming book:

  • Abaddon’s Death – Not happening
  • The Emperor’s Death – Not happening
  • Cypher’s Identity Revealed – Not happening

Now it’s possible any of these things could happen later in the year long narrative arc. Sometimes rumormongers get info way early – but they are not occurring within the pages of Gathering Storm III.

~Just a little bit longer, before the Imperium is changed forever.


  • Myu

    Neat, I think I might get this white dwarf

  • Meister_Haufen

    How do you know? Do you have the book already?

  • Johan Strandh

    Wait, what? Cyphers identity reveal not happening? That has all ready happened. Or did I miss something?

    • Ravenwild

      Where do you think that happened? There’s been a few potential candidates but the current 40k Cypher is still as much of a mystery as ever.

    • There are a couple of potential candidates from the Heresy series, but even then the latest accounts are still throwing everything in doubt even as they give new hints. There is no confirmation anywhere yet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d keep it that way until at least the end of the HH series.

    • Zingbaby

      They said it’s NOT – NOT happening… so does that mean it is happening?!?!

    • Deathwing

      They cant reveal Cyphers true identity it would spoil one of the primary narrative arcs going on in the HH series with the Dark Angels.
      It would be like them just coming out and dropping the real names of all 8 of the original grey knight grand masters. It would be a waste of a good book opportunity.

  • Coltcabunny

    “Crazy stories doing the rounds”. Most of which were started by BOLS themselves for those precious precious clicks…

  • Roughneck

    Had to be pretty foolish to believe any of that would be happening anyway!
    BoLs wishlisting is once again shown for what it is.

  • Byungwook Kim

    Any news on the rules of Guilliman yet?

    • Walter Vining

      He Autoloses any games to space wolves

  • Eldar are Chaos now

    Using the power of the ynnari and grey knights, the ultramarine primarch will reforge ancient geneseed from the long dead space marine heroes into a new army – the eternal warpcast. They, along with the new allies of the imperium join together to form a new faction: the Guillimaeni

    • Iconoc1ast
      • William Jameson

        Quit making me want to make an Ultramarine-based Stormcast army for AoS. >:(

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      You missed:
      In a time before the oceans drank atlantis! There was only HIGH ADVENTURE!

      Dundundunduuun duuun dudu duuuunn! (Add riddle of steel here)

      • euansmith

        “What is the finest thing in life? To crush your customers’ will. To see sales driven before you. To hear the lamentation of their wallets.”

  • JFereday

    How do you know for certain? GW aren’t dumb enough (probably) to make a big reveal to those 3 things above in a WD article. If they did then there would be no reason to buy the book.

    Edit: This is even if any of these things were to happen anyway

  • euansmith

    “Hey, look, everybody! It’s Cypher! Maybe we will finally find out who he really is!”

    “For 10,000 years, I have kept my identity secret; but, finally, you will learn the shocking truth of my true identity! I will pull back my hood and reveal my face for the first time in 10,000 years! For I am…”

    “Ooooh, this is so exciting! I have been hoping my entire life to learn this dread secret, and, finally, the moment of truth has come!”

    “I am…”

    “I can barely contain myself! This is going to be the most exciting development, ever!”

    “I am…”

    “Hey, look, everybody! The Emperor has woken up!”

    “I am…”

    “Too late, buddy, you missed your moment in the sun. Emperor! Emperor! Emperor! Emperor!”

  • ChubToad

    The alfa legion wrote this article. I’m sure of it.

  • Orblivion

    I wonder if Dante’s prophecy will come into play in all of this.

    • Graham Bartram

      Well he could do with some better rules…. but then Blood Angels have been treated poorly for a long time. Weak scouts, lack of standard units that codex marines have and …well you all know how it goes. I don’t play Blood Angels but I do feel for the players that do.

      • Orblivion

        Actually Dante’s one of the best units we have IMO, I think he needs a new model though.

      • Djbz

        Dante’s really good, he got buffed in the latest codex.
        The Scouts were ‘sorted’ by the errata
        (Though I find it silly for trainees to have the same skill as standard marines)

  • SilentPony

    Oh great, you HAD to mention Alpha Legion. Now I don’t believe a word of any of this! Who knows if that’s even Guilliman! Could be Alpharius! We could ALL be Alpharius! Even you!

    …even me…

    …I am Alpharius.

  • Deathwing

    The alpha question here is did Papa Smurf kill Omegon or not? Becasue if he did all the talk of alpha legion primarchs is just comical.

    And please.. Try to comment on “well it could be alpharius”. Please. Go read Praetorian of Dorn already.

  • Lewismauler

    How can you confirm none of that is in the book? Just becuase GW hasn’t confirmed any of those rumours yet, which why would they since that would spoil any reason on buying the book aside from wanting the rules, any one of those would be the big grand game changing fluff aside from Guilliman returning which we’ve known

  • Bellumvinco

    When we find out The Lion has been sneaking around and hasn’t done anything for the Imperium for 10,000 years…

  • Bellumvinco

    How do we know the Night Haunter is dead, cause some Assassin says so…”So, uh yeah, he just let me come up behind him and shoot him in the head”. Really? That’s the best you could come up with? 😉

  • The14th

    Huh, so what the hell does Cypher do on Terra if the Emperor doesn’t “die”?

  • Moomin_1291

    I have the March White Dwarf in my hand, and I don’t see how anyone can claim for certain what will happen in Gathering Storm 3. It basically only says that Guilliman revives and that Cypher shows up; things we knew anyway. I think there is plenty of room for a few surprises and GW would be a little foolish to give everything away before the release of the book.

  • Hugh James Lamont

    So half of the rumors your controlling are the ones you were peddling over the last few weeks….?

  • Turrican

    The Emperor is definitely getting killed in this new book. Why has a grey knight chapter master been introduced??? Isn’t it a bit of a coincidence that only such a character knows of the Terminus Decree that is an order to kill the Emperor? Big G is now carrying Big E’s sword and has a fragment of E’s armour built into his own. I think the Emperor is killed and allowed to start the process of redirecting.

    Also; I don’t believe the title “Rise of the Primarch” necessarily refers to G. I think it’s likely that Cypher is going to bring the Lion back too.